Austin Air Purifiers: Medical-Grade Filtration at Home

Creating the right environment at home is important, particularly if there are allergy sufferers in your household. The air inside your home can become polluted with a variety of contaminants and allergens, which can cause real issues for allergy sufferers.

Using an air purifier is an excellent way to rid your home of these contaminants. A high-quality air purifier will enable you to benefit from cleaner, purified air. This will have a positive effect on everyone in the household, particularly those that suffer from allergies.

There are many different purifier options available. An Austin Air purifier is an excellent choice, as they enable you to benefit from medical-grade filtration in your own home.

The Austin Air Brand

Austin Air is an American manufacturer, specializing in medical-grade air purification systems. The company is the only manufacturer with products that have been designated by the industry as Medical-Grade Air Purifiers. Austin Air’s products have proven successful in the reduction of asthma attacks and respiratory problems in clinical trials.

This manufacturer offers a range of air purifiers that can help you to create a better home environment. The units from this manufacturer come with medical-grade HEPA filters as well as activated carbon, providing superior filtration of particulates.

A Range of Purifier Options to Suit Your Needs

Our needs, preferences and budgets vary. With Austin Air, you can choose from a variety of choices, which makes it easy to find the right one for your home. Some of the options you may choose from include:

  • Austin Air Healthmate: With the Austin Air Healthmate air purifier, you can look forward to powerful This system cleans more than 250 cubic feet of air every minute. The unit comes with pre-filters to remove large and medium particles from the air.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus

  • Austin Air Healthmate Plus: Another option is the Austin Air Healthmate Plus. This system offers all the benefits of the Austin Air Healthmate but with the added ability to tackle smoke, fumes, gasses and chemical contaminants. This means you benefit from an even higher level of air purification in your home, with an air cleaner that packs an enormous amount of power into a single, sleek unit.
  • Austin Air Allergy Machine: The Austin Air Allergy Machine is ideal for those who suffer from allergies. This powerful unit uses a HEPA filter with HEGA (High-Efficiency Gas Absorption) filtration. This makes it perfect for areas where there is a lot of smoke, fumes, odors and gasses.

The medical-grade filtration system quickly removes other allergens from the air. This includes dust, pet dander, mold and pollen, among other things. You can choose from two different unit sizes to suit your needs.

Austin Air Pet Machine

  • Austin Air Pet Machine: This is the ideal choice if you have pets in your home. The Austin Air Pet Machine is specially designed to rid your home of pet odors as well as pet dander. It also tackles the removal of other allergens in the air, including mold, dust and dirt.

There are four colors to choose from, and each unit comes with a four-stage filtration system. The unit can effectively cover an area of up to 1,500 square feet.

Austin Air Healthmate

  • Austin Air Baby’s Breath: If you have a baby or young child in the household, the Austin Air Baby’s Breath air purifier can help to improve the environment in his or her room. Youngsters are more susceptible to health risks stemming from airborne contaminants, so this purifier is an excellent way to provide protection.

This purifier is quiet and soothing, but it is also very effective in improving the air quality in the bedroom or nursery. You can choose from either pink or blue to ensure the unit fits in with your existing décor.

Austin Air Babys Breath


There are many reasons why you should consider Austin Air for your home air purification needs. First of all, you will have the peace of mind that comes with buying from a reputable manufacturer. You can also look forward to superior filtration with the medical-grade systems that these units use.

These purifiers are simple to operate and are very effective in terms of removing contaminants. This will enable you to dramatically improve your home environment.

With a choice of air purifiers, Austin Air also makes it easy to find the right unit for your family’s needs and budget, given the plethora of options available. Whether you live with allergy sufferers, children, pets or a combination of these, you can find the perfect solution from Austin Air.

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