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Austin Air Company History

Austin Air Company Information and History

At over 480,000 square feet, Austin Air maintains the largest air purifier manufacturing facility in the world. Austin Air continues to manufacture all of their own products and parts in-house, from the filters, to the steel housing, to the final baked-on powder coat of paint. As a pioneer in the air purifier industry for more than 15 years, Austin Air was one of the first companies to sell HEPA air purifiers.

Founded by a gentleman trying to help his wife overcome a respiratory illness, Austin Airs commitment to providing the best air purifier goes above and beyond a business need. With an extensive research and development department, Austin Air continues to be a leader in the areas of design and innovation, and they continue to show profits that double or triple every year.

"We began this adventure by way of necessity, Joyce had a real breathing problem. We tried everything," says Richard Taylor, referring to his wife Joyce. Even as a child, Joyce always experienced difficulty breathing. No matter what treatment was undertaken, nothing made a difference. Joyce finally found relief when her husband recreated the "hospital clean room" environment by drawing upon technologies used in medical facilities.

Using true medical-grade HEPA filtration, surrounded with activated carbon, Taylor created a filter that blocked environmental particulate contamination and chemical toxicity. "We were ready to surmount the challenges of business. Honestly speaking we have never looked back," says Taylor. Now his wife Joyce and millions of other allergy sufferers worldwide can alleviate their allergy symptoms with Austin Air purifiers.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Austin Air has always had a commitment to American workers by keeping their manufacturing facility in the United States. "We feel that every company has an obligation to carefully examine the social, economic, and moral costs of sending jobs offshore," says Taylor. Austin Air takes pride in their materials being manufactured in the US.

Austin Air purifiers undergo the most stringent government and independent third-party testing to ensure the consumer receives a product that works as guaranteed. After extensive testing and research on over 100 units, the Army Corp of Engineers at the US Army Aberdeen Test Center demonstrated in an April 2000 commission report that Austin Air purifier effectively reduces vapor concentration by 90% in less than 35 minutes.

As such, when FEMA and The Red Cross responded to the serious issues concerning the air quality in New York during the aftermath of 9/11, Austin Air purifiers were chosen by the US Government to fulfill the largest deployment of air cleaners in American history. To reduce the airborne contaminates in post-9/11 air, FEMA and the Red Cross distributed hundreds of Austin Air purifiers throughout New York, as the US Army had verified that the Austin Air filter absorbs hundreds of harmful gases and vapors, providing unparalleled protection for air quality.

In addition to their commitment to American workers and the environment, Austin Air also has a commit to you, the consumer. Each Austin Air purifier's body is constructed with a solid steel and non-toxic powder coating paint for strength, reliability, and longevity.

What makes Austin Air so special is not only their commitment to providing the best air cleaner but also their technology. Austin Air purifiers have a specially designed and engineered pure air vent, which creates a "Clean Air Pocket," allowing clean air to be delivered to the breathing zone within 15 seconds, unlike any other technology on the market today. Within seconds, the air you breathe is guaranteed to be fresher and cleaner immediately.

Using true medical-grade HEPA and activated carbon in every Austin Air filter also guarantees that your nose, mouth, throat, and lungs are protected from radioactive dust particles. While the activated carbon removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other gases and chemicals, the true medical-grade HEPA is the most efficient particulate filtering media on the market, certified as 99.97% efficient at removing particles 0.3 microns or smaller. Each medical-grade HEPA filter is designed to last up to 5 full years, ensuring that you don't waste time and money replacing costly replacement filters. The Austin Air filter system distinguishes Austin Air products from the competition because the filter combines gaseous and odor-removing carbon and zeolite with the revolutionary design of the HEPA filter to produce an air cleaner that removes harmful gases, chemicals, and odors as well as airborne allergens.

While other products are coated with plastics or sprayed-on paint, Austin Air purifiers are made of steel and finished with a baked-on, non-toxic powder coating, ensuring that your air purifier will not emit any harmful gases. As the top air cleaner of choice by leading doctors, Austin Air air purifiers have the highest airflow among consumer air cleaners. Also, all of Austin Air air purifiers come with a 5-year warranty and a 5-year pro-rated guarantee on every filter.

Many customers rely on their Austin Air cleaners to control chronic respiratory conditions, which is why Austin Air purifiers do not emit any toxic by-products like ozone. Even the smallest amount of an irritant can cause a severe reaction in allergic or asthmatic individuals. Austin Air doesn't want anyone to suffer needlessly due to poor indoor air quality. Austin Air purifiers have not only achieved the highest levels of performance, but they have also attained superior air flow rates, sustained longer filter lives, and increased the life expectancy of their medical grade HEPA filters.