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How An Allergy Pillow Cover Can Improve Your Health

Breathe Easier with a Dust Mite Pillow CoversAt least 10% of the population suffers from an allergy to dust mites, nasty little arachnids that are related to spiders and ticks. These microscopic mites live in pillows, mattresses, blankets, upholstery, and other soft surfaces. They survive on moisture and dead skin cells. The good news is that dust mites do not live on people, but rather near them. The bad news is that they generally live in beds, sustaining themselves on human body moisture and dead skin cells. Depending on its age, a normal mattress may contain between one and ten million dust mites.

It's not the dust mite itself that causes the allergy symptoms. Rather, the allergy symptoms are caused by a protein that is found in dust mite waste and decomposed body parts; it is this protein that is actually inhaled, not the whole dust mite. While at least 10% of the population suffers from dust mite allergies, a whopping 80% of people with allergies and asthma test positive for dust mites in allergy skin testing. Symptoms of dust mite allergies include congestion, runny nose, itching, sneezing, and watery eyes. If you wake up feeling congested every morning, you're probably allergic to dust mites.

But don't panic! You can protect yourself from dust mites with allergy bedding which is the number one solution for reducing allergy symptoms. It's probably the most inexpensive thing you can do to improve your health and reduce your dust mite allergy symptoms, and it's also the most effective.

Allergy bedding pillow covers, also known as dust mite encasings, work by creating an allergen-proof barrier between you and your pillow. Some encasings have a membrane backing, a thin layer of urethane which is both allergen-proof and water-proof. This works well as an allergen barrier, but it can be a little uncomfortable to sleep on. We recommend our Allergy Armor Ultra pillow covers which are membrane-free, blocking allergens through a revolutionary fabric that is extremely tightly woven, with the smallest average pore size available. Because the pore size of the fabric is so small, dust mites, dust mite allergens, and pet dander cannot get in or out. It's like putting up an impenetrable wall between you and anything living inside your pillow. The allergy pillow cover can be easily machine washed and dried, and your decorative pillow case should also be machine washable and dryable. With allergy relief bedding and a normal laundry schedule, the surface you sleep on at night can be clean and allergen-free.

Of course, dust mite covers aren't just made for pillows. An allergy relief pillow cover is the quickest fix: it's the most affordable, and your pillow comes in direct contact with your face, making it the most important surface. But to really protect against dust mite allergens, you'll want to encase your mattress with a mattress cover as well. If you have a big comforter (especially a down comforter), it should also be encased with a duvet cover, since dust mites can burrow into this material as well.

To take your bedding to the next level, we have also developed the Allergy Armor Ultra pillow. This pillow features a hypoallergenic polyester fill in an Allergy Armor Ultra shell. With these pillows being made from our superior Allergy Armor Ultra fabric, you no longer have to spend the money on a separate encasing.

Being exposed to allergens on an on-going basis can make you feel tired and worn out all the time. Your body is working extra hard to defend itself and expel the allergens. Plus, being congested at night can lead to a poor night's sleep, weakening your immune system and leaving you feeling exhausted and miserable. Stopping dust mite allergens where they start is an effective and easy way to cut down on allergy symptoms, get a better night's sleep, and help strengthen your immune system by putting less strain on your body. All this from a simple pillow cover!

To purchase dust mite encasings or find out more, visit our Allergy Armor page.