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Miele Canister vs Miele Upright?

Miele Canister vs Miele Upright VacuumOur Miele experts consistently field questions about the benefits of the canister vacuums versus the Miele upright vacuums. Traditionally, there has always been a clear distinction between canister and upright vacuum cleaners, but with Miele, many characteristics have been adapted from the canister to the upright. This has blurred the line a bit, but there remain a myriad of factors to consider before purchasing a canister or upright. In the broadest terms, we have generally recommended upright vacuum cleaners for consumers with more carpeting in their homes. Uprights generally work better on medium to deep pile and wall to wall carpeting. For hard surfaces, we lean towards canister vacuums. Which is right for you? Miele canister vs Miele upright?

Here in the U.S., uprights have long been the favored style, but in an attempt to bridge the gap between canisters and uprights, Miele canisters have been adapted to better handle all cleaning situations; at the same time, with the Dynamic U1 (formerly the S7), Miele has addressed the weaknesses of traditional uprights and has turned them into strengths. So before purchasing, here are some strengths and weaknesses of each to consider.

Miele Canister Vacuums


  • Miele Canister vs Miele Upright Vacuum CleanersMiele canisters are quieter than the uprights
  • The extension wand allows you to work high above your head on ceiling corners, book cases, and drapes - above the floor cleaning
  • A flexible, crush-proof hose provides excellent versatility
  • Low profile power brushes allow you to get around furniture, under beds, and into tight areas better than an upright--canisters reach all the way under the bed
  • The power brush attachments for Miele canisters are excellent at edging
  • Canisters work better on stairs, because they are lighter to carry, can maneuver in tighter spaces and can be used while sitting upright
  • Because canisters tend to be smaller and within the line of Miele canisters there is a wide variety, so simply for space reasons, canister vacuums can often better for small homes or large condos and apartments.
  • Each canister is equipped with a retractable electrical cord that is stored inside the body
  • Canisters are the better when cleaning car interiors
  • The cleaning tools are stored inside the canister body
  • If a turbo brush or power brush breaks, you can replace the attachment without having a repair shop fix the entire vacuum


  • The canister is out of your sight while in use. You must pull the canister along behind you, so sometimes you may find yourself getting hung up on furniture as you clean
  • You have to lift canister to move over high thresholds and into other rooms (or get a running start! - generally not recommended)
  • Most require a brush attachment change when switching from carpet to hard surface flooring

Miele Upright Vacuums


  • Miele Canister vs Miele Upright Vacuum CleanersMore powerful suction and cleaning action on wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Better for use in larger, open spaces with carpeting and hallways
  • The S7s, though heavier, are nearly self-propelled when the brushroll is engaged
  • More maneuverable and put you in complete control of the vacuum
  • Uprights tend to be more convenient and save more time. Easy to use and to store. Just plug it in and you are cleaning. Wind the cord onto the handle and put away in the closet
  • Vacuum is always in front of you to see where and what you are cleaning.
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Dust bags are larger and require less changing
  • LED Brush Light (except Twist model)
  • Exceptional 55 ft. cleaning radius
  • Ability to turn the brush roll on and off to move easily between surfaces
  • Has a strong, crush-proof, flexible hose for stationary cleaning and dusting


  • The U1 does not have a retractable cord
  • It is harder to vacuum stairs
  • Uprights are heavier and harder to move up and down stairs and around a larger home
  • If brush roller or another part of the vacuum breaks down, you must take the vacuum in for repair

The Miele Dynamic U1 Uprights have addressed many of the consumer complaints with traditional uprights by integrating a few of their canister features while simply fixing problems that other uprights refuse to address. Here are just some of the innovative new features that Miele has employed to bridge that gap between their canisters and their new uprights:

  • The hose is long, fully retractable and crushproof
  • The vacuum is very stable when using the wand
  • The swivel-neck design allows you to turn and get around furniture more easily
  • The slim 6 inch profile, while lying flat, means you can get under most furniture
  • All the accessory tools are on board and fully integrated, snap into place
  • The Dynamic U1s feature Miele's Sealed System and Active HEPA filter which are designed for allergy sufferers

Miele Canister vs Miele Upright?

Miele Dynamic U1 AutoEco Upright VacuumMiele Complete C3 Marin Canister VacuumBecause of Miele's innovation and goal to create vacuum cleaners that will suit all of your cleaning needs, the division between upright and canister vacuum cleaners largely boils down to a matter of personal preference. We still recommend that you buy an upright if you have a large home with wall-to-wall carpeting. The canisters and uprights are comparable in durability. Each possesses the unique styling and modern color choices of the Miele brand. With both designs, you will find the core of Miele's best features combined with their commitment to produce quality products. Miele has designed the canisters and uprights with overlapping features to perform any cleaning tasks in your home.

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