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Miele Vacuum Cleaners Color Options

When we talk about vibrant colors, we usually think of the natural beauty in our world, a deep blue sky, a pink carnation, or a breathtaking sunset spreading across the clouds. Sometimes, you see a beautiful car that catches your eye. Car makers have known for years that people love style and that an individual's personal taste is important when making an investment. You certainly take colors into account when decorating your home--from the walls and carpet to even a decision between a white, black, or stainless steel refrigerator. In keeping with the importance of color in your decor, Miele infuses it's vacuum cleaners with an array of vibrant colors.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner ColorsWith a vibrant color palette, these vacuum cleaners blend in well with the decor in your home. The color you choose for your Miele vacuum might say something about your personality and taste. For parties, you might even want to pull the vacuum out and park the Miele in view as a conversation piece for your guests!

Miele C3 Brilliant Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Brilliant Vacuum Cleaner is a stunning mahogany brown metallic color. This color makes a powerful statement on cars and in many home design elements. This darker brown color is mainly used as an accent color and it represents a smart, clean look when paired with the different color schemes in carpet and wood flooring.
Miele Marin Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Marin Vacuum Cleaner is a beautiful navy blue metallic color. Normally seen on sports cars and speed boats, this powerful color will stop you in your tracks. This vacuum shimmers in the light like your favorite prom dress!
Miele Swing Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Swing Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a stunning steel blue metallic color. This color is often used to convey an elegant, rich experience. Additionally, this lighter metallic color and variations of are often used as colors to display strength and style.
Miele Kona Vacuum Cleaner The Miele AutoEco Upright, Kona canister, and the Miele Onyx Vacuum are all Deep Black. Black is a major player in fashion design and the defining color of sleek artistic flair. The most noted quality of black is that it goes with everything!
Miele Cat & Dog Canister The Miele Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum is a bright koi orange color. This color was inspired by the intensity and brilliance of the Orange Koi Angelfish, one of the most beautiful animals in the natural world. This is a vibrant color that will pop against any flooring background!
Miele Alize Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Alize Vacuum Cleaner is a stunning ivory white color. This color makes a calming, relaxed statement in many home design elements. It is a soft, neutral color that gives the vacuum a luxurious shine and earthiness.
Miele Titan Vacuum Cleaner One of our more popular vacuums, the Miele Titan as well as the Miele Swing Stick Vacuum Cleaner, come in Mango red. The color red can signify a person that is full of energy and who vacuums quickly, with a purpose. Red also can symbolize love.
Miele Olympus Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Delphi Canister, the Miele Olympus Canister, Miele Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum, and the Miele Quartz Vacuum Cleaner are lotus white in color. This vibrant shade of white might suggest a person who is engaging and personable with others. It can also represent the clean look of untarnished snow and ice.
Miele Topaz Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Topaz Vacuum Cleaner comes in a beautiful Tayberry Red color. This delightful, summer color comes from a berry that is a blend of both raspberry and blackberry. Named after the river Tay in Scotland, Tayberry Red is a vibrant, earthy tone.
Miele Capri Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Capri Vacuum Cleaner comes in a luxurious Lava Gray color that is usually reserved for top of the line automobiles like Audi or BMW. You might also find this mysterious, deep color in winter skies and athletic shoes.
Miele Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Jazz Vacuum Cleaner and the new Miele Calima come in a Canary Yellow color. This updated color is brighter and more vibrant than the previous Jazz color. It describes someone who is patient, stable, and a team player. Yellow is a soothing color that matches with any home decor.
Miele Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner The Miele Twist Vacuum Cleaner comes in a vibrant Sprint Blue color. This beautiful, rich blue makes you picture a powerful German sports sedan driving on the autobahn. This color is sometimes referred to as Cerulean Blue.
Choose any of these great vacuums for excellent cleaning ability, durability, and longevity. Make a statement and choose your Miele vacuum today! See the entire family of Miele Vacuum Cleaners.