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Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Item #: 764-6513
  • $399.00


Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner

As one of the most recent additions to the line of Miele Classic canister vacuum cleaners, the Miele Capri C1 is ideal for anyone looking for the quality of a Miele canister vacuum cleaner in an inexpensive package. Featuring the Miele Vortex motor, the lava gray Miele Capri is a compact, lightweight vacuum well-suited to clean not only smooth floors, but also low to medium pile carpeting. With the same features found in larger more expensive models, the Miele Capri has a high capacity, self-sealing dust bag that keeps you vacuuming longer and allows for the most hygienic removal dirt and allergens from your home. Purchase the optional active HEPA filter and receive the full benefit of Miele's Clean Air system. Ideal for those on a budget, the C1 Classic Capri offers the performance, versatility, and durability that Miele is known for in a very economical package.

*NOTE: The Miele Capri Classic was formerly known as the Miele S2121 Capri. Aside from the change in model name, all features have remained the same.


  • Miele Capri DetailsThe AirClean Filter traps dust, allergens and fine particles, at a rate of 99.95% for all particles 0.5 microns and larger.
  • The 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor provides strong suction with optimal usage of power.
  • Miele vacuum cleaners are tested to last an average of 20 years residential use (approximately 45 minutes per week at highest setting).
  • Pre-motor filter protects the motor from debris and adds another level of air filtration.
  • Impressive 29.5 ft. operating radius with a convenient automatic cord rewind switch.
  • Durable ABS plastic body and independent, rubber, 360° swivel wheels that won't damage floors and provide unmatched maneuverability.
  • State-of-the-art soft touch finish is scratch-resistant with a contemporary appeal.
  • Exclusive rib-cage canister design allows the air to continuously circulate around the entire bag, maintaining strong airflow as the bag becomes full.
  • 3D G/N AirClean dust bag with a 4.76 quart capacity that allows for longer use.
  • Dust bag change indicator alerts you to replace the dust bag
  • Safety Shut-Off prevents the motor from overheating in the event that a damaging item is sucked up.
  • Silence Insulation makes for extremely quiet operation. Even at the highest setting, you can still hear the phone ring!
  • Lightweight at only 9.5 pounds, making it easy to maneuver.
  • Ergonomic Handle Assembly keeps the strain off your wrist while allowing for maximum suction of the vacuum.
  • The Stainless Steel Telescopic Wand fully extends and retracts to increase reach while the Capri also offers two space-saving park positions, making it easy to store and carry.
  • Auto Shut Off whenever the vacuum is placed in a park position for convenience and energy conservation.
  • Comes with the STB 205-3 Turbobrush for low to medium pile carpet. This air driven floor tool is best suited for area rug and low to medium pile carpet.
  • SBB3 Parquet Floor Tool is perfect for all of your smooth surface cleaning. Combined with the STB 205-3, these tools make the Capri a great all around floor cleaner.
  • VarioClip attachments include a Crevice Tool for tight spaces, a Dust Brush for delicate cleaning, and an Upholstery Tool for furniture and curtains.
  • 7 Year Warranty on the motor and body casing - 1 Year Warranty on limited parts

Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner - A Closer Look

Miele Classic Capri Vacuum STB 205-3 Turbobrush STB 205-3 Turbobrush
This lightweight carpet tool is driven by the suction and movement of the vacuum cleaner. It features an 11" wide brush roll, floating head design and 360° swivel neck provide excellent maneuverability.
Recommended for:
Gentle cleaning and restoring of crushed carpet nap of low to medium pile carpets with lighter densities.

Miele Capri SBB-3 Parquet Floor Brush Parquet Floor Brush (SBB3)
The Parquet floor brush is designed for wood and tiled floors. It has two soft rollers for an easy gliding action and synthetic bristles that sweep gently over the floor surface and brush dust particles out of cracks.

Miele Vacuum Accessories with VarioClip Additional Accessories
The Miele Classic series comes with 3 included tools all useful for cleaning upholstery, shelves, baseboards, and more. The tools are stored on the VarioClip which can be attached to the hose at any location.

  • dusting brush
  • upholstery nozzle
  • crevice tool

Classic C1 Capri Ergonomic Handle Assembly Ergonomic Handle Assembly
The standard ergonomic handle assembly makes vacuuming a breeze with its smooth contour.

Miele AirClean G/N Dustbag AirClean FilterBag
The new, 3D G/N AirClean dustbag features a 9-ply construction with a spring-loaded, self-sealing collar built into the bag. Each style is color coded to prevent confusion and offer many advantages:

  • 33% longer suction performance than Intensive Clean bags
  • 15% improved filtration
  • New design for greater utilization of entire bag capacity and better filtration at lower suction settings
  • Self-sealing collar for hygienic removal and disposal

Miele AirClean Filter Air Clean Filter
The Air Clean filter is a multi-ply, electrostatically charged filter that traps visible and microparticles. This filter removes 99.95% of particles as small as 0.5 microns and lasts about as long as 5 dust bags. The best part is that a new AirClean filter is included free of charge in each box of Miele certified filter bags, and at any time, you can upgrade the Capri to an H13 HEPA filter.

Customer Reviews

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As an asthmatic owner of 2 dogs in an 80 year old farmhouse on a working farm, I can gladly say this vacuum exceeded my expectations and was completely worth the price. We are constantly fighting dust, dirt, and dog hair, but with my Capri, it takes half the time to vacuum as with my old vacuum, and it gets EVERYTHING.
Review by New Momma / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
No review title given
We love our new vacuum! The design is compact and light, so it is easy to pull around the house. The suction is very good. We read reviews on this machine and our decision was based on one person saying how well it worked on dog hair. We agree! We have a dog with long hair and it does a great job. We do not have carpet, but area rugs and wood floors. The attachments work great and our home smells fresh and clean. The best part is that it is so quiet. Our last vacuum was very loud and the dog would go nuts. Now she will keep napping. We have only had this vacuum for a month or so. The one problem is the length of the cord. As with most vacuums it could be longer.
Review by / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
great qualtity
I'm so happy with my miele Capri canister. I have 2 little kids, so there is quick a lot of mess. The capri works so good on hardwood and carpet, it is realy a good buy. The quality is what makes it a real good deal. Because you know this vacuum cleaner will last for long time.
Review by V. T. / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
great vacuum!
We recently moved from a house with a central vacuum system to a house without one, so I had to purchase a vacuum. My mom has owned the Miele Olympus for years, so I knew about Miele's high quality already. I had also used her vacuum on various occasions, so I knew that it was reliable and efficient. I ordered the Capri instead of the Olympus because we have a combination of low pile carpet and hardwood floors, so we needed the turbo brush attachment. We have owned this vacuum one month, and so far, I am very pleased. It is lightweight, powerful, and smells fresh and clean while vacuuming. Also, it is easy to maneuver around my house. I would highly recommend this vacuum.
Review by / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
I've always wanted a Miele, but I thought they were too expensive. Then I discovered the Capri on your website. This little machine does a great job on my hardwood floors and my area rugs. I absolutely love the parquet floor tool! Also, it's really lightweight, so cleaning stairs is no problem. I don't know how I ever cleaned house without it!
Review by Thrifty & Clean / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

Miele Capri C1 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Miele Capri Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner

With the Miele Olympus being the entry level vacuum of the entire Miele canister vacuum cleaner line up, the Miele Capri is the next step up. With the SBB3 floor tool and the air driven STB 205-3, the Miele Capri vacuum broadens the range of surfaces it can clean and gives you the ability to handle all of your smooth flooring as well as medium to low pile carpet and area rugs. In most all other features, the Miele Capri retains the features that have quickly made the Miele Classic vacuum cleaners extremely popular - powerful suction, durable construction, and unmatched versatility, all at a budget-friendly price point. After running a sample model through our usual array of tests, this is what we found.

What I like about the Miele Capri C1 Vac

Likely the best feature about this vacuum is the price. There is just no way around it. In the Capri you get a quality Miele canister vacuum cleaner, tested to last 20 years, for less than $400. In terms of price, the only canister that can surpass it is the Olympus. But with the Olympus, you lose the important feature I am about to mention next.

The STB 205-3 Turbobrush is a worthy upgrade from the combination floor tool. It is much more easily able to take care of pet hair and dirt in low pile and even medium pile carpet. And, the floor tool is ideal for all of your smooth floor needs. These two attachments give the Miele Classic Capri the power to not only clean the rugs my dog lies on, but also to clean the linoleum and tile found in my apartment. For a situation like mine, where I have only a few rugs, one area of carpet, and a lot of smooth floors, the Miele Capri is a perfect fit.

What makes this unit ideal for smaller homes and apartments is the size. The canister itself weighs less than 10 lbs. and unlike the big upright my mother uses in her home, the Miele Capri fits neatly into the closet (not all in a tangled mess). The free rolling, swiveling casters allow the vacuum to transition easily from room to room.

The larger 3D G/N dust bags are a decided advantage over models that use the FJM or other types of Miele bags. The G/N bag has the highest capacity, next to the U bag (used by the Miele uprights only). Like all Miele bags, the G/N is self-sealing. This latest generation of bag from Miele is called the 3D AirClean. By changing the design of this bag, it fills out into a more natural three dimensional shape, allow for greater utlitization of the bags entire capacity and excellent filtration of particles, even at lower suction settings.  This 9 ply bag, when coupled with the optional HEPA AirClean filter, creates one of the cleanest vacuums available. It not only cleans your floors, but also the air in your home.

The Miele Classic C1 Capri gives you the same features as some of the more expensive canister models including: the adjustable wand, 7 year motor warranty, sturdy ABS plastic body, mini accessories on the wand, and a thermal shut off to name a few.

What I do not like about the Miele Capri C1 Vac

The largest drawback to this unit (and all units with this feature) is the Vario Clip. I know it was supposed to be more convenient than the old style clip used in the older models, but it is hard for some of us to keep the Vario Clip and attachments from falling off. You have to take care sometimes not bump the clip too hard otherwise you might have to make a pass back through to the room to find your mini attachments.

Overall, the Miele Classic line has a few minor features it lacks. The encased motor (for quieter operation), extra 3.5 feet of overall reach, and minor changes in the styling are all ways that the Classic line of vacuums has trimmed cost to provide a more affordable Miele. The core features of durability, suction, ease-of-use, and filtration are all there in the Capri but you lack some of the bells and whistles.

In all, the Miele Capri is a great canister vacuum cleaner best suited for homes or apartments that are dominated by smooth flooring. Though not standard, the Capri can be upgraded to the H13 HEPA filter to provide you with some of the best air filtration Miele has to offer. The Miele Capri is well built and durable. With two floors tools, this vacuum is up to the task of cleaning most surfaces in your home without polluting the air you breath.

Product Questions

Does the Miele Capri canister have wheels? Can't tell by the photo if it rolls along or if I have to carry it. Thx.
In addition to the control dial on the canister, does the Capri have a sliding "window" on the handle to adjust suction?
What is the least expensive vacuum that will perform excellently on hi pile dense wall to wall carpet?

Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Best for: Smooth Flooring & Low to Medium Pile Carpet
Vacuum type: Compact Canister
Color: Lava Gray
Construction : Durable ABS plastic
Motor: 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor
Airflow: 141 CFM
Operating Radius: 29.5 ft.
Suction Control: Rotary Dial Suction Controls
Handle: Ergonomic Handle Assembly
Wand: Stainless Steel wand
Bag type: 3D AirClean G/N
Bag capacity: 4.76 quart AirClean dust bag
HEPA Filter: Optional
Included Floor Tools: SBB3 & STB 205-3
Crevice Tool: Yes
Dust Brush: Yes
Upholstery Tool: Yes
Dust Bag Change Indicator:       
Filter Change Indicator: No
Auto Cord Rewind: Yes
Safety Shut-off: Yes
Silence Insulation: Yes
Wand Park Feature: Yes
Dimensions: 18" L x 11.25" W x 8.5" H
Weight: 9.5 lbs.
Warranty: 7 years on the motor and body casing - 1 year on limited parts