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Alen A350 Air Purifier

  • Item #: AL0003
  • $399.00

Alen A350 Air Purifier

The Alen A350 Air Purifier is Energy Star Rated!For the home or the office, the A350 is Alen's most popular HEPA air purifier. The Alen A350 is easy to use and maintain by featuring electronic controls and simple filter replacement. With quiet efficiency, the Alen A350 delivers HEPA filtration at a cost much lower than comparable models. It runs for only pennies a day, and unlike competing models, the replacement filters won't drain your wallet, either. Includes a HEPA-Fresh Filter which combines HEPA with Activated Carbon to capture allergens and reduce light odors and VOCs. The A350 features a Lifetime Limited Warranty with regular filter replacement, and it is wall mountable.


  • Effective removal of 99.97% of all particles less than 0.3 microns such as pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites and molds.
  • All-in-one filter HEPA-Fresh filter that makes filter changing easy.
  • 4 speed settings & 12-hour timer.
  • Wall-mountable, space-saving design.
  • Built-in ionizer that minimizes pollutants but does not produce ozone.
  • Filter change indicator.
  • Unique safety feature with auto-off protection when front cover is removed.
  • Digital display with simple, intuitive touch-button controls.
  • EnergyStar rated low energy consumption saves you money on your power bill. In fact, it costs about the same to clean the air in your home as it does to power a single light bulb.
  • Lifetime Warranty with regular filter replacement (every 6 months).

Customer Reviews

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Great, with only one drawback
This air purifier was a great buy. The price was good, shipping fast, and warranty unmatched. I have a dog and he can't help it, but he smells.... like a dog. It gets to be a bit much in the bedroom where his doggie bed is, but when I leave the house and let this air purifier run on low all day, the odor is almost nonexistant when I get home after work. It keeps the dust down, which is a big plus, and it's really easy to operate and change the filter. My ONLY negative with this is that while on the first setting it's almost silent, the noise on the second setting leaves something to be desired. Once you get to the third and fourth it just resembles the same noise you'd get with a box fan. The jump from setting one to two just seems to be too big in volume. But overall that is a minor complaint and I'm very pleased with this purchase!
Review by Tom K. / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Excellent Product
I purchased the Alen 350 Air Purifier after I found out that my son had a mild allergy to dogs. Since getting rid of our house pet was pretty much out of the question, I decided to purchase an air purifier. After researching several different brands, I chose the Alen 350. I've had it about a month and my son's allergies seem to be remarkably improved. I very seldom have to give him his allergy medicine now.
Review by Parent of an allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
No review title given
I had another air purifier from achoo! but it was too noisy. To use it in the bedroom I needed something much quieter. The Alen has solved my problem...it really is as quiet as advertised.
Review by Mabel G. / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Just What We Needed
My wife and I were looking to purchase an air purifier but didn't want something too big. After doing a lot of comparing we chose the Alen for three reasons. It was seemed to offer good air purification. It was light and could be mounted to the wall out of the kids' reach, and it came with a lifetime warranty. We received it four days after placing our order, and have had good results so far. You don't really notice it in the room. It's quiet and really simple to operate. So far it's exactly what were were looking for.
Review by Scott / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

Alen A350 Air Purifier Reviews

Alen A350 Air Purifier

Alen Corporation is a relative newcomer to the air purifier business. In 2005, they pushed their way into an already crowded field with a series of air purifiers designed to meet most consumers needs. The Alen A350 is one of the products central to this line. With electronic controls, HEPA filtration, and a lifetime warranty, the A350 has made an immediate impact on the air purifier market.

What I like about the Alen A350

The A350 comes equipped with push-button, digital controls. The interface is user friendly and self explanatory.

Weighing just over 18 lbs., this unit is lightweight and compact. The ABS body blends easily into any surrounding decor, and the A350 is one of very few units that can be mounted to the wall.

Though Alen does not use any sort of trademark to signal how quiet this unit is, the A350 is nearly inaudible on the lowest setting. It is so quiet on the first setting that aside from the clean air coming out of the exhaust vent, you wouldn't know it was running. On the second setting the noise level does pick up, but not so much that it would disturb anything. On the two higher settings the noise levels are similar to comparable models set on high.

Like all models that Alen produces, the A350 is easy to use and maintain. Use is simple and straightforward while maintenance consists of removing the front cover, pulling the filter out and putting a new one in its place. The entire process took me about 30 seconds. The filters are not particularly expensive and come packaged with the HEPA filter and pre-filter together. Additionally, should the pre-filter become clogged with debris before the time to replace it, it is fully washable or can be vacuumed off.

The A350 is energy efficient and easy on the wallet. It is Energy Star rated and uses about as much electricity as a standard light bulb.

One key component to all Alen air purifiers is the warranty. The A350 comes with Alen's standard Lifetime Warranty. With proper filter replacement (every six months), Alen ensures that should their product malfunction or ever go on the fritz, you will be covered. This kind of peace of mind is nearly unmatched in the industry.

What I do not like about the Alen A350

Though the Alen does come with a lifetime warranty, keeping your warranty valid is contingent upon replacing the filter every six months. This is reasonable when compared to similar air purifiers. Just remember to keep your receipts!

While its particle filtration may be excellent, the thin layer of activated carbon on the backside of the HEPA filter is hardly enough to adequately handle odors, smoke or VOCs. Alen attempts to address this by offering a smoke/odor filter which can be purchased separately.

On the top two speed settings the Alen A350 is not particularly quiet. While the lower two settings place it ahead of its competitors, on the higher settings it falls back into the rest of the pack.

Overall, the Alen A350 is an excellent unit. For consumers seeking excellent particle filtration results for medium to large rooms this model is an excellent fit. The price, ease of use, convenience, efficiency and lifetime warranty all make this a very attractive product. However, those who need odor, smoke or VOC filtration should consider another model.

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Alen A350 Air Purifier Specifications

Recommended for: Allergy & Asthma sufferers who need a quiet, efficient particle filtration
Maximum Room Size
6 air changes per hour
400 sq. ft.
Filter Description: Alen HEPA-Fresh Filter
Prefilter: Washable Foam
HEPA Filter: Yes
Carbon Filter: Layer of Activated Carbon integrated into HEPA filter
UV Light: No
Average Filter Life: 6 months with continuous use
Installation / Expansion Options:       
Wall mountable
Remote: No
Interface Control Type: Digital, Touch Button
Speeds / Settings: 4
Dimensions: 17.5" H x 18.5" W x 8.2" D
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs.
Weight: 16 lbs.
Housing: ABS Plastic
Noise Level: 36 - 65 dBa
Power Consumption: 80W on highest speed
Wheels / Casters: No
CADR: 217 - Dust; 201 - Smoke; 216 - Pollen
LCD Display: Yes
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Approvals: EnergyStar, ETL
Programmable Timer: 12 hour timer
Filter Change Indicator: Yes
+'s: Wall mountable
-'s: No casters, average smoke/odor filtration

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