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Allergy Armor Organic Dust Mite Bedding
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Mattress Covers
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Allergy Armor Premium Organic Dust Mite Covers Are Made in the USAAs a fully certified organic cotton fabric, Allergy Armor Organic allergy bedding provides the best of both worlds - an effective barrier against dust mites, pollen and other allergens in a chemical-free, organic textile. Constructed from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, Allergy Armor Organic cotton dust mite covers are constructed right here in the U.S. and provide a natural barrier with an average pore size 4.7 microns.

This breathable, lightweight fabric is ideal for MCS, eczema or health conscious allergy & asthma sufferers who are sensitive to the pesticide, fertilizer and other chemical residues found in most modern textiles. The dust mite protection is the best available, and the pillow and mattress covers now feature a covered and hidden zipper. Now available in more size than before are organic allergy relief covers for your mattress, duvet and pillow. Why sacrifice having a natural, organic fabric or an effective allergen barrier when you can have both?

Organic Cotton Dust Mite Bedding Features

  • 100% Organic Cotton - Chemical-Free
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Independently Tested Average Pore Size of 4.7 Microns
  • Green, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic & Biodegradable
  • No VOCs, Dyes, Formaldehyde, Stain Guards, Wrinkle Releasers, or other Chemical Treatments
  • Covered and Hidden Zipper
  • Ideal for Allergy, Asthma, Chemical Sensitivities, Eczema and Sensitive Skin Sufferers
  • Luxurious, Naturally Soft and Breathable
  • Machine Washable
  • Crafted in Atlanta, GA
  • 10 Year Warranty

Certified Dust Mite Protection

Allergy Armor Organic is made from organic cotton with a luxurious and soft feel. These covers for your pillows, mattress, and duvet zip up to form a barrier that blocks dust mites and their allergens while helping to reduce night time coughing and morning congestion, sneezing and runny nose. Dust mite allergen averages around 10 microns in size, while Allergy Armor Organic has a new and improved average pore size of 4.7 microns, the best available for any certified organic dust mite cover.

GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton

Allergy Armor Organic is Made From GOTS Certified OrganicFrom growing the cotton in the field to packaging finished fabric for shipment, and everything in between, GOTS certification sets the most widely used and most stringent overall standards for processing organic textiles. Growing, harvesting, processing, and weaving all must fall under GOTS guidelines before any product can be certified organic. Our Allergy Armor organic cotton fabric now falls into this category. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your organic dust mite covers are certified organic by the most widely recognized agency in the world.

Chemical-Free, Non-Dyed, Non-Treated

From undergarments to blankets and everything in between, modern textiles rely on an array of dyes, pre-treatments, brighteners, softeners, stiffeners, laminates, flame retardants, anti-pilling, bleaching and scouring agents. With literally thousands of chemicals and treatment processes being used, textiles can contain any number of chemical residues. You deserve fabrics free of these chemicals, and with Allergy Armor Organic, you can have just that!

Green & Eco-Friendly

Organic products are not only good for your health, but they're also good for the environment. The United States alone dumps 8.5 million tons of pesticides on cotton fields annually, and those chemicals are then absorbed into the plant, air, soil, water, and eventually, our bodies. Organic farmers, on the other hand, treat the Earth with respect. They do not use harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, nor do they use genetic engineering. Organic farmers nurture the soil with natural fertilizers and control weed growth with crop rotation, hand weeding, cover crops, and mulches. The final product, Allergy Armor Organic, is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

Washing & Care

Allergy Armor Organic covers are machine washable in hot, warm, or cold water. If you prefer the cold wash cycle, we recommend that you use a natural anti-allergen detergent to kill any lingering dust mites on the fabric's exterior. Cold water washes will also help the fabric last longer. We recommend that you remove and wash your Allergy Armor Organic covers at least once every three months (and wash your standard bedding weekly to reduce dust mite populations). Tumble dry normal. Expect your covers to shrink about 7% after washed, but worry not! We've cut and sewn your organic dust mite covers to account for this.

Customer Reviews and Questions

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  sleeping soundly
Reviewed by:  from Washington

I recently purchased a set of Allergy Armor Orginic pillow covers and needless to say I am finally getting a good nights sleep, I feel safe from dust mites, I no longer sneeze and cough during the night, I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years, thank you - an allergy sufferer
  Pillow Happy
Reviewed by: Allergic-dog's person from Midwest

The two organic pillow cases arrived promptly. I am very pleased with their quality--strong cloth, nicely finished, and I trust that they are keeping dust mites from invading my brand new pillows. Wish Achoo made dog bed encasings!
Reviewed by: Allergic in Florida from Amelia Island, Florida

My husband and I were waking up every morning with stuffy heads and runny noses. I had resisted buying pillow covers because my experience with them in the past had led me to expect a plastic feel and a crinkly noise every time I moved. We were desperate, so I ordered your covers. No crinkly noise, no plastic feel or smell and, best of all, much diminished sinus problems. Now I'm thinking of trying the duvet/quilt cover to see if that helps cure more of the problem. Thank you!

Customer Q & A

Q1: Are these pillow encasing breathable?
A: Yes. They're very tightly woven but not air tight or waterproof.

Q2: You don't mention the size of your body pillow protector! What are the dimensions?

A: Sorry about that! 21" x 60". That is the finished size that you'll typically see AFTER you wash it. The Allergy Organic dust mite fabric is organic and as an organic, we have to cut the pieces a little large to account for shrinking after the first wash. So what you receive should be cut larger than the dimensions I listed above but will shrink to those dims. Hope that helps!

Q3: Since finding out I have a severe dust mite allergy, I bought the Allergy Armor mattress and pillow covers. While using them, my husband and I would wake up in the night soaked from sweat. I ended up taking the mattress cover off and the problem of the sweating went away but my dust mite allergy has obviously worsened. Any suggestions? I am wondering if the Organic Cotton version would be better for us. Any advice is appreciated!

A: Which covers did you originally purchase? The Classic tend to be the warmest with the Ultra being the coolest. The Organic may be a bit cooler. They'll breath a little better, and in general, draws away body warmth. If that's a route you want to take, try a couple pillow covers first and if it works then try the mattress cover. Hope that helps!

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Measuring your Mattress Cover

Measure your mattress for Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Allergy BeddingIt is important to measure the depth of your mattress before ordering our allergy bedding. Allergy Armor Organic mattress covers come in three depths: 9" deep, 12" deep, and 15" deep. Generally we built in an extra 1/2" to 1" of extra depth to make installation easier. Additionally, Organic Cotton Mattress Covers, like all Organic Cotton Allergy Covers, are cut large to accommodate for some shrinking after the initial wash.

Allergy Armor Organic Pillow Covers - Sizes and Dimensions

Allergy Armor Organic Pillow Covers
Weight Inches Centimeters
  (lbs.) W x L W x L
Standard 0.3 21" x 26" 53 x 66
Queen 0.4 21" x 30" 53 x 76
King 0.5 21" x 36" 53 x 92
Euro Sq. 0.4 26" x 26" 66 x 66
Travel 0.3 13" x 17" 33 x 44
Allergy Armor Organic - Std. (Item#: AA9025) $24.99
Allergy Armor Organic - Queen (Item#: AA9026) $26.99
Allergy Armor Organic - King (Item#: AA9027) $31.99
Allergy Armor Organic - Travel (Item#: AA9036) $14.99
Allergy Armor Organic - Euro (Item#: AA9058) $26.99
Allergy Armor Organic - Body (Item#: AA9059) $32.99

Allergy Armor Organic Mattress Covers - Sizes and Dimensions

Allergy Armor Organic Mattress Covers


  W x L x D W x L x D
Twin 39" x 75" 99 x 191
Full 54" x 75" 137 x 191
Queen 60" x 80" 152 x 203
King 78" x 80" 198 x 203
**Available in 9", 12" and 15" Depths. Custom Depths Available**
Mattress Cover - Twin 9 (Item#: AA9028) $131.40
Mattress Cover - Twin 12 (Item#: AA9029) $141.99
Mattress Cover - Twin 15 (Item#: AA9052) $151.99
Mattress Cover - Full 9 (Item#: AA9030) $165.99
Mattress Cover - Full 12 (Item#: AA9031) $175.99
Mattress Cover - Full 15 (Item#: AA9054) $188.99
Mattress Cover - Queen 9 (Item#: AA9032) $191.99
Mattress Cover - Queen 12 (Item#: AA9033) $203.99
Mattress Cover - Queen 15 (Item#: AA9050) $212.99
Mattress Cover - King 9 (Item#: AA9034) $232.99
Mattress Cover - King 12 (Item#: AA9035) $245.99
Mattress Cover - King 15 (Item#: AA9051) $259.99

Allergy Armor Organic Duvet Covers

Allergy Armor Organic Dust Mite Duvet Covers If you cover your pillows and mattress but skip your duvet or comforter, then you're still leaving a hot spot for dust mites in your bed. And now, each duvet cover comes with loops and string sewn in, so you can secure the cover around your comforter and even put a decorative duvet cover over everything!

Duvet Cover - King (Item#: AA9045) $210.99
Duvet Cover - Queen (Item#: AA9046) $180.99
Duvet Cover - Twin (Item#: AA9047) $160.99

Allergy Armor Organic Bedding Packages

Allergy Organic Bedding Packages

Need a mattress cover and pillow covers? Save time by ordering an Allergy Armor Organic bedding package which includes two standard size pillow covers and one mattress cover.

Bedding Package - Twin 9 (Item#: AA9037) $181.97
Bedding Package - Twin 12 (Item#: AA9038) $191.97
Bedding Package - Twin 15 (Item#: AA9053) $201.97
Bedding Package - Full 9 (Item#: AA9039) $215.97
Bedding Package - Full 12 (Item#: AA9040) $225.97
Bedding Package - Full 15 (Item#: AA9055) $238.97
Bedding Package - Queen 9 (Item#: AA9041) $241.97
Bedding Package - Queen 12 (Item#: AA9042) $253.97
Bedding Package - Queen 15 (Item#: AA9056) $262.97
Bedding Package - King 9 (Item#: AA9043) $282.97
Bedding Package - King 12 (Item#: AA9044) $295.97
Bedding Package - King 15 (Item#: AA9057) $309.97