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Allergy Armor Pillows

Because you spend a third of your life on your pillow, you should make sure that it's not making you sick! These luxurious pillows are wrapped in our best allergen barrier fabric, Allergy Armor Ultra, so there's no need for a separate allergy pillow cover. Combining superior allergen barrier fabric and hypoallergenic fill, Allergy Armor pillows are the best pillow an allergy or asthma sufferer can purchase to make a positive impact in the quality of their sleep.

Allergy Armor Pillows are Made in the USAMade from non allergenic polyester, Allergy Armor Ultra blocks out dust mites as well as smaller allergens like pet dander. It will keep allergens out of your pillow, out of your face, and out of your airway. An antimicrobial finish guards against mold and bacteria growth while keeping an array of microorganisms away from your pillow. Allergy Armor pillows are made in Georgia.

Allergy Armor Ultra Fabric

Luxurious and breathable, Allergy Armor Ultra is our highest quality allergen barrier fabric. It features the smallest pore size in the industry at 2.8 microns. The fine 100% polyester fabric goes through an extra finishing process known as calendaring, in which extreme heat and pressure shrinks the pores (the gaps between the threads).

These microscopic pores allow the fabric to breathe while blocking out particles. Dust mite allergen averages around 10 microns, but pet dander and mold particles may be as small as 3 microns. Allergy Armor Ultra offers the comfort of luxurious bedding while keeping you safe from even the smallest allergens. A protective antimicrobial finish provides long-term protection against mold, mildew, soiling agents, stains, and deterioration.

Allergy Armor Pillows - Care Instructions

This pillow is wrapped in Allergy Armor Ultra, a powerful allergen barrier, so there's no need for a separate allergy relief cover. Simply put your regular decorative pillow case over the pillow. Machine washable. Wash two pillows at a time for a balanced load. Wash in warm water on the gentle wash cycle. Tumble dry on low, fluffing often. To help keep pillows plump, add a couple of tennis balls to the dryer to act as agitators. Replace your pillow every two years.

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Very comfortable
Reviewed by: Stephanie from Florida

This pillow is very comfortable and help me who's my allergies
  Too thick for me.....
Reviewed by:  from 

...but good quality pillow. Nicely stuffed. Soft, but not mushy. Wish it was a little thinner. Hoping it will flatten a bit with use
  Thick, thick pillows!
Reviewed by: Mom of an allergic daughter  from Illinois

The pillows are very comfortable- for an adult. I purchased them for my three year old daughter who has dust mite allergies. The pillows are too thick and too stiff for her. The pillows are so thick they are a tight fit in a standard pillow case.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I am wondering whether the standard versus the queen allergy armor pillows size differ in any way except size. My present pillow does not offer enough support and I need to turn it over every time I get up to fluff it. So I need more back and neck support.

A: Aside from size, there are a few extra ounces of fill to help keep the feel of the pillow consistently with the smaller standard size pillow. In general, these pillows tend to be more on the medium to firm side. While we will pick up a few comments about the thickness/firmness, it's rare to get one about the pillow being too soft. Hope that helps!

Q2: I want a soft man made pillow, not feathers, that does not lose its height. I also want one that is not to lofty, I usually start off sleeping with 2 pillows and discard one throughout the night.My old pillows were soft. Had a label that said, so that's what I want to replace them with. What do you have that will fit that bill?

A: The Allergy Armor pillows have a 100% poly fill that ranges from 20-24 oz. depending on the size you order. They retain their loft better than the a down pillow does. Another option is the PrimaLoft pillows. They are softer than the Allergy Armor but squish down a good bit, similar to a down pillow but without the feathers. Your last option it to take a look at the Ogallala pillows. Their are a variety of pillows that are offered, most of which can be customized with by fill and size. The fill ranges from guaranteed hypoallergenic hypodown to wool pillow. The Harvester pillow is custom made with an unbleached, undyed cotton shell whereas the Pearl White pillow is also custom made but uses traditional manufactured cotton for the shell.

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Allergy Pillow Reviews

Allergy Armor Pillows

It was a big deal for us when we launched this product because it is wrapped in our most popular and effective allergy barrier fabric, Allergy Armor Ultra. How genius is this? A pillow that is made with allergy relief fabric - no need to spend extra dough to cover the pillow, just buy it as-is.

I'm a side sleeper and I like to ball up a couple of pillows and stuff one under my neck and the other under my head. I need quite a bit of support in order for this operation to stay intact throughout the night. I have found that this pillow is perfect for me. What used to take two pillows is accomplished with one. My husband used to joke that I always had too many pillows on the bed. Well, issue solved!

What I like about Allergy Armor Pillows

  • They hold their shape when other pillows just end up looking like a smashed biscuit after a few nights of use.
  • The Ultra fabric is so smooth and soft. My pillow cases slip on easily, while normally I spend a few moments tugging and pulling my old pillows in order to stuff them into the cases.
  • They are machine washable and can be tossed right in the dryer.
  • They offer great support.
  • They are very affordable.
  • The Allergy Armor Ultra pillow works well even for children with allergies.
  • Available in five sizes and styles.

What I do not like about Allergy Armor Pillows

  • They are pretty puffy, hold their shape, and offer great support. That said, they may not be appropriate for very small children, as they may not weigh enough to sink into the pillow. My three year-old is very petite and her little head just rolled right off the pillow. It was too puffy for her. Generally child allergy sufferers 6 years old and above should have no problem.

Overall, this is a great pillow for allergy and asthma sufferers alike. With Allergy Armor Ultra fabric sewn in as the pillow's natural encasings, there's no need for a separate pillow cover. This saves you time and money. Simply put your pillowcase on it, and you're all ready to enjoy a good night's sleep.

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2 Year Warranty


Standard: 20" x 26" w/Piping (Item#: AA6001) $23.95
Queen: 20" x 30" w/ Piping (Item#: AA6002) $26.95
King: 20" x 36" w/ Piping (Item#: AA6003) $29.95
Euro: 26" x 26" w/ Piping (Item#: AA6004) $32.95
Body: 20" x 60" w/ Piping (Item#: AA6005) $51.95

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