Allergy Armor Bedding Packages

Allergy Armor Bedding Packages Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding Packages
Ultra Bedding Packages
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Our allergy bedding packages are a convenient way to protect yourself from dust mites in your pillows, mattress, and box spring. Allergy Armor allergy bedding packages include one mattress cover, two standard pillow covers and one vinyl box spring cover.  Exclusive to, Allergy Armor allergy bedding is the best defense against dust for your pillows and mattress.

Allergy Bedding Packages
Allergy Bedding PackagesAllergy Armor Bedding Packages
Allergy Armor Cotton Bedding Packages Allergy Armor Advanced Bedding Packages Allergy Armor Organic Bedding Packages Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Packages
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Allergy Bedding Packages
Allergy Bedding Packages
What comes in an Allergy Armor allergy bedding package?

Each bedding package contains one mattress cover, two standard sized pillow covers, and one vinyl box spring cover. The vinyl box spring covers are 9" deep. Allergy Armor Organic bedding packages do not include a vinyl box spring cover.

We offer several different fabrics of Allergy Armor for a bedding package:

Allergy Armor Ultra Allergy Armor Ultra - Luxurious and breathable, Allergy Armor Ultra is our highest quality allergy relief bedding for those who demand the ultimate in comfort and protection from dust mites, mold, pet dander, and other allergens. A unique finishing process shrinks the fabric's pores to the smallest size in the industry, effectively blocking out even the tiniest allergens like cat dander without compromising comfort.

Allergy Armor CottonAllergy Armor Cotton - A blend of 40% cotton and 60% polyester, this membrane-free barrier fabric zips up around mattresses and pillows to provide protection against dust mites, dust, mold, and other allergens. Allergy Armor Cotton blend does not make noise or retain heat like urethane membrane encasings. Rather, the fabric is woven so tightly that allergens cannot penetrate the barrier, yet the airflow is not restricted at all.

Allergy Armor AdvancedAllergy Armor Advanced - Allergy Armor Advanced is the original Allergy Armor, strong as armor and soft as silk. Exclusive to, this tightly-woven, breathable microfiber fabric provides complete protection from dust mites and other allergens. You won't even notice Allergy Armor Advanced beneath your sheets, and it's guaranteed to provide lasting allergy relief.

Allergy Armor Classic Allergy Armor Classic - Extremely effective at blocking out allergens, its laminated urethane membrane lining stops even the smallest allergens. Allergy Armor Classic Membrane is most popular among parents who have young children with allergies or asthma.

Allergy Armor Organic

Allergy Armor Organic - Allergy Armor Organic allergy bedding contains no dyes, no treatments, and no added chemicals of any kind. It's ideal for chemical sensitivities and sensitive skin. You'll love the all-natural, soft feel of Allergy Armor Organic. It has been tested for VOC emissions and passed with flying colors. When you sleep on Allergy Armor Organic, you're sleeping on nature's best.