Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

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Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner - 22 oz.
Item#: GZ0008
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Buy Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner is Made in the USAThe Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner will clean the toughest spots and stains on your carpet! Watch even the most difficult stains disappear, making cleaning easier. This carpet cleaner is odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe for you and your fabrics. Plus, it comes in a convenient and easy-to-use spray bottle.

To use, simply spray soiled area with Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner, allowing cleaner to penetrate carpet fibers. Rub the treated area with a clean white cloth or brush, then blot dry with a clean, absorbent cloth. For stubborn stains, repeat application. It can be used to clean heavy traffic spots, too. Just spray area with cleaner, allowing to penetrate carpet fibers. Then clean carpet using a rotary brush or hot water carpet-cleaning machine.

Convenient spray bottle contains 22 fluid ounces.

Product Reviews and Questions

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  pet mess
Reviewed by: Pet cleanup from Chula Vista, Ca

I love this product. My cats have frequent accidents and if it wasn't for Gonzo I would have urine stains on my carpet. It never has discolored any carpet or rug I have tried it on and so far, is the best pet stain remover I have tried. Thank you Achoo Allergy for this wonderful product.
  Best ever
Reviewed by: lms from california

Gonzo is the best spot remover I have ever tried. If my two cats throw up on my carpet I have no trouble getting it off even after it has dried. It works on about every stain I have used it. The only drawback is not being able to get all the liquid out with the spray gun. I find I have to waste some as you cannot remove the top from the bottle. You need to be able to remove the cap.
  Left large stains
Reviewed by:  from Maine

I used Gonzo on a large stain from iced tea spilled on a dark gray area rug. I followed the instructions carefully, but a large darker stain was left where I had applied Gonzo. It was even worse than before! &ltbr&gt&ltbr&gt[Editor's Note: When using products like this, we always recommend a spot test. Most of the time there is no problem with using cleaners like this, but you don't always know what the fabric is made of or what is possibly in the fabric that could have a color reaction with the cleaner.]

Customer Q & A

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Gonzo Spot and Stain Remover Review

Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner actually works just as well as it says it does. I used it to remove some stains and dirty spots on my light beige carpet, and it worked really well. In fact, it worked so well that instead of having "dirty spots" on my carpet, I had "clean spots" - those little spots that had been stains and dirt patches were now cleaner and brighter than the rest of the carpet. I solved this problem by applying a very small amount to a white cloth and dabbing lightly in the surrounding area to even out the clean. It can also be used with a rotary brush or hot water carpet cleaning machine, which I think would work great, especially for a high traffic area like a hallway or entryway.

What I like about Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner
  • Cleans very deeply and thoroughly
  • Lacks many of the chemical irritants that can effect those with asthma or MCS
  • Works fast
  • Spray bottle is very convenient
  • Unlike most other stain cleaners, it doesn't have a chemical odor or any fragrance to mask a chemical odor

What I didn't like about Gonzo Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

  • My only possibly drawback for this product would be the price, but when compared to the stain removers sold in store, its only marginally higher than name brand products

In summary, this cleaner is a great product for anyone with carpeted floors, especially if you have kids or pets. It works really well and you will never have to worry about that spilled juice or unfortunate pet accident again.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner - 22 oz. (Item#: GZ0008) $6.50

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