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ACHOO! If you've lived in one of our nation's many "allergy capitals" in the spring time, you know what it's like! P. Cade McDonald did, which is why he founded is…

  • A rapidly growing online and catalog company offering allergy relief products.
  • In its sixth year of operation, founded in 2000.
  • Covered on the front page of the Business Section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2001.
  • Publisher of the achoo! Review, a monthly online newsletter received by over 30,000 allergy sufferers.
  • A supplier of patient education literature and product flyers to over 4,000 allergy physician offices nationwide. offers allergy and asthma sufferers…

Excellent Selection of Allergy Relief Products
Allergy relief bedding, dust mite covers, pillows, and mattresses. Nifty cleaning products to easily control dust. HEPA air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners. Hygrometers and dehumidifiers. Peak flow meters, spacers, nebulizers, and compressors. In short, just about every product needed to control allergies, manage asthma, and achieve a clean and healthy environment.

Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff
Our staff has received comprehensive training on every product we sell and will gladly answer questions and provide information for customers. Our streamlined operation allows us to personally interact with each allergy sufferer who calls or visits us.

Fast, Free Shipping
Since our customers order from all over the nation, we make sure they get their products as soon as possible. In-stock orders are shipped the same business day if the order is placed before 3pm EST. In addition, we offer free ground shipping on orders over $150.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We sincerely believe our products improve the lives of allergy and asthma sufferers. We encourage allergy sufferers everywhere to try any product we carry and experience better breathing. If they are not completely satisfied with their purchase, they may return items within 60 days from the date of purchase for exchange or refund.


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