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Choosing just the right bedding is an important step for allergy sufferers.  We've assembled a quick descriptive comparison of the comforters we offer to help you choose your perfect comforter. All our comforters are superbly crafted and hypoallergenic. Our selection of Ogallala comforters are made with the revolutionary material Hypodown, which is a combination of goose down and Syriaca clusters. Our PrimaLoft comforters are a very popular synthetic alternative that replicates the softness and warmth of down without the allergic reaction. We want to help you select the best hypoallergenic down comforter or synthetic down comforter -- if you still have questions contact us at 1-800-339-7123. We'll be glad to answer your questions.

Hypodown Comforters and Synthetic Down Comforters
Empress Hypodown Comforters by Ogallala
Empress Hypodown Comforters
The luxurious Empress is the finest comforter we offer. It is encased in silky 350-thread count Egyptian cotton. This comforter is 3-D baffled in a cloud design, with baffled, double-edged piping. A beautiful comforter, the Empress can be used with a duvet cover or on its own for class and elegance combined with light, airy warmth. Hypodown comforters are hypoallergenic and guaranteed by allergy doctors to be reaction free. The Empress Hypodown comforter is a wonderful choice for anyone who simply wants a luxurious, beautiful comforter. As with all of our products, you get what you pay for, and with the Empress you get the best we have to offer. With the Empress you can customize the fill, weight and size of the comforter.

Pearl Crescent Hypodown Comforters by Ogallala
Pearl Crescent Hypodown Comforters
Fluffy, puffy, and warm! The Pearl Crescent Hypodown comforter features unique honeycomb 3-D baffling design.  Encased in 330-thread count long staple cotton, edged with satin piping, and filled with an airy mixture of Syriaca clusters and clean Hungarian goose down. Guaranteed allergy-free for ten years.  Like all Hypodown comforters, the Pearl Crescent is available in a wide variety of weights and fill powers so you can customize these comforters to meet your specific needs. With the Pear Crescent you can customize the fill, weight and size of the comforter.

Monarch Hypodown Comforters by Ogallala
$374.00 - $1,674.00
Monarch Hypodown Comforters
The Monarch comforter is a traditional favorite, only new and improved! Its classic box design is baffled in 12-inch squares for a traditional appearance, reminiscent of being curled up on cold nights by a cozy fireplace with a quilt. Warm and comfortable, the Monarch Hypodown comforter is encased in 300-thread count long staple cotton, bordered by satin piping. Best of all, this wonderful comforter is fluffed full of high-quality, hypoallergenic down, tested by allergy and asthma doctors to be reaction-free. With the Monarch you can customize the fill, weight and size of the comforter.

Harvester Hypodown Comforter by Ogallala
$476.00 - $1,706.00
Harvester Hypodown Comforters
The Harvester Hypodown comforter is the all-natural way to sleep or just relax, recommended especially for multiple chemical sensitivities sufferers.  Encased in 312-thread count, unbleached, un-dyed, chemical-free cotton fabric, and filled with pure and hypoallergenic Hypodown, the Harvester is simply natural and allergy-free.  Classic baffled box design, edged with cambric cotton piping. With the Harvester you can customize the fill, weight and size of the comforter.

Avalon Hypodown Comforter by Ogallala
$104.00 - $960.00
Avalon Hypodown Comforters
The Avalon Hypodown comforter is just right for lightweight luxury in warmer climates. Only the Avalon is available in a Southernlite fill, ideal for warm sleepers or balmy evenings.  Encased in soft cotton sateen with a 300-thread count, and sewn into a 9" box design. Filled with hypoallergenic and innovative Hypodown material, a blend of clean Hungarian goose down and naturally hypoallergenic Syriaca clusters. Like our other Ogalalla comforters, you can customize the fill, weight and size of the Avalon comforter.

PrimaLoft Synthetic Down Comforters
$89.99 - $119.99
PrimaLoft Synthetic Down Comforters
The PrimaLoft comforter replicates the dreamy softness and warmth down, without allergens. PrimaLoft is an ultra-fine microscopic fiber, blown into pillows for a soft and fluffy fill which retains loft, even through repeated machine washings. PrimaLoft comforter is down-proof and fully quilted, with a smooth 230-thread count ticking. Ideal for allergy sufferers, the PrimaLoft synthetic down comforter is machine washable and dryer safe, for extra easy care. The PrimaLoft comforters are the only comforters we offer that are not customizable by fill and weight. PrimaLoft comforters come in three sizes to fit nearly all beds.

All of our comforters are hypoallergenic, but for those still concerned with dust mites, you can encase any of the comforters with any one of four of our Allergy Armor fabrics. Visit comforter covers and duvet encasings page to explore all of your options, or return to Allergy Bedding

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