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Gonzo Dust Control Sponge


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Dust Control Sponge

This Gonzo Dust Control Sponge is made especially for allergy sufferers.  It eliminates dust, soot, and dirt, wiping anything clean without water or chemicals.  Use it on any dry surface and watch dust, dirt, and pollen disappear. Great for use on books, furniture, lampshades, upholstery, walls, blinds, drapes, tiles, car interiors, light fixtures, and more. 

The Dust Control Sponge can be used over and over -- when sponge becomes saturated with dust and dirt, simply wash with soap and water, then allow to dry before next use. Sponge is environmentally safe and made with all natural materials.

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Gonzo Dust Control Sponge

I used the Gonzo Dust Control Sponge on my blinds, bookshelves, and computer surfaces. I found that it works the best on a flat, hard surface like a shelf. It naturally attracts the dust, rolling it all up into one large ball - dust sticks to the sponge in drifts and becomes lint, which is easy to remove straight into the trashcan. It also works well on a surface like mini-blinds, although I think for those a vacuum attachment is still probably the best approach.

What I like about the Gonzo Dust Control Sponge:

  • Does a really great job at removing dust quickly
  • Is very gentle for use on computer screens, glass, and other surfaces
  • Has a nice, chunky feel which makes it easy to grip
  • It is thicker than I was expecting, larger than most sponges

What I don't like about the Gonzo Dust Control Sponge:

  • I was expecting the sponge to be a little more absorbent, instead the dust mainly seemed to collect on the surface of the sponge. However I just shook out the sponge in the fresh air outside a couple times during dusting, and it was fresh and ready for use again.
I recommend that any allergy sufferer try out the dust control sponge. It is a very simple and affordable tool that can make dusting much easier. We have several types of dusting cloths and sponges, and it is probably a personal preference on which one is the easiest and most convenient for you. I will definitely continue to use my dust control sponge in the future - it is so easy and simple and it really removes the dust.


Gonzo Dust Control Sponge (Item#: GZ0001) (Discontinued)

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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