Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson DC24 Animal


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Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC24 Animal is the latest addition in Dyson's line of compact HEPA vacuum cleaners. Though lightweight and compact, this versatile upright vacuum retains all of the features that has made Dyson so popular. The Ball adds maneuverability while the washable Lifetime HEPA filter and clear dust bin mean you won't need to spend money on replacing filters or bags. Dyson's Root Cyclone technology ensures that this vacuum will never lose suction, and a 5 year warranty provides peace of mind should anything ever go wrong. As a Dyson Animal vacuum, the DC24 comes standard with a mini Turbine Head attachment that is ideal for removing pet hair from carpeted steps and upholstery.

Powerful, yet weighing less than 12 lbs., the DC24 Animal is a smaller model that is perfect for those with limited space or for current Dyson owners who need an additional Dyson for another part of their home. And as with all Dyson upright and canister vacuum cleaners, the DC24 Animal is certified "Asthma Friendly" by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Dyson DC24 Video

Dyson DC24 Animal Product Features

  • Dyson Ball technology that allows users to steer smoothly with a turn of the wrist.Dyson DC24 Animal is Allergy Friendly
  • Lifetime Washable HEPA Filter removes dust mites, pet dander, mold, and other allergens from the air that you breathe.
  • Low center of gravity means easy steering.
  • Reversible wand allows for easy handling even in awkward corners.
  • No bags or filters to replace, ever.
  • Mini Turbo Brush included for pet hair removal from upholstery and steps.
  • Root Cyclone technology means you never lose suction.*
  • Collapsible handle for easy storage.
  • At only 11.7 pounds, it is ultra lightweight for maximum portability.
  • Clean Dust Bin lets you see it working.
  • Hygienic and quick to empty. Dust empties from the bottom of the Clean Dust Bin so you never handle dust and dirt.
  • Motorized brush roll cleans all types of floors.
  • Foot and Fingertip Brush Roll Control.
  • Built to last - made from ABS and polycarbonate for durability.
  • 5 Year Warranty - parts and labor guaranteed for five years.

* Dyson proves no loss of suction using a test method based on the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard.

Unique Dyson Product Features

British Allergy Foundation Approval Lifetime HEPA Filter
The Dyson DC24 Animal vacuum has a HEPA filter which lasts for a lifetime. As a washable filter, the HEPA filter in the DC24 means no more filters to buy! Additionally, this vacuum cleaner is approved for allergy sufferers by the British Allergy Foundation.

Dyson Clear Dust Bin Dyson's Clear Dust Bin
The innovative design of the Dyson's clear bin is great because you always know just how well your Dyson is working! One quick glance and you can tell when it's full, and it is easy to empty.  Completely hassle-free, especially since there are no bags to buy, ever.

Dyson Ball Vacuums Dyson Ball Technology
In an effort to get around the tradition of using wheels that simply move forward and backwards, Dyson developed the Ball. Aptly named, the Ball allows Dyson upright vacuums to tightly corner and move much more freely than a traditional wheel design.

Dyson Mini Turbine Heada Mini Turbine Head
The Dyson DC24 Animal comes standard with a Mini Turbine Head. This turbo brush attachment has a brush roll driven by the suction of the vacuum is ideal for pulling up pet hair from upholstered surfaces and carpet.

Dyson DC24 Product Reviews

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Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Though the DC24 All Floors has been around for quite some time, Dyson has finally introduced the DC24 Animal vacuum cleaner. As a DC24 vacuum, this Dyson Animal is compact, lightweight and features Dyson's Ball Technology. Perfect for pet owners in small homes or apartments or an ideal second vacuum in a larger home, the DC24 Animal has excellent suction and cleaning ability bundled in a small, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.

What I liked about the Dyson DC24 Animal

Easily, the best feature of the DC24 Animal is its compact size and light weight. With a collapsible handle this Dyson takes up very little space in your closet or hides neatly in the corner when not in use. At less than 12 lbs. this upright vacuum is light enough to make cleaning multiple floors, say in a condo, much easier than lugging a traditional upright up and down stairs.

Including the Ball technology is a plus over the traditional wheeled setup. The Dyson Ball allows for easy turning and cornering around furniture and tighter spaces. Overall, this feature does make for a easier time while vacuuming since you're not fighting the vacuum to get it to go where you want it.

Like all Dyson upright vacuum cleaners, the DC24 Animal is a HEPA vacuum. The HEPA filter is washable and will hold up for the life of the vacuum. The rubber gaskets around each of the vacuums components help to minimize air leakage and create a solid allergy vacuum. Overall, the DC24 Animal will capture particle pollution as small as 0.5 microns. As an added bonus, you won't have to replace the HEPA filter yearly, so you save $20-$50 annually in maintenance costs.

As with other Dyson Animal vacuums, the DC24 comes with an air driven brush attachment. The mini turbine head attachment is a handy tool for cleaning carpeted steps or for pulling pet hair from a sofa or loveseat that a pet uses. This attachment fits easily in the hand, and the small size makes it ideal for those tighter corners. The other standard attachment is a combo attachment that doubles as a dusting brush and crevice tool. Though the crevice tool is a bit short, for most cleaning needs, it will suffice. By combining the two tools in one, Dyson does eliminate a very small amount of extra weight and avoids having to find space to attach two separate tools.

Lastly, there is the array of standard features that are common to all Dysons. A five year warranty is better than most uprights you'll purchase from big box stores, and the Root Cyclone design helps to keep suction consistent throughout years of use. The dust bin is clear, so it's easy to tell when it's full, and with the push of button you can empty it directly into a waste can. The DC24 Animal can be taken apart relatively easily which makes cleaning or unclogging it a simple task.

What I did not like about the Dyson DC24 Animal

While the DC24 Animal is smaller in size, it also lacks some of the suction of the full size DC25 model. There is some trade off with the size of this upright and suction power, with the DC24 having about half the airwatts as the full size upright. If you're living in a wall-to-wall carpeted apartment with a sheep dog, the DC24 Animal is probably not the best vacuum for you.

For most, the dust bin is a major convenience since you save by not having to buy dust bags. The down side to this is that for allergy sufferers, a self sealing dust bag is likely a better option since it neatly traps and retains allergens. While changing this sort of bag, you never expose yourself to allergens or dust. As a parting note, while

As with most products, we believe that if you know up front what you're getting, you'll ultimately be happier and more satisfied with your purchase. The Dyson DC24 Animal vacuum cleaner is no exception. Compact and lightweight, this upright vacuum is a great little vacuum for someone living in an apartment or a pet owner living in a smaller space. It's also a great addition as secondary vacuum for someone in a larger home. Over the life of the vacuum you will save by not having to replace filters or bags. While the suction is not as powerful as the full size model, the price is less. On balance, the DC24 Animal is a good overall value that would make a great fit in variety of homes or apartments.

Dyson DC24 Detailed Specifications

Vacuum type: Upright
Best for: Pet Owners in Small Spaces or where portability is important
Color: Iron/Satin Purple
Power cord length: 20 ft.
Airflow: 115 air watts (constant)
Bin Capacity: 0.19 Gal.
Motor Wattage: 6.5 Amps
HEPA Filter: Yes, Lifetime Washable
Washable filter: Yes, Lifetime Washable
Dimensions: H 43.3" x W 11" x D 13.7"
Weight: 11.7 lbs
Warranty: 5 year

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Dyson DC24 Warranty Information

5 year Limited Warranty

Dyson DC 24 Availability

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags and Filters
Dyson DC24 Animal Ball Vacuum
Dyson DC24 Animal (Item#: DY0030 STOCK) (Discontinued)

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