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EcoDiscoveries Green Cleaners are Made in the USAEcoDiscoveries uses a proprietary blend of enzymes that naturally break down molecules without leaving the chemical residue that common household cleaners often leave behind. For MCS, allergy or asthma suffers, cleaning without chemical vapors or residues is an important part of maintaining a clean, but irritant free home.  Refills are available for each Zyme product.

Enzymes are a basic and essential part of life that work in on a variety of substances. At their core, enzymes take part in chemical reactions by breaking bonds then reforming, only to repeat the process. This repetitive action makes them the ideal agent to break down organic compounds. Unlike common cleaners, which can contain chlorine, ammonia and a whole host of toxic chemicals, enzyme based cleaners are all natural, and derived from plants and other natural sources. Take a step towards cleaning healthier by using EcoDiscoveries enzyme cleaners throughout the home.

EcoDiscoveries offers these enzyme cleaners:

Product Features

  • EcoDiscoveries enzyme cleaners are biodegradable & non-toxic, and each is fragrance free.
  • All EcoDiscoveries cleaning products use plant based surfacants & naturally occuring enzymes to effectively deodorize and clean.
  • You will find NO Chlorine, Ammonia, Phosphate, Glycol, or Petroleum in any EcoDiscoveries enzyme cleaner.
  • There are also NO caustic agents (like bleach) or dyes in any of these products.
  • Not only is the product environmentally friendly, but the packaging is too! For each cleaner, 2oz. refills can be purchased instead of having to buy a new bottle.
  • And no matter which of these green cleaners your purchase, all have about a two year shelf life and can be simply stored at room temperature.
  • All EcoDiscoveries products are Made in the USA.

EcoDiscoveries AirZyme Air & Fabric Deodorizer

EcoDiscoveries AirZyme deodorizes the air without polluting it. Most "air freshners" only mask scents and odors. Even some of the most popular cleaning products today don't really eliminate odors. The simply cover them with a new odor. AirZyme and the odor removing properties of many of the EcoDiscoveries green cleaners is likely one of the best things about these products. AirZyme features a scientifically formulated enzyme blend designed to wipe out even the toughest odors, including tobacco smoke, food odors, and pet odors. Completely non-toxic and safe for use on any material not harmed by water, AirZyme is the perfect odor-eliminating solution for allergic and chemically sensitive individuals. EcoDiscoveries AirZyme Air and Fabric Deodorizer

EcoDiscoveries MoldZyme & Mildew Remover

As one of the most popular EcoDiscoveries cleaners, MoldZyme is specifically targeted to remove and kill mold and mildew throughout your home. Unlike bleach cleaner which typically only bleach the mold white, MoldZyme actually destroys mold in bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere in the home where mold and mildew flourishes. Non-toxic, safe and free of the harsh chemicals and fumes found in traditional mold removers, MoldZyme safely breaks down mold and destroys the biomass and biofilms that can form in habitually damp areas of the home. Safe for use around adults, children, pets, and plant life. EcoDiscoveries MoldZyme & Mildew Remover

EcoDiscoveries MultiZyme Multi Purpose Cleaner

MultiZyme's proprietary enzyme blend is scientifically engineered to perform various cleaning jobs without trigger chemical sensitivities, asthma attacks, or allergic reactions. MultiZyme is an excellent all around cleaning solution that's easy to apply and works well all nearly any surface in your home. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that MultiZyme provides a healthier kind of clean, without leaving behind a trail of toxic chemicals. EcoDiscoveries MultiZyme Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries Zyme Kit

With the EcoDiscoveries Zyme kit, get the best of each cleaner! In each Zyme cleaning kit you get 1 bottle each of AirZyme, MoldZyme and MultiZyme to tackle the tough cleaning jobs throughout your home. From deodorizing your dog's bed and cutting grease in the kitchen to removing shower mold and pulling up stains, the EcoDiscoveries Zyme Cleaning Kit is a great way to maintain a clean and healthy home. EcoDiscoveries Zyme Green Cleaning Kit

EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit

The EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit is a complete set of natural cleaners suited to clean all areas of your home. Derived from natural plant enzymes and other all natural compounds, the Whole House Cleaning Kit offers you a solution to clean without the chemical odors or residue. Each kit includes 1 bottle each of the AirZyme, MoldZyme, MultiZyme, Kitchen, Bath, Tub & Tile, and Glass cleaners. Each package is discounted to make purchasing the Whole House Kit not only environmentally friendly but easier on your wallet. $32.99
EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit

EcoDiscoveries Enzyme Cleaners Refills

EcoDiscoveries Airzyme Refills EcoDiscoveries Moldzyme Refills EcoDiscoveries Multizyme Refills
AirZyme Refill (2 pk)
MoldZyme Refill (2 pk)
MultiZyme Refill (2 pk)
Instead of buying full-size new bottles, EcoDiscoveries has concentrated refills for each of its enzyme cleaners. Simply pour and add water.

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Great product
Reviewed by: George from Metro New York

We purchased Moldzyme for cleaning our vinyl siding. It did an incredible job. With other products we had to scrub and it still didn't remove all the mold. This worked quickly and easily to totally remove the mold spots.
  Musty smell is gone
Reviewed by: will order again from Moldy old Oregon

The musty smell in my fabric stash went from unnoticeable to unbearable overnight. I knew there were some vintage pieces in there but it didn't really occur to me that the smell would spread to all the rest. Now I know. After some frantic Googling and a trip to the grocery store I ended up with a gallon of vinegar and an order of Moldzyme concentrate. The vinegar works, though it takes a couple days of soaking per bucketful of fabric and there might be a lingering vinegar smell. The Moldzyme works faster, and can be used in the washing machine, and leaves no smell at all. I don't know yet how it will do over time, but I'm happy so far. Oh. And I love that it ships as concentrate. Not paying postage on bottles of water = bonus points.
  Airzyme Review
Reviewed by: an allergy suffer from Atlanta, GA

ok. No please with mold removal.

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EcoDiscoveries AirZyme Cleaner (8oz.) (Item#: EC0002) $5.69
EcoDiscoveries AirZyme Cleaner (Item#: EC0012) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries AirZyme Refill (2pk) (Item#: EC0013) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries MoldZyme Cleaner (Item#: EC0022) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries MoldZyme Refill (2pk) (Item#: EC0023) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries MultiZyme Cleaner (Item#: EC0020) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries MultiZyme Refill (2pk) (Item#: EC0021) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit (Item#: EC0010) $32.99
EcoDiscoveries Zyme Kit (Item#: EC0011) $16.99

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