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EcoDiscoveries Green Cleaners are Made in the USAEcoDiscoveries uses all natural enzyme technology to eliminate dirt and grime without toxic chemicals, fragrances, or dyes. By using plant derived compounds and enzymes, EcoDiscoveries provides a variety of green cleaning products suited for every area of your home including the bathroom, kitchen, nursery, and pet areas. Refill 2 packs are available for each cleaner.

Maintaining a clean home with good indoor air quality is a crucial component of reducing your exposure to allergens. Ironically, many cleaning products contain chemicals (like ammonia and chlorine) that cause indoor air pollution which aggravates asthma, allergies, and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). With EcoDiscoveries' comprehensive line of natural cleaning products, you can enjoy a clean home and pure indoor air without the risk of exposure to allergens or harmful chemicals.

Of these plant based household cleaners, EcoDiscoveries offers:

Product Features

  • EcoDiscoveries cleaners are biodegradable & non-toxic, and each is fragrance free for those sensitive to perfumes and scents.
  • All EcoDiscoveries cleaning products use plant based surfacants & naturally occurring enzymes to effectively deodorize and clean.
  • You will find NO Chlorine, Ammonia, Phosphate, Glycol, or Petroleum in any EcoDiscoveries green or enzyme cleaner.
  • There are also NO caustic agents or dyes in any of these products.
  • Not only is the product environmentally friendly, but the packaging is too! For each cleaner, 2 oz. refills can be purchased instead of having to buy a new bottle.
  • And no matter which of these green cleaners your purchase, all have about a two year shelf life and can be simply stored at room temperature.
  • All EcoDiscoveries products are Made in the USA.

EcoDiscoveries Glass Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries Glass Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean glass, windows, mirrors, and other shiny surfaces - all without ammonia. Enjoy fast and easy streak-free cleaning without worrying about harmful chemicals. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, this completely non-toxic glass cleaner removes oil deposits, grease, spills, and fingerprints and restores shine without triggering allergies, asthma, or multiple chemical sensitivities. EcoDiscoveries Glass Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Cleaner

Scientifically formulated to clean the areas in and around the bathroom, this completely non-toxic, biodegradable formula has no unpleasant fumes and no harmful residue. Clean and brighten your bathroom naturally, effectively, and without harming indoor air or triggering allergies, asthma, or MCS. Citric acid breaks up unclean molecules, and natural surfactants provide deep-cleaning action. Safe for use on all surfaces. EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Cleaner

The kitchen is the last place you want to clean with toxic chemicals. Use EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Cleaner to cut through grease and grime without harming indoor air or leaving behind poisonous residues. Specifically formulated for cleaning kitchen messes, EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Cleaner is made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. Never worry again about inhaling - or ingesting - toxic chemicals from cleaning your kitchen. Safe for use on tile, ceramic tile, marble, Corian, granite, porcelain, fiberglass, stainless steel, and wood. EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries Nursery Cleaner

Your baby's room is not somewhere you want to leave behind harsh residues when you clean. But you do want to keep your baby's room clean and free of germs. EcoDiscoveries Nursery Cleaner is the answer. Feel secure knowing that the cleaning product you use to clean areas in close contact with baby's delicate skin - or even in baby's mouth - is completely non-toxic. By using plant-derived surfactants, citric acid, and naturally-derived soil emulsifiers, EcoDiscoveries Nursery gets the nursery, children's playroom or bedroom clean the safe way. EcoDiscoveries Natural Nursery Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries Tub & Tile Cleaner

If the thought of cleaning out your tub with chemicals and then taking a bath in their toxic residues is unappealing, EcoDiscoveries Tub & Tile Cleaner is for you. This chlorine-free formula removes soap scum effortless and naturally, leaving a brilliant shine without harmful chemicals. Completely non-toxic and environmentally safe, Tub & Tile Cleaner removes and prevents soap scum buildup through the use of organic salts, which will create a brilliant shine without posing a hazard to you and your family or your indoor air. EcoDiscoveries Natural Tub & Tile Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries Pet Cleaner

Strong enough to remove stains but gentle enough to be sprayed directly on pets, EcoDiscoveries Pet uses natural enzymes, coconut based surfactants and all natural citric acid to deodorize and clean. Spray directly on your pet or your pet's bedding to deodorize or spray it and allow it to sit for ten minutes then wipe to remove stains. Regardless of use, the EcoDiscoveries Pet is an all natural and safe way to actually remove odors instead of masking them with fragrance. EcoDiscoveries Pet can even elminate skunk odor! EcoDiscoveries Natural Pet Deodorizer

EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit

The EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit is a complete set of natural cleaners suited to clean all areas of your home. Derived from natural plant enzymes and other all natural compounds, the Whole House Cleaning Kit offers you a solution to clean without the chemical odors or residue. Each kit includes 1 bottle each of the AirZyme, MoldZyme, MultiZyme, Kitchen, Bath, Tub & Tile, and Glass cleaners. Each package is discounted to make purchasing the Whole House Kit not only environmentally friendly but easier on your wallet. $32.99
EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit

EcoDiscoveries Natural Cleaners Refills

EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Cleaner Refills EcoDiscoveries Glass Cleaner Refills EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Cleaner Refills
Bathroom Refill (2 pk)
Glass Refill (2 pk)
Kitchen Refill (2 pk)
EcoDiscoveries Nursery Cleaner Refills EcoDiscoveries Pet Deodorizer Refills EcoDiscoveries Tub & Tile Cleaner Refills
Nursery Refill (2 pk)
Pet Refill (2 pk)
Tub & Tile Refill (2 pk)
Instead of buying full-size new bottles, EcoDiscoveries has concentrated refills for each of it's green cleaners. Simply pour and add water.

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EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Cleaner (Item#: EC0014) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Refill (2 Pk) (Item#: EC0015) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries Glass Cleaner (Item#: EC0016) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries Glass Refill (2 Pk) (Item#: EC0017) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Cleaner (Item#: EC0018) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Refill (2 Pk) (Item#: EC0019) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries Nursery Cleaner (Item#: EC0024) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries Nursery Refill (2 Pk) (Item#: EC0025) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries Tub & Tile Cleaner (Item#: EC0026) $6.75
EcoDiscoveries Tub & Tile Refill (2 Pk) (Item#: EC0027) $9.35
EcoDiscoveries Pet Cleaner (Item#: EC0028) $5.99
EcoDiscoveries Pet Refill (2 Pk) (Item#: EC0029) $8.15
EcoDiscoveries Whole House Cleaning Kit (Item#: EC0010) $32.99

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