Pure Guardian H1600 and H1500 Humidifiers

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Pure Guardian Manual - H1500


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Pure Guardian H1600 and H1500 Humidifiers

These simple, egg-shaped Pure Guardian ultrasonic humidifiers give you an option of warm or cool mist. The H1600 is a digital unit, while the H1500 is a manually operated humidifier. These models have virtually the same features except that that the H1600 has digital output controls. The ultrasonic technology allows for virtually silent operation--a perfect choice while sleeping. Silver clean technology means that Pure Guardian has embedded small silver particles into the water tank to help fight the growth of bacteria and mold. This technology ensures that the machine disperses a clean, hygienic mist.

The H1600 model features a digital display with push button controls, nightlight option and variable mist output. Pure Guardian humidifiers are maintenance-free with no expensive wicks or messy filters to replace. These units are great to use in a small bedroom, nursery, office or personal space up to 200 square feet.

Pure Guardian H1600 / H1500 Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 8.0 lbs
  • Size Dimensions: 13" x 7" x 11"
  • Room size: Up to 200 square feet

Pure Guardian H1600 / H1500 Features

  • H1600 Controls: Digital display with push button controls
  • H1500 Controls: Manual adjustment with plastic knob
  • Warm or cool mist output
  • Silver technology helps to eliminate germs and bacteria
  • Tank Empty Light - front panel indicator will light up when water level is low
  • Auto shut-off when the tank is empty
  • 4 mist output control speeds
  • Blue Night Light that may be turned off or on
  • Over 1 gallon tank capacity
  • Virtually silent operation

Product Reviews & Questions

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Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Pennsylvania

Pros: This was a great item and very quiet. Could not hear it working and it humidified our bedroom well. Cons: The lights for the digital area are way too bright and so is the night light. Room was lit up like we had a beacon on. Also, unfortunately, something went wrong with the digital workings and it kept going off and on all night long and you could hear the switching on and off and the water filling up each time. Somehow it must have been damaged during shipment so I had to return it right away. Two nights of clicking and bright lights was enough!
  Just right
Reviewed by: no longer so dry from Tulsa, OK

More than satisfied with this product. It's quiet, I don't wake up with my eyes nearly stuck shut anymore & the blue nightlight is very cool-looking.
  Works well
Reviewed by: Heacdache gone.. from 

We have been using this for two weeks now. My wife was having headaches from the low humidity which stopped immediately when this unit was run in the room overnight. It works nicely.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I have white dust all over my room from the calcium and so I purchased a filter/cartridge but I still get the white dust. What can i do I love the humidifier?

A: Switching the water source is your last option. The mineral dust you're seeing is from the hard water minerals in the water. The water I grew up drinking had a good bit of calcium and lime in it, so I'm very familiar with it You could switch distilled water, which is going to lack the hard mineral content. Your other option would be using a Brita or other type of water filter. Brita's in particular do not remove ALL mineral content but they do greatly lower mineral content in tap water. Try running a bit of water through a Brita in conjunction with the demineralization cartridge that's available for the Pure Guardian. If that doesn't do the trick then you have some very hard water! And, you may have to switch to distilled. Hope that helps!

Q2: What are the cleaning instructions for the 1500 model? Are there any special instructions for hard water? Can you mix a small amount of white vinegar in the water? Or do you just use it to clean the unit?

A: You can use a water/vinegar mix to remove any scale build up in the unit. There are also premixed packets of EZ Cal that you can use to clean any humidifier. Unfortunately, with Germ Guardian humidifiers, there are no demineralization cartridges to remove the minerals commonly found in hard water. So while you won't spend money on replacing these cartridges, with these models you'll have to rely more on regular cleaning. There are few moving parts with any humidifier, so the main parts to ensure are free of scale are the bronze colored diaphragm and the point where water moves from the tank to the nebulizer chamber. We don't recommend mixing anything with the water you run through the tank for normal use.

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PureGuardian Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

Pure Guardian H1600 Humidifier

This simple and stylish Pure Guardian ultrasonic humidifier gives you an option of warm or cool mist. New silver technology prevents bacteria and mold build-up in the tank and ensures that the machine disperses ultra clean mist. The ultrasonic technology allows for virtually silent operation; a perfect choice while sleeping. The H1600 model features a digital display with push button controls, nightlight option and variable mist output.

What I like about the Pure Guardian H1600 Humidifier

I really like the digital night light on this unit. This is perfect for a small bedroom for young children. The night light is very bright and can replace your child's current night light.

These units are both very simply to operate, and with a full tank each can be run on high for approximately two days. Taking into account that these models are suited for medium sized rooms, this means fewer refills.

This unit requires very low maintenance, because there are no evaporating pads, filters, or wicks to clean and replace. I recommend that with heavy usage that you clean the Pure Guardian humidifier at least once per week. This unit does come with its own cleaning brush located inside the base of the unit, and a wide variety of cleaners (or white vinegar) or descalers will help keep this unit functioning properly.

What I do not like about the Pure Guardian H1600 Humidifier

Be very careful when filling this model up. The handle seems to allow you to pick up the whole unit and move it by the handle, but that is not the case. The water tank will separate and you can drop the bottom of the unit.

These models both lack any sort of hygrometer or humidistat. You would need to purchase one of these separately to get a definitive reading on the humidity levels in your home.

In summary, the Pure Guardian H1600 is a solid, mid-sized humidifier that works well in rooms up to 200 square feet. It would work well in a single room like a dorm room or bedroom. Like other Pure Guardian models, the design of these humidifiers sets it apart from others and gives Pure Guardian humidifiers a less clinical feel.

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Pure Guardian Manual - H1500 (Item#: GG005) (Discontinued)

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