Pure Guardian H2000 Humidifier

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Manual H2000 Humidifier


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Pure Guardian H2000 Humidifiers

The PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier with manual controls is a great residential humidifier to use during the dry winter months. When you start running your home heating system, the humidity level in your home will drop. This unit is a durable humidifier that is easy to operate. Just fill it with water, set it, and go. The ultrasonic technology works to create a quiet, germ free alternative for your humidifier needs. The Pure Guardian use a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets. Thanks to ultrasonic technology the models are virtually silent when running, making it ideal to use while you sleep.

Pure Guardian H2000 Technical Specifications
  • Main Voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 40 W
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Size Dimensions: 17" x 11" x 13"
  • Humidity Run Time: 15 hours for warm humidification, 24 hours for cold humidification
  • Tank Capacity: 1.4
The Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Manual Humidifier has an option for warm or cool humidification. An adjustable spray function helps regulate the volume of spray you desire. And ultrasonic technology allows the humidifier to be virtually silent when it runs, making it ideal to have on while you sleep.

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Highly recommend!
Reviewed by: Suffering no more! from New York

We heat our house with a wood stove, and this has been the coldest, harshest winter in the northeast I can remember. I unfortunately have developed "Farmers Lung" from my occupation, and suffer greatly from the ash in the air from using the wood stove. Headaches, cough, congestion, I felt like crap! When I started to research air purifiers I got a bit depressed over how much money this was going to cost me. My partner is in love with his wood stove, so we didn't want to give that up. Further research on Achoo Allergy's very helpful site, and other sites led us to decide to try out a few humidifiers first, to see if that helped. It totally solved the problem! We got two of the H2000's for the living room area where the wood stove is, and an H1500/1600 for the bedroom. So nice. We also tried the Air-O-Swiss 7144 for the living room, but it left puddles of water on the furniture on high setting. I am so happy with the Pure Guardian H2000 that I've told several friends to buy this model! Even my mother has one now. Once you get in the habit of filling the tanks once a day, they are a really nice addition to the room, adding a bit of tropical ambiance even. On really cold days we will use the 'warm' setting. I like the simple manual knobs, and the design guests have called something like an old-fashioned radio. Every few weeks we clean the filter plate thingee with vinegar- we have hard water so this is a crucial chore. But getting these humidifiers has truly made living in the house in the winter so much more enjoyable. They are game-changers.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Bonnie-Sesonal allergies and dry skin suffferer from Onancock, Va

Great humidifier, my only complaint is the white film it leaves, but this is the case with all humidifiers. I think i will try filtered water to see if i have better luck as the manuel suggested. It is nice and quiet and has made a differnce with my skin, and I don't wake up so dry every morning.
  Best Allergy Relief
Reviewed by: Pak, an allergy sufferer from Las Vegas, NV

I have had numerous humidifiers over the years but the Germ Gardian Humidifier gives me the most relief of my symptoms. It keeps the moisture level in my bedroom quite comfortable. As I live in Las Vegas, the humidity is very low. I would have to sleep with my head elevated and still would often awaken coughing. Since I started using the Germ Guard Humidifier I am able to sleep with one pillow and keep the cough syrup in my nightstand drawer. I would strongly recommend this humidifier for anyone with seasonal allergy symtoms.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I have one of your products, in which I purchase last December 2011. The model no. is H4500. What is the warranty for this unit.

A: Guardian Technologies warranties all Germ Guardian humidifiers for 1 year.

Q2: Got last model off floor, no manual. What are cleaning instructions? I see there is a small brush. Can I download anything? Love the unit and want it to last.

A: At the bottom of the Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifier page there are links for the instruction manuals for both the digital and manual versions of this size humidifier. Also, here is a quick tip as far as humidifier maintenance is concerned. Essentially, you'll use the brush to remove any visible mineral scale and a descaling agent or vinegar to soften and remove scale in the tank in the nebulizer compartment, left from hard water. Because Germ Guardian humidifiers lack mineral absorption pads or a demineralization cartridge, you should clean the unit every few weeks to keep it functioning properly.

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Pure Guardian Humidifier Reviews
Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The Ultrasonic Humidifier series from Pure Guardian is designed specifically for smaller rooms and personal spaces, and the H2000, like the others, has silver clean technology that fights mold and bacteria in the water tank without the hassle of replacement filters or pads. The Ultrasonic Manual (H2000) has a 1.4 gallon tank capacity that provides up to 72 hours of successive humidity. With the PureGuardian in hand, I set off to try to relief my nightly sore throat.

What I like about Pure Guardian humidifiers

I took the Pure Guardian Manual Humidifier home with me to test the unit in my daughter's room. The best thing about the H2000 is how quietly it operates. On the highest setting, it is almost silent, and it was easy for my daughter to fall asleep with the humidifier running in her bedroom.

The Ultrasonic Manual allows you to increase the power and regulate the temperature of the spray with separate rotary dials. Unlike digital Pure Guardian models, the H2000 has only one power light, which makes it a better fit for sleepers who want to keep a dark bedroom.

Dual mist capability gives you the choice of either cool mist or a room temperature/warm mist, and since the water is never boiled, like in older style humidifiers, there is no chance of burns from the water.

What I do not like about Pure Guardian humidifiers

I really like this product, but one drawback is the handle. The handle only picks up the water tank. The first few times I tried to move the humidifier I pulled it apart. You have to pick the whole humidifier up, but, this is true for every humidifier that is NOT a top-fill unit.

Lightweight, economical and easy to use, the Pure Guardian H2000 provides cool, humidifying comfort for most rooms in your home. With an output similar to other models, this midsize humidifier can run for up to three days before needing to be refilled (depending on conditions in your space). Overall, this humidifier offers solid but basic humidification suitable for most bedrooms.

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My son has always had a nagging cough when the weather gets colder, that persists all winter long. The Vornado Humidifier  seems to have helped him feel better, and I don't hear nearly as many late night coughing fits. Thanks!
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Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier
Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Manual Humidifier


1 Year Limited Warranty


Manual H2000 Humidifier (Item#: GG002) (Discontinued)

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