Respro Bandit Mask

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Respro Bandit Mask

The Respro Bandit Mask screens you from nuisance dust and odors. The strategic design of this mask protects you from the sand blasting effect of coarse wind-carried dust, as well as urban pollution. The Bandit incorporates a Dynamic ACC (activated charcoal) filter which is laminated between the cotton material of the mask. The filter is strategically placed around the breathing area. This coverage creates the Bandit mask's comprehensive protection.

The Bandit Mask's best quality is extra coverage of the neck area. Sometimes, this mask is referred to as a scarf. The mask is made to last for at least six months and the specially treated filter is fully washable. This 100% cotton mask is functional, convenient, and comfortable. It is suitable for both summer and winter conditions. Available in two patterns: red diamond and blue diamond. One size fits all.

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Product Reviews

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  Best mask ever
Reviewed by: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity  from Montana

I have been recently been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I also have asthma and chronic bronchitis. I have worked in health care for 35 years and have had to medically retire. I have worn every kind of mask in my job. The Respro allergy mask with the charcoal filter has gotten me out of my house. I actually got to fly to with my children and grandchildren for the holidays this year. The most comfortable mask ever.
  great idea
Reviewed by: chris mcleod from campbell river,bc,canada

im allergic to dust ,etc this scarf works well when i am cutting wood with a skill saw,i was very impressed with this product
  Great mask
Reviewed by: gabriel from Florida

This mask is great and is very effective. It also looks great!

Customer Q & A

Q1: Does this mask protect against city pollution and vehicle emissions?
A: Somewhat yes. This is because it offers particle filtration but also has some activated charcoal in the mask filter to remove some gas, vapor and emission pollutants. It's not quite as effective as the Techno mask or the Allergy mask when equipped with particle/chemical filters, but this is because the latter two masks fit more snugly.

Q2: How do I wash my bandido mask?
A: Boil a small pan of water, remove from heat and immerse the mask. The heat from the water will help to release compounds and particles trapped by the filter. Once the water has cooled, with the mask in it, you can hand wash the mask with a mild soap, avoid the powder detergents, rinse well and allow to air dry. With regular use, you'll want to do this about once a month.

Q3: This mask seems like it would be just perfect to wear with a cowboy hat and boots, but is it a suitable option for horse back riding? This mask doesn't seem to seal as tightly as other masks, so I am not sure if that would create a problem with all of the dust horses create. Also, does the mask need to be changed as often if it is not used on a daily basis?

A: There is a secondary strap sewn in that pulls the lower portion of the mask, tighter against the jaw and lower part of the face. This does help to seal it more. In general though, I would say the Allergy, Sportsta or Techno would be a better fit. First, all three of those have replaceable filters, unlike the Bandit Scarf. Second, all three do seal tighter around the face. Regardless of which you would go with, the filters in the Allergy, Sportsta and Techno or the Bandit Scarf would need to be replaced after about 60 hours worth of use. That's an estimate as conditions of use will vary. Remember to put the mask in a ziploc or sealed container after use. The carbon in the filters continues to work even if you're not wearing it, so sealing it up between uses can get you a little more filter life. Hope that helps!

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Respro Mask Reviews

Respro Bandit Mask

The Respro Bandit Mask is great for winter or summer climates. The mask is comfortable and makes doing outdoor activities much more endurable and enjoyable. The bendable metal nose clasp and draw string allow you to find a comfortable fit for your face.

The two things that set this mask apart from others we offer is the coverage of the neck area and the use of the activated charcoal filter. This filter protection and coverage are excellent protection for someone that has to walk or bike to work in cold weather. It also works great for commuters on the subway or train who have to stand waiting on outdoor platforms.

What I like about the Respro Bandit Mask
  • 100% cotton, comfortable, very warm with neck coverage
  • Good protection from pollutants in an urban environment
  • Works well in a smoky environment
  • Colorful diamond pattern
  • Easy to adjust to correct size
  • Washable
What I do not like about the Respro Bandit Mask
  • Mask is only designed to last for 6 months
  • If the weather is not cold, you might feel out of place in a group of people
In summary, I give the Respro Bandit Mask 4 out of 5 stars. It is so comfortable and really does keep you extremely warm. This mask is perfect for those who want extra warmth while doing outdoor activities.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Bandit Mask - Red Diamond (Item#: RS0012) $31.99
Bandit Mask - Blue Diamond (Item#: RS0013) $31.99

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