Silk Comfort Mask

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Silk Comfort Mask
Item#: IC0002
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Silk Comfort Mask

Discount Allergy MasksThis wonderfully comfortable mask features luxurious, double-layered silk. Soft and lightweight, it is a perfect mask to wear while cycling, walking, jogging, sewing, gardening, dusting, or petting your favorite animal. It brings instant relief from non-toxic particles such as dust, pollen, mold, dander, lint and soot.

ICanBreathe Silk Masks are Made in the USAThe patented sleek construction of this mask holds the fabric away from the nose and mouth, so that you can talk easily. All masks have adjustable ear loops and a pliable nose bar for individual fit. When you're not wearing it, it conveniently folds into your pocket or purse. The Silk Comfort Mask is hand washable and latex free. This beautifully hand sewn silk mask is made in the USA in Chicago, IL.

Product Reviews

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  Comfortable allergy mask
Reviewed by: Vickey B. from Mt. Pleasant, SC

I had tried the cheap allergy masks and found them uncomfortable and hot. I didn't want to wear them even though my allergist said I had to wear a mask for house work and yard work. Then I found the Silk Comfort Mask online. It is lightweight and comfortable. I found myself forgetting that I was even wearing it which is true testament to how comfortable this mask is. I can wash it and reuse it over and over. For the first time ever I did yard work and I did not have an allergic episode.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: cedar sufferer from Austin, TX

This product really helped me avoid my terrible cedar reaction when trying to exercise outdoors, which I love. It is so lightweight and pretty comfortable - I'm not used to using masks, but this one worked well. Only thing is if you're breathing hard and the air is humid, the mask sticks to your face some.
  small wonder
Reviewed by: G. Norris  from Marietta, Ga.

I love this light weight mask for almost everything...filters out the bad stuff but lets you breathe! Thumbs up!

Customer Q & A

Q1: What size particle will this filter?
A: It will filter down to about 0.7 microns, though the efficiency is somewhat low for particles this size. Here's a quick breakdown of the filtration. 0.7 = 73% 1 micron = 93% 5 microns = 100% In general, the Silk Comfort Mask filters 99% to 100% of particles as small as 2 microns. This particle range and higher will be where it is most efficient. This covers a wide variety of pollen, dander and other particles.

Q2: Does this mask have metal? Does the cotton mask with metal include nickel? I have fragrance-mix, rubber -mix, ad nickel allergy.

A: I apologize for the delay. I was pretty certain it did NOT have any nickel, but I wanted to hear back from the manufacturer before answering you. No, there is no nickel in any of the metal components of the ICanBreathe masks.

Q3: Are these masks ok to sleep in? If not, is there a mask you can wear while sleeping?

A: We get asked this question frequently. For most people, the air flow is not restrictive enough to impede breathing while sleep, particularly since respiration rates dip while asleep. However, we always suggest a measure of caution of wearing while sleeping since they are soft masks that could potentially cause problems for some people. Many people do sleep in this mask, but this is a personal choice that each individual wearer must make.

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Mask Reviews

Silk Comfort Mask

The Silk Comfort Mask describes itself in its title. It really is a very comfortable mask. The silk mask is lightweight and breathable. My face actually didn't get hot while wearing it. The mask is also very convenient. It folds up very tightly and could fit in your pocket or purse. Perfect for those who need or would like to wear a mask while traveling or doing outdoor activities.

What I like about the Silk Comfort Mask
  • Extremely comfortable and soft
  • Unlike most masks, it is not hot, very breathable
  • Washable
  • Can be easily folded for traveling
  • Effective
  • Very lightweight, not bulky
What I did not like about the Silk Comfort Mask
  • Must be hand washed for best results and durability
  • This isn't so much a negative, but the Silk Mask is best for light to moderate activity
In summary, I give the Silk Comfort Mask 4 out of 5 stars. By far this is one of the most comfortable and effective masks that I have ever used. I would recommend this mask to anyone who is tired of being hot and uncomfortable by face masks. The Silk Comfort Mask does fit snugly around the face, much like a hospital mask. With regards to the flu virus, it does act as a barrier, but is not NIOSH approved.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Silk Comfort Mask (Item#: IC0002) $22.95

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