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(See A Beginner's Guide to Environmental Control of Allergens to find the answers.)

  1. What causes allergy symptoms?
    A. Antihistamines
    B. Exposure to allergens
    C. Corticosteroids
    D. Defibrillators
  2. Which type of medical specialists normally provide allergy testing services?
    A. Allergists
    B. ENT physicians
    C. Cardiologists
    D. A and B
  3. Where would you expect to find the highest number of dust mites?
    A. At the beach
    B. In the forest
    C. In Antarctica
    D. In your bed
  4. Which type of environment is best suited for dust mites?
    A. Warm and humid
    B. Warm and dry
    C. Cool and humid
    D. Cool and dry
  5. To control dust mite and mold populations, you should keep the relative humidity in your home below which level?
    A. 30%
    B. 40%
    C. 50%
    D. 70%
  6. Which type of allergy relief bedding is recommended for pet owners?
    A. Allergy Armor Ultra
    B. Allergy Armor Advanced
    C. Allergy Armor AllerSoft Cotton Blend
    D. Allergy Armor CleanAir Classic Membrane
  7. Allergy sufferers should always keep pets out of which room?
    A. Kitchen
    B. Bathroom
    C. Garage
    D. Bedroom
  8. Which product would you recommend for a pollen allergy sufferer who has to work outside during allergy season?
    A. Air Purifier
    B. Mask
    C. HEPA vacuum cleaner
    D. Window filter
  9. Which substance works well for washing pollen grains out of nasal passages?
    A. Vinegar
    B. Baking Soda
    C. Saline
    D. Honey
  10. What is the most effective treatment for allergies?
    A. Over-the-counter medicine
    B. Prescription medicine
    C. Allergy shots
    D. Environmental control of allergens

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