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  Clean sleeping
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer  from Mentone, CA

I recently became aware of how toxic bedding can be when I opened a brand new air mattress and couldn't sleep all night because of the fumes. With a little research, I came across this comforter for people with allergies and thought the price was great given the cost of "quality" comforters these days and I have a King size bed. I'm so glad I went with this one and not with other more expensive brands. It smells clean even right after you open it and keeps me warm and cozy through the night. It's soft and fluffy too! I am very pleased with it so far.
Reviewed by: S Benjamin from 92078

My fiancé recently discovered he's allergic to down, so for his sake I found your products on line and decided to give one of your Primaloft comforters a try. I really was not thrilled about having to change to a down alternative because I have so enjoyed sleeping under down comforters for decades now and I like the luxurious quality of the "real thing". My mom has a down alternative comforter that she has in her guest room and I really didn't like just felt like a standard Dacron I was skeptical..but your product sounded different so I went ahead and ordered one. I received my Primaloft comforter yesterday and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! When I first took it out of the box, I was a little concerned because it felt pretty heavy and it made a crinkling noise I thought might bother me. I ordered the medium weight comforter and thought maybe it would be too warm for summer and that perhaps I should have ordered the light weight version. But once I got it shaken out and the weight was evenly distributed across my bed, it was perfect. Last night I was amazed at how much it felt like I was sleeping under a very high quality premium goosedown comforter. It lofts just like real down, but is even better than down because it holds it loft so much better than down does. The weight and insulation were just perfect and I can honestly say I haven't had such a wonderful night's sleep in ages. I felt perfectly insulated without ever being too warm. It breaths beautifully so I was in absolutely perfect comfort all night long and woke up feeling wonderfully well rested. Dare I say I love this comforter more than my real down comforter? Yes, I DO!! Thank you for a wonderful product, I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by: Mom of allergy sufferer from Tennessee

I was concerned about putting a white comforter on my son's bed, but this one was absolutely beautiful and very warm. I ordered a colored blanket and folded it on top to help protect the white from my son's dirty hands. I will order one of these for my bed as well!
  Primaloft Comforters - Twin
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Michigan

Good product
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Janell from Perrysburg, Ohio

This is the most comfortable comforter I have ever found. We now have three. One for each bed. My kids love it too!
  My review
Reviewed by: Dust Mites Go Away from New York

This comforter is very nice. Soft and comfortable and, along with some other allergy bedding, helping somewhat. The price seems reasonable as well.
  Love it!!
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from TN

Bought this because I have allergies and I wanted a "down" type white comforter to use in a duvet. I am very pleased with my purchase, I have had it for 6 months and have only had to wash it once. It has held up well so far...and has helped tremendously with the allergies. I was worried I would get too hot as I tend to sleep a little warm, but it has been extremely comfortable! The only thing I would maybe have done differently is to order a king for my queen duvet so it would fill it in a little more...but very happy with the comforter!!
  Very warm and comfy!
Reviewed by: Satiated sleeper  from Atlanta, GA

I bought a King size for my queen size bed so that it would hang down really long and I ADORE it! It is SO comfortable and an alternative to down b/c feathers pop out of everywhere on the down comforters! If you are looking for an inexpensive, BUT HIGH quality comforter.. GET THIS! I LOVE IT!
  Soft & Comfy
Reviewed by: Sharon Hale-Jenkins from Philadelphia, PA

The comforter is just as it is advertised. It is so light,warm, and comfortable. I will purchase another comforter in the near future.
  Love It!
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Phoenix

Had to give up my goose down comforter because of allergies and bought this as a replacement. I'm thrilled with the comforter - it feels exactly like my down comforter did, but without the sneezing, itchy eyes, etc. Absolutely love it!!!!
Reviewed by: Kris from South Dakota

Because of my severe allergies and chemical sensitivities, we bought a king size for our bed. There was no mistake in our purchase. Warm, comfy, and allergy free. Now we bought one for our chemically safe travel trailer b/c I don't want any other kind!
Reviewed by:  from 

It has the comfortable warm puffy feel you want in a comforter. Even with the microbial cover, the shell felt fine. It is a little heavy but bearable. The only concern I had was that I got too warm sleeping in 68 degrees. Too bad there isn't a lighter primaloft model.
  Great buy
Reviewed by: CA Mommy from San Diego, CA

This comforter is wonderful! It's perfectly warm in the winter-time, but light enough to use even when it's not freezing cold. It's also been a godsend for all of the allergy-sufferers in our family. We have had no issues at all with this blanket. I also love how you can wash it in a normal washing machine instead of dry cleaning. That is a huge savings! And it's really good quality. The quilting keeps the filling in place. We had bought a Queen-sized one last year and were so happy with it, we bought another one in King-size for our bed.
  Helped with allergies; a bit crinkly and lumpy
Reviewed by: A dust mite sufferer from Bethesda, MD

The comforter definitely does what it's supposed to do; I haven't suffered from dust mite allergies since getting the comforter and encasing my pillows and mattress. But the comforter is not as soft as I'd like, and it makes a crinkling noise when I toss and turn at night. Sometimes when I place my hand down on the comforter, it feels like a bit lumpy, like small clumps of the filling has formed.
  too short
Reviewed by: Searching for elegance from Southern CA

We have a Primaloft Elegance comforter and were looking for one similar for our queen sized bed in guest room. Unfortunately the one we ordered from you was a couple of inches shorter than standard queen/full size measurements plus it was heavy, not soft and cloud like. We had to return it but other than that, the service was good!
  A great product
Reviewed by: Catherine from East Islip, NY

The comforter is great. It feels wonderful and I like the weight - not too heavy, not too light.
  Primaloft Comforters
Reviewed by: first time customer from Jacksonville,FL

comfortable, warm, and hypoallergenic
  Great comforter!
Reviewed by: Robyn Mendelsohn from Palatine, IL

I love this comforter and couldn't be happier with the purchase. Probably nicest comforter I've owned as far as fullness and comfort (not too hot or cold). Just as nice as any down comforter without the allergens!
  the best comforter
Reviewed by: susan  from Virginia

These are the best comforters! they feel just like the downs...and dry much faster in your own dryer than in commercial ones ( at least from my experience).
Reviewed by: Sara Armacost from Kansas

The Primaloft comforter I recently purchase online is amazing. It is my second Primaloft comforter and I am a sincere fan. I recommend them to anybody with dust mite allergies. Even if you don't have allergies, they are so comfy!
  Easy Living
Reviewed by: Stomping Out Dust Mites One Step At A Time from Florida

I was unsure if I would like the feel of this comforter and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package. It's light and so very comfy! I love it. After finding out I was highly allergic to dust mites I've been looking for something other than my store bought comforter. This was a great purchase, I can feel a difference already in the mornings when I wake up.
  Great Conforter
Reviewed by: Susan from St. Louis, MO

Really love the conforter. It is light but warm and fits our King bed well. Also fits perfectly into a duvet.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from PHOENIX, AZ

I've enjoyed having the comforter. It's like a big fluffy pillow. It has helped eliminate some of my allergies so that in the mornings I can breath better. I've also enjoyed how light weight and comfortable the comforter is.
  Nice but not enough for cold winter nights.
Reviewed by: Ewa from NJ

I wanted to replace my son's down comforter because it was creating too much dust in his room... I bought this one but after using it for couple of nights I realized that it's not warm enough for winter nights. However, I have to say that basically it eliminated my dust problem. Hurray!
Reviewed by: Ines V. from Portland

It's incredible. It feels just like a down conforter. I love it!
Reviewed by: Happy Sleeper from San Francisco, CA

I cannot believe how I put up with my old down comforter so long now that I have my king Primaloft comforter!! No more sneezing and watery eyes after sleeping and sublime comfort. And it looks so neat and lofty in my duvet cover. I couldn't be happier.
  Not too warm and not too thin
Reviewed by: J. Stern from San Diego, CA

This is a really fantastic comforter. As a newly discovered dust mite alergy sufferer, I picked this up with an array of other bed room items. As I live in a warmish climate the comforter is just about right for me, not too heavy but not super thin either.
  Great surprise!
Reviewed by: NaomiBurton from New York

I was really amazing not only of the price but of the feel of the comforter. I thought it wasn't going to be as "puffy" as a regular comforter or have a heavy feel but it didn't. I love it and have had many dreamy nights since using it!
  A Great Bargain
Reviewed by: Roger , allergysufferer from Montclair,New Jersey

Quality and price. Feels just like a down blanket without all the problems associated with Down. A must for allergic people looking for the feel and style of down.
  So far so good
Reviewed by:  from Chicago

I can't really notice a difference yet as I've been sneezing like crazy. Hope it'll kick in soon. Only been on it for a week now.
Reviewed by: peggy from new jersey

MY down comforter has been shedding for months.Finally, I had enough! A friend of mine has the primaloft comforter and raved about it so I purchased one. The first night I put it my bed it just so happened my heat went out. My room was 52 degrees when I woke up, never felt a thing slept like a baby. Thanks
Reviewed by: night allergy sufferer from New York

My husband and are pleasantly surprise on how warm the Primaloft comforter. It's a great value!
  Awesome Primaloft
Reviewed by: Dust Mite sufferer from San Francisco, CA

Very warm. We haven't even been using it with a blanket in December. It's a wonderful weight when you are sleeping....very cozy. I definitely recommend this product. Have not woken up with a stuffy nose since we purchased this.
  Best Bedding
Reviewed by: Cat of many cats from Northampton, MA

Even if I didn't have horrible allergies I would love this quilt!! I put my feather bed into an allersoft duvet encasing and have that on the bottom and then I put the primaloft comforter on top - it's like being in a cozy cave. And it's really warm (I live in New England where the winters are COLD). I was surprised at how warm and comfy I was through the night with the primaloft comforter. And my asthma is much better. I've been sleeping through the night, which I wasn't able to do before using this quilt. THANK YOU!!!
Reviewed by: stuffy nose from New Jersey

It's warm, comfortable and Hypo-allergenic. Just what I wanted at the right price.
  Primaloft Comforters
Reviewed by: Sheri from Citrus Heights, California

Feels fabulous! I'm so excited to jump into bed and snuggle down with this "imposter". I have allergies to goose down, but my husband loves the feel of down and this product is a wonderful compromise!
  Allersoft Membrane Free Duvet Encasings
Reviewed by: Happy from Long Island, New York

We love it! It's soft enough and comfortable enough to use without a duvet cover, and attractive enough as well!
  Allersoft Membrane Free Pillow Encasings
Reviewed by: PIllows? from East Coast

The corners tend to bunch a little, making the corners of the pillows a little uncomfortable, but that may be the particular pillows I use, not the covers.
  Allersoft Membrane Free Mattress Encasings
Reviewed by: Easy to install from Long Island, New York

Very easy to put on and take off - even with a king size mattress!
  Nice but a bit crunchy
Reviewed by: Mark from Los Angeles, CA

I think the quality of the comforter is great, but the texture of the encasing is a bit stiff and crunchy. I'm sure that this will subside a bit after a few washings. I like the weight, and it's very warm, without being suffocating. Definitely a purchase I would recommend.
  Primalot Comforters
Reviewed by: Janis Price from Atlanta, GA

I love this comforter. It keeps you very warm but is not heavy. I would recommend it to any allergy suffer.
  Who needs Down?
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Downtown New York City post 9/11

Comfortable, warm, easy to clean. Who needs down when you can have primaloft? It looks like a down comforter, doesn't taste like one it's primaloft.
  soft and cozy
Reviewed by: allergic in bed from Minneapolis, MN

I love having a real comforter!! and I feel safe using it! I have horrendous allergies to many things, and they were worse at night. Since I have used this comfy comforter I had have no asthma attacks waking me up. I am super sensitive, and I was hoping I wouldn't be allergic to this-- I seem to be fine with it! Also, I encased it in their allersoft duvet cover just to be safe. It is wonderfully comfy and fluffy and sooo warm ( i live in Minnesota!) So far it is all I hoped!
  We love it!
Reviewed by: down comforter lover from Virginia

We love our king size primaloft comforter. A family member with allergies told us about it and said his only complaint was the little bit of rustling noise it makes when moving. We have a duvet cover so that doesn't bother us a bit. It's warm enough that we don't even need an extra blanket. We would highly recommend this comforter to anyone who has allergies and likes the feel of down comforters.
Reviewed by: victim of allergies from Fairless Hills, PA

My husband and I love this comforter. It is probably the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my bed. It even seems to adjust to the perfect tempature that is needed for sound sleeping. I recommend this product very highly.
  Primaloft comforter is nice
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from San Francisco, CA

My new comforter is not quite as fluffy as I had hoped - I had a real down comforter before. But the weight is perfect for where I live and it serves its purpose well
  Heavenly comfort
Reviewed by: Brenda Cox from Ft. Wayne, Indiana

We have had our primaloft comforter for almost 2 years now and I have washed it twice. It is so comfortable, keeping you cozily warm and light as a feather! We love ours!

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