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  love these
Reviewed by: MP from New York, New York

So glad to have found these. Bought some a few years ago but haven't seen them & even happier to know I can replace the filters!!! Love having the fresh air without the pollen
  love these
Reviewed by:  from ny,ny

So glad to have found these. Bought some a few years ago bur haven't seen them & even happier to know I can replace the filters!!! Love having the fresh air without the pollen
  Very pleased
Reviewed by: wife of very chemically sensitive husband from California

I was very pleased with the first Safe Guard Window Filter I ordered so ordered 2 more--THANKS for a great product!
  Fresh Air
Reviewed by: Diane Morgan-Ogle from Foster City, California

For years I have closed my house down for 4 long months during the spring allergy season and suffered when the temperatures fluctuated. I bought two window filters and was thrilled as they are so easy to install and better yet, remove if needed. The sizes were perfect and I've ordered two more for my sister.
  No more arguments
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Castle Pines, Colorado

My husband and I constantly argue about open windows in our bedroom. I suffer from allergies and he doesn't, so he can't understand that I want one room in our home where we keep out allergens. He was opening our bedroom windows and I was suffering each morning. We bought the Safeguard Window Filters and now he can have his "open windows" letting in fresh cool night air, and I can sleep easy knowing my allergies won't flare up like crazy.
  Love my screens
Reviewed by: Pat Hogan from Middletown,NY

I ordered the allergy screens and got quick delivery, they work well so I can keep the windows open without the pollen coming in. Thanks, Achoo allergy.
  Bad Pollen..Bad, bad, bad!!
Reviewed by: Gerry Soucheray from Suffolk, Va.

I was looking for a way to keep the pollen out but still let the cross breezes come through. There wasn't a lot of choices out there, and when I read the specifications, I was sold.These filters fit perfectly, and keep the little creepy critters out too.
  falling short
Reviewed by: Carol, allergy sufferer from PA

I really want these to work but they are not wide enough for my windows so they keep falling down. I chatted with someone in customer service online to see if extenders were made and was disappointed to find out that there is nothing. This may be something that you would consider It would also help with sales!
  Fresh Air in, allergens stay out
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Myrtle Beach, SC

Over the last few years I have purchased a total of 4 Safeguard Adjustable Window Filters to supplement my regular screens. I now have 3 7" and 1 11". I don't know what I would do without them as I am allergic to pollen, grass, trees....most everything outside. They allow me to enjoy 92% allergen-free fresh air with cross breezes throughout the home. I have told everyone I know with allergies about them. I am so glad I found them on your site. Thank you.
  Filtered screen inserts
Reviewed by: Karen, mother of allergy sufferers from 

No assembly and very easy to use. Seem to be very a well made product as far serving the purpose it is intended for. The packaging was a recycled brown paper and I was appreciative of this since other companies that use that crumbley styrofoam are not realizing how big of a mess this causes when opening packages, so I assume that this company is environmentally aware and responsible.
  Works well
Reviewed by: George Smith from Dayville, Ct.

Works well and fits the window great
  Looking forward to pollen season
Reviewed by: lifetime hayfever/allergy sufferer from Paso Robles, CA

I have heard from a reliable source that these window filters are awesome. Could not wait to try them myself. I am using them and am very pleased. If that is possible... I am looking forward to pollen season and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
  Marriage Saver!
Reviewed by: Rick Sterner from Sacramento, California

My wife is allergic to all kinds of outdoor stuff, and insists on keeping the windows shut. I love fresh air and like to sleep with the window open. The Safeguard window filter made both of us happy. It takes about 15 seconds for me to open the window, the filter in the bottom channel, slide the two filters to fit the window width and close the window on top of the filter. There is no need to remove the screen. When we leave the house, I reverse the process so I can close and lock the window. I notice the fresh air immediately. If I want to increase the airflow, I place an inexpensive 5-inch fan on my night stand to quickly circulate the cool, clean air. And on windy nights, the baffles keep the gusts outside.
  Changed my life!
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Kentucky

I have never been able to sleep with the window up in the spring and fall due to the pollen and the room gets so stuffy too cool for AC to kick on. Now I sleep wonderfully and the room is nice and cool!!! Thanks for this product!
  A MUST have!
Reviewed by: bconifer from Montclair, NJ

I could NOT live without these filters! Now I can have fresh air in my home! I have these in two sizes on all my windows. They *do* reduce air flow, but allow enough air to circulate, use a fan to increase. Also, you can leave windows open in the rain or possible rain! A "must have" for allergy sufferers.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Boston

The Safeguard window filters are the best invention for those who suffer from allergies. Before I stated using the safeguard windows I would wake up with sinus headached and thanks these I can keep my windows open without the risk of feeling miserable. This are a must have for any allergy sufferer.
  I can breathe again!
Reviewed by: Allergy/asthma sufferer from NY

I love these filters. I live close to a very heavily treed area with no a/c, so getting some cool spring air in the house, without pollen, has been a challenge! Even the portable window air conditioners allow dust and pollen to come into the house especially on a windy day. I tried making my own filters with fabric and screens to no avail. Fortunately, I discovered this system. I bought my first filters probably 7-8 years ago and just recently purchased new filters. Unfortunately, for the past several years, I didn't realize they could not be washed with water & an air filter cleaner. I also assumed new filter replacements were not going to be easy to install because of the heavily "rusted screws" from my yearly "washing." However, even though the "washed" filters kept out much of the pollen for a good number of years, the new, clean filters are sooo much better! I'd forgotten just how much clean air they allow to come in. I can breathe again! My advice..... forget washing these with water and cleaners. This time I'll vacuum the filters as directed and plan to buy filter replacements. Bottom line....these window filters, and even the price of filter replacements, have made a huge difference in my health and comfort. It's wonderful to have "fresh" air in the house again. They are well worth the price for asthma and allergy relief. And much better than taking more medication!
  Window filters keep pollen out
Reviewed by:  from New Britain, CT

The window filters are great. Not only do they keep pollen out, they also keep out dust and dirt. Now I can sleep with the windows open and no sneezing. I highly recommend the window filters.
Reviewed by: JD from Chestnut Hill, MA

We live on a busy street. I worry about the tire dust and other nastiness the cars are kicking up. These are great. You can actual see the black dust on the other side of the filters. I know they are working to keep out more then pollen.
  Great filter screens
Reviewed by: Serious allergy sufferer from Myrtle Beach area, SC

We live in warmer climate and spring comes early. I usually cannot be outside or open windows with regular screens because of my allergies. These adjustable Safeguard filter screens are great. I ordered Qty 2 7-inch high x 20-36" adj. One for the front of the house and one for the back to provide crossflow. We have various width windows and I found they work best with a wider window, ours our 30"closer to the max adj width of 36". Those who may be experiencing low air flow may have more narrow windows and the overlap of the left part of the screen with the right part most likely reduces the air flow significantly. I had originally placed the one in front in a more narrow window 18-20" which caused a greater overlap. If all your windows are on the narrow side though, you won't have the option to put them elsewhere and you might not get enough flow. For us, they are great, we love them, and they work perfectly. Thank you so much.
  So far, so fantastic
Reviewed by: Dolores  from Los Angeles

I recently bought three window filters and have used them at least 5 days in the past two weeks. I even kept the windows open at night and it was great to wake up with no puffy eyes or sore throat. My allergist has been telling me for 5 years to keep my windows closed and use the a/c, I am so allergic to the dust and pollen and susceptible to sinus infections. So, it's been great to enjoy the nice weather we've had lately. I'm incredibly happy with my purchase.
  Awesome product
Reviewed by: Dawn from Altoona, PA

I won't ever open my windows again without putting in one of these screens. They fit perfectly no matter how big or small the window is. Air plows right thru them without ever letting in the bad stuff that makes my allergies act up. Plus, the rain never gets in either.
  Bought 3
Reviewed by: Flu-like symtoms sufferer from Los Angeles

...and so far they seem to do what they're supposed to do. I gave only 4 stars because after receiving them I actually saw the exact same ones elsewhere for cheaper. One of the main reasons I bought them was because they're supposed to be ok to leave in window even when it rains, but it hasn't rained yet so I don't know yet about that feature. It's good feeling to be able to have my windows open and not get all the junk from outside coming in. I have been struggling with flu-like symptoms for years and this is another of my efforts to eliminate all causes. I also use air purifier and bed coverings etc. It would be nice if I could find something like this to fit my metal security door so that I could leave my inner door open all the time. Or at least the material to make one.
  Allergy Sufferer Life Saver
Reviewed by: Midwest Allergy Sufferer from Des Plaines, Illinois

I had bought the 11" high window filter years ago from another source and was thrilled to find the 11" and the 7" high filters on the Achoo Allergy web site and at a good price. I feel confident that I will not wake up with headaches and sneezing with these filters in my bedroom windows blocking the majority of allergens. I'm in the process of allergy shot therapy but I am grateful to have these in my windows to help with my symptoms.
  Great Filtering. Lousy Airflow.
Reviewed by: Kumar from New York, NY

First the positives. Extremely well made, with good hardware and seals so that it fits a window snugly. Good job filtering out dust and soot. Great at keeping rain out, so you can leave window open during rainstorms. Recommend for this function. The bad news: airflow is drastically cut. I live on the 19th Floor of a New York City co-op on the East River, with great breeze without the filter. With the filter, I would say the airflow is reduced by 70-80%. Works for me because I started with a high airflow, but it could be a problem for others.
  Breathe easy
Reviewed by: L.Thomas  from Toronto Canada

I love this product. I live on the second floor of a building right above a gravel dirt parking lot. I would come home and find all the dust particles from the parking lot on my clothes, my bed, and on my kitchen table. I had to sweep twice a day just to keep my allergy from killing me not literally of course. As soon as I got this product it took me approximately 2 minutes to take it from the box and place it easily in the window. I can breathe easy now. I no longer find those large dust and gravel particles all over my apartment and clothes. The best part is that it really lets the air in and keeps everything else including rain out. It also traps other allergens. This is a must have for allergy suffers.
  Soot free
Reviewed by: Safe breathing office worker from Schenectady, NY

My office is on the side of the building facing a well traveled roadway. Buses stop outside my window to let passengers off on a regular basis. I could not open my window as black soot would cover everything in my office. I had serious concerns regarding my health after seeing all the black soot attached to everything. I found the Achoo Allergy Safeguard Window Filter on line and decided to try it. I have had it in my office window now for two weeks and it is working. I am getting air from outside minus the soot. This is the first time that I have actually felt safe breathing the air in my office. The product is fabulous! Thanks Achoo Allergy!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: A.Payne from Canada

They do keep out the allergens and pollen, but unfortunately they also don't let a lot of fresh air place is a little stuffy.
  Keeps out city grime!
Reviewed by: city dweller from NY, NY

I LOVE these window filters. This is the second one I purchased, because I noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my apartment's air quality after I installed the first one. I live on a second floor apartment, street-facing, in New York City, and there was always a layer of soot on the table in front of my windows. Not anymore! These keep out rain, dirt, bugs, AND allergens, and still provide great ventilation.
  No Pollen No View
Reviewed by: VCD Sufferer from San Luis Obispo

This screen is easy to install. I gave it a three because it is so thick it entirely blocks any view outside. It's bad enough I can't be outside during high pollen days, but really hard to not see outside. I will only use this on my back window.
  Bummed in Brooklyn
Reviewed by: KF from Brooklyn, New York

I live next to the elevated subway platform in Brooklyn. The dust and dirt thrown from the platform comes into my apartment and is like black soot. Upon moving in my boyfriend developed asthma and I developed a cough. After using the Safeguard Window Filter for a week my cough went away and there was no more black dust in the apartment. I am a huge fan and now recommend them to everyone I know who lives in similar conditions.
Reviewed by: Dorothy  from Pennsylvania

This window filter is the best. I can safely leave my windows open and not worry about a thing. I have ordered these for myself and several friends. They are great
  The Wonder Screen
Reviewed by:  C. Rogers and C. Snow from Ellsworth, Maine

This window screen is more than just a screen, it's a life saver--literally. My boyfriend lives a few feet off a busy interstate, and the noise and car fumes and dust are indescribable----before THE screen. Now we can sleep without hearing the banging of heavy trucks, smelling the the impossible-to-breathe fumes or having dust all over our furniture. That's why we call it a life-saver (it's also a relationship saver!). Unless you have one, you can't appreciate the difference it makes!!!!
  Keeps the house clean!
Reviewed by: Joel Savoie from Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha, We live near a busy freeway in Honolulu. When I clean the screens and cabinets they are always black! We are breathing this stuff! In Hawaii every one leaves the windows open to the trade winds. Since I put the filters in there has been on black dust on the cabinets near the windows. The filters are also well made and telescope smoothly. I would recomend these for city dwellers to keep out the dust and soot. I don't really suffer from any alergies but these keep the air clean. Thanks
  Excelleant Product
Reviewed by: Breathing Easier from Minneapolis

I was looking for a window screen that would keep out the rain etc. But when I found out yours also screened out harmful air born pollutants, I was surprised. I find the product is as advertised. Thanks.
  Early review
Reviewed by: Kappal Singh from Concord, Massachusetts

Product seems to be constructed well. Arrived propmptly. Seems to be doing the job although only a year of use will really tell. Just what I wanted in terms of function ie. a way to let in the outside air without the pollen. Wish it were a little thinner.
  A great solution for people with allergies
Reviewed by: JT from New York

My wife is allergic to almost everything. These window filters do not prevent her allergy reaction 100%, but we have seen and smelled a lot less stuff coming in through our windows. Our windows faces a busy street, and we live on the first floor above the laundry room of an apartment building. You can't imagine how helpful these window filters are doing for us.
  True to Form!
Reviewed by: Dust Fighter from Mass

My wife gave our room the "pollen" test, and, it passed with flying colors! Plenty of air passage and pollen was at bay during a peak period. I ordered 2 more for the spare room.
  Fresh Air Despite Allergies
Reviewed by: Lynne from Collegeville, PA

With the high pollen levels, it wasn't possible to open the windows for fresh air until I purchased the Safeguard Window Filter. Although there is not the same breeze as a screen would allow, it permit a fresh air exchange. I am happy to have discovered this product.
  Pollen Fighter
Reviewed by: David D. from New England

Just glad to be able to limit the amount of pollen coming in through the windows. We can keep the air flowing without the bother of pollen clean-up.
  no airflow
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from new jersey

filters don't let in enough air.
  window filter
Reviewed by: fresh air lover from Illinois

not much air passes through the filter so you don't get the same effect as an open window. However, there is some passage of fresh air that does add a fresh air dimension to the house without any breeze.
  Good idea, but...
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Atlanta, Georgia

The filter is too tight for air to pass through. While it's true water can't get through -- air can't really get through, either. On several occasions, the filters would actually get sucked into the house because of the air pressure force from the whole-house fan. You could barely feel a breeze in front of the filters (with a huge house-fan sucking air out of the house)... without the fan, there was absolutely no airflow at all. We had much better results by fashioning a 'homemade' filter using two standard anti-allergen HVAC filters duct-taped together. This is a great concept, but you get what you pay for...

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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