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  Love it!
Reviewed by: Allergic stewardess from orlando Florida

i love this product! My ent recommended to help with my dust mite allergies. I wash my sheets and bed spreads and my allergies are better and I sleep great!
  Better sleep
Reviewed by: allergy queen from orlando,Florida

since I've been using this product I notice that I don't wake up stuffed up like I used to. Is my second week using it and I'm very happy with the results.
  Dust mite laundry additive
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Upstate NY

I have allergies bad enough to get shots, and when I first moved to NY I had asthma bad enough to interfere with physical activity. I asked my allergy doc if a laundry additive would be any good and he suggested that I boil a pot of water and add it to my laundry. So I tried it to see of there would be any difference and I believe there is. In fact, if I don't wash my sheets in a timely way I start to get allergies overnight. I don't wash all my laundry with this additive, only my sheets, blankets and bed clothes. As far as I can tell it works. I have since gotten a high temp washing machine, but it's still easier to use the additive.
  Mites are out
Reviewed by: Dee from North Carolina

I suffer from dust mite allergy. I have bought this laundry additive 2x now. It works and smells great too. Will continue to purchase and use. Would recommend to anyone suffering from this allergy.
  Lets do laundry!
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from North Carolina

Really like the laundry additive for dust mites and more! Smells good and you don't have to use boiling hot water to wash your clothes. I bought more and will use again and again..
  Works Very Well
Reviewed by: JORO from Owensboro, KY

We purchased de-mite to help with my wife's allergy problems. She was unable to sleep through the night, because her sinuses would swell, making breathing difficult, if not impossible! With de-mite, there was improvement the first night to the point that she had no breathing problems. We haven't had any issues with odor that some mentioned. We used this product along with Allergy Armor Pillows and Anti Allergen Solution, all from
  Mrs. Hogan
Reviewed by: Children with asthma from Atlanta,GA

It works but I went through it really fast. I would spend more money to buy the bigger bottle next time.
  Peace of mind
Reviewed by: Ryan Nichols from Minooka, IL

Although I can't prove that there are dust mites or any mites in my house or bed, de-mite is being used as a laundry detergent supplement and has made me feel less anxious. I have seen a difference in my sleep.
  Not sure if it works.....
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Allergy Sufferer from Birmingham, Alabama

This is a product that peaked my interest since washing all of my linens and clothes in hot water is taking a toll. I have used it several times and believe it is working but at this point, it is hard to tell.
  Dust mites
Reviewed by: Mary from East Stroudsburg, PA

My worst allergy is dust and dust mites.I have covers on my mattress, box spring and pillows. I needed to treat my sheets and pillow cases etc. I have used the laundry additive before and it is very affective.
  De -mite Laundry Additive
Reviewed by: Kerri from Ohio

I really like this product. I believe it works well and doesn't smell bad either.
Reviewed by: darlene from Maine

This is a great product to put in your laundry. You can use any temperature water.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Waco, TX

I was dismayed when my allergist told me to wash everything in hot water to destroy mites. I found that with this product, I can wash delicate clothing and articles in cold water and it works well.
  an excellent solution pun intended
Reviewed by: wash those mites right out of your life from Santa Cruz, CA

The de-mite laundry additive is an excellent product for the effective treatment of bedding that might be infested with dust mites. Since this laundry additive is effective even when washing in warm or cold water it is also eco-friendly and gentler on fine items such as blankets and throws.
  Quiet sleep
Reviewed by: Mom of an Allergy sufferer.. from Ohio

Nice to be able to sleep a whole night's sleep without the coughing and itching, from my five year old. Does have a smell, but it smells fresh and herbal to me…
  Asthma help
Reviewed by: Severe Asthma Sufferer from Corpus Christi, Texas

I first tried the Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow covers. they helped, but not a 100%. Then I tried the de-mite laundry detergent. Again it helped, but not 100%. I then bought the Allergy Armor Ultra Mattress Cover. I can now say I can sleep in my bedroom without any problems. I wash the linens and my dog's bedding once a week in the de-mite laundry additive. I also give the dog a bath once a week with the Pet Allergy Shampoo that kills not only dust mites, but pet dander. We no longer have to get rid of our dog. You should know that I have severe Asthma and this is the first time I have had 100% relief in our home. I can't testify enough for these great products!
  sleep safe
Reviewed by: Mimi from Washington state

My allergist recommended this product and I have been using it for 2 years. I use it on all my sheets and have never noticed any odor, nor have any other family members noticed any odor. I will definitely ALWAYS use it!
  Dust Mite Laundry Remover
Reviewed by: Ms. Garrett from Northlake, Texas

It works for the most part. It leaves a odd smell though. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't work as consistantly as others.
  Wonderful laundry product
Reviewed by: Melissa Derrig from Akron, OH

I love this product because I can safely wash my bed linens- especially my comforters and duvets- in cold water, while removing dust mites. I even use it when I launder window coverings. It is nice to know the dust mites are gone without harming the more delicate fabrics.
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from St. Paul, MN

Got this product to help with dust mite allergies. Easy to add into laundry and only has a slight smell. The smell hasn't really bothered us and isn't an issue.
  Can't breath without it!
Reviewed by: Jamie W. from Santa Cruz, California

Amazingly great product! My son and I both suffer from dust mite allergies. Since I discovered this product we have been healthier by a huge percentage! Yes is does leave a strange odor but I learned if I throw a few dryer sheets in the dryer while it tumbles it takes the scent away completely! My little boy and I are grateful for this product everyday!
  Works but odd scent
Reviewed by: Laguna Elaine from Laguna Beach CA

The product seems to work well -- my allergy symptoms are greatly reduced. Will definitely reorder. However, the product leaves an odd smell on the bed linens, even when I set the washer to double rinse. I'm getting used to it, but it took a few weeks.
  Hope it works!
Reviewed by: Stu from Jesey Shore

Well I've used it twice... so far so good. To be honest I haven't noticed a difference one way or another but I'm thinking it might take awhile before a difference is noted.
  De-Mite Laundry Additive
Reviewed by: Melissa  from Columbus, O

My son suffered from horrible dust mite allergies and he was constantly getting sick as a result. We added protective barriers and wash bedding in de-mite and problems are resolved.
  great stuff
Reviewed by: asthmatic and allergies from New Hampshire

De-mite Laundry additive works! We use it regularly, and find if we run out we start to have allergy symptoms, the sinus headaches return. I would recomend this product to anyone who has allergies, it is a must have product!
  Simple to use
Reviewed by: living with allergies from Virginia Beach, VA

This product is very easy to add to a load of laundry--one quick extra step and not at all messy. The smell is noticeable, but not strong or offensive. It is a little pricey when compared to the cost of regular laundry detergent, but I only use it for my sheets so it lasts a long time. I'll definitely be buying more when my supply is depleted.
  Must Have
Reviewed by: not a fan of dust mites from Washington, DC

De-mite Laundry Additive is a "must buy" for dust mite allergy sufferers. Before I started washing my laundry with this product, I suffered sinus trouble often, including 2-3 sinus infections a year. Now I use De-mite Laundry Additive to wash my bedding, curtains and clothes. I have been using the product for over a year as part of my allergy relief plan and have not had one sinus infection. I like De-mite because it works with any water temperature. The tea-tree oil smell might bother some people but most clothing detergents overpower it. This is a great product that has helped changed my quality of life.
  could use a better bottle design
Reviewed by: Penney-pinching allergy sufferer from Massachusetts

De-mite works great. Personally I do best with half the recommended amount per laundry load -- I get the benefit without the smell. My one suggestion is to redesign the top of the bottle to make sure none gets out when the bottle lies sideways and that you don't get drips going down the side. This is too expensive to waste. A drip-saving design like the tops of laundry detergent would work.
  Clean and critter-free clothes
Reviewed by: Cinderella from Ohio

What you don't see CAN hurt you. I'm highly allergic to dust mites. Now I'm able to get our linens and clothes truly clean with this additive. It prominently sits alongside our laundry detergent and fabric softener. I thought it might smell odd but this doesn't. We feel better, too!
  de-mite laundry additive
Reviewed by: Cinderella from Ohio

I bought this bigger bottle after purchasing the smaller. Being able to use any temperature water in my washer using this product will save the life of my clothes and linens by not having to wash them in hot water!
  Worth the expense
Reviewed by: Grateful Customer!!!!! from Tucson, AZ

After testing positive for Dust mites My allergist told me different actions to take and gave me the flyer for your company. I ordered immediately and de-mited my bedroom after getting the products. Also, my daughter had been complaining about waking up with welts on her so I put 2 & 2 together and de-mited her apartment as well. I now breath easier and my daughter no longer wakes up with welts.
  worth the price
Reviewed by: mother of an allergy sufferer from Miami, FL

This product works great. I have been adding this to all my laundry loads, and love the result. It has a little odor but goes away quickly.
  Family could not live with the smell
Reviewed by: Mark from Austin, Texas

It may or may not work great, but my family just could not stand the aroma. They need a fragrance-free dust mite laundry cleaner since a lot of people who have bad allergies are sensitive to fragrances.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Ana - allergy sufferer from Miami

I live in an apartment complex and the laundry machines don't get to the high temperature you need to kill mites. Even though I wash my sheets I would still get allergies. This product helps kill the mites that washing alone in an old building laundry won't! It is a great solution for allergy sufferers.
  Appears to be helpful
Reviewed by: Amy from Seattle, WA

I have been suffering allergy since I moved to my new house. I purchased several items from achoo allergy for dustmites control and my allergy is definitely subdued. I assume the laundry additive is helpful.
  I ran out of De-mite
Reviewed by: Allergic to dustmites from Yakima, Washington

Right before Christmas I ran out of De-mite. We don't have hot water plumbed to our washer so those dust mite allergens just were not washing out. My sinus started running and the headaches began. The day I recieved my new suppy of De-mite, I washed my sheets with this wonderful product, and had my best nights sleep in weeks.
  Great Product - Works Wonders!!
Reviewed by: Chris from Massachusetts

Since using this wonderful product, I no longer wake up with puffy eyes and a runny nose. And it works in cold water which saves energy -a real bonus!! I love using it to wash my bed linens and bedroom curtains. Great Stuff!
  Free At Last!
Reviewed by: Dustmites out and away!  from Los Angeles, CA

I've been ordering this for five months. In the beginning I had to wash only 3/4 or 1/2 a load of clothes in order for the recommended 3/4 cap full to kill all the mites. Washing a full load of clothes left mites. Then I started to stay away from upholstered furniture and carpets, and the mites decreased in my clothes. Oh, I bought VINYL CAR SEAT COVERS and it keeps the mites off my clothes. Now I can wash a full load because I rarely get dust mites. Overall, I really like the product. I'm ordering some more now! Thanks Achoo!
  Clean and fresh sheets
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Louisiana

Love this stuff. I feel so much better about washing my sheets in cold water and knowing that all of the dust mites are good!! Wake up feeling so much better--no stopped up nose.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from anderson s.c.

This product is great especially if your hot water is not at high temperature . This will do the job. I have severe allergy's especially dust mites and I been using this for along time . Love the product
  This stuff works!!
Reviewed by: Chris C from Massachusetts

I've been adding a capful of this to my bedding laundry once a week, AND EVEN USING COLD WATER, this stuff really works! I have noticed a big difference in my allergy symptoms in the morning. This,along with using a HEPA vacuum cleaner, has made me look and feel so much better in the morning.
  De-Mite in front-loading washing machine
Reviewed by: Mark - father of allergy sufferer from Columbus, Ohio

Anything that clears the mites from blankets etc is welcome. We're trying it now, so the rating is provisional. In case anyone with a front-loader washing machine is interested, I received emailed advice on front-loaders from the makers of DeMite: they recommend adding it to the liquid detergent in the normal detergent compartment, and using half a dispenser cup (not 3/4 as recommended for top-loaders).
  A Must Have
Reviewed by: a dustmite sufferer from Richmond Hill, Georgia

I have used this in my laundry for my sheets, curtains, bedspreads, comforters,and even towels. It has made a tremendous difference in the way my bedding feels considering there aren't any more dustmites there. I have had a much better nights sleep because of it.
  dust mites
Reviewed by: puddles (dust mite sufferer) from Richland Center, Wisconsin

my puppy has a very high count for dust mites and since i have used your product she is not scratching as hard at night and waking me up...which she did everynite....
  It works Great!
Reviewed by: Not Sneezing So Much from Illinois

I've been using de-mite for a while and I've noticed I don't wake up sneezing anymore! I only use one teaspoon instead of the two tablespoons and I don't really notice the smell as much. My washer is smaller than normal washers. My advice is if you don't like the smell, use less.
  Finally, truly CLEAN laundry :)
Reviewed by: Miserable with allergies from Maryland

This stuff is GREAT !!! I started having a serious dust-mite allergy problem about a year ago (only AFTER I took allergy shots). I use de-mite on all my laundry...even my silks. It has really helped me.
  dust mite laundry additive great
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Gainesville, Florida

Second purchase of this product. Happy with the cleaning power of this product even using cold water. Cleaned comforter and drapes with it-great results. Only wish it smelled a little fresher.
  Not enough time yet
Reviewed by: An new allergy suffer from Atlanta, GA

We have not used de-mite long enough to truly rate it. It certainly makes us feel more at ease. We never felt the water in our washer would be hot enough. I would like to say the staff Achoo, in person and on-line have been very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
  de-mite, good night
Reviewed by: Dust mites everywhere! from North Carolina

We are in our first year of allergy-eliminating products, so I am unable to compare de-mite to other laundry additives. What I do know is that it is effective, as we both (my son and I) have experienced relief since cleaning the bedrooms and de-miting sheets, blankets, mattress covers (everything!) weekly. Unlike some others, we don't notice any smell. I also use a front-loading washer and haven't have any trouble with suds. Cost seems high, but since the first bottle lasted me a little over 3 months I figure each load costs about 87 cents (our bedding is about 4 loads a week). Great product. If only I could wash my office wall-to-wall carpet with this stuff!
  Affordable & Effective
Reviewed by: If only dust mites didnt exist from Illinois

Works well for us so far. Good price and effective. We use it specifically for our comforter which has piled up a lot of mites over time sending me to allergyville. I do recommend that you start with a little less than the recommended amount if you are very sensitive to smells because there is a little bit of a chemical smell, which wears off pretty quick. If comfortable, increase the quantity(to the recommended leve) to nuke those ugly critters.
  Works great
Reviewed by: Michelle from Seattle, WA

This works great. My clothes and sheets feel so much fresher and cleaner. I don't agree with other users who say this smells bad. It doesn't smell nice but when your clothes and sheets come out of the dryer they actually smell nice and fresh.
  Effective, and easier on laundry than hot water
Reviewed by: willo from Oregon & Massachusetts

After 12 years living with dust and mold allergies, I thought I knew everything about controlling my environment, but I wasn't paying attention. What a revolutionary product! Washing my bedding on hot 1-2 times per week has meant extreme wear and tear on my sometimes expensive linens. I even replaced my old washing machine with a top-of-the-line front loader with an on-board water heater to achieve "sanitizing" hot water. That process worked, too, but at a cost of a shorter life for whatever was washed at those extreme temperatures. I really like the de-mite laundry additive. I have chemical sensitivities, too, and they weren't triggered by this product, though it does have a definite smell of tea tree oil. I didn't find that the scent lingered after washing and drying. There were no issues using this product in my front-loading machine, so it obviously doesn't make dangerous (to front loader) suds. I suppose price is the only negative, but I do believe using de-mite will extend the life of my bedding, so I don't count that against the product's quality in my rating.
  Creeped Out By Dust Mites
Reviewed by: Feelin Better Already from Florida

As soon as I received this I stripped all the beds in the house and began my laundry. I also took all the sheets out of the linen closet, washed them and then packed them in plastic. Knowing these critters are all over creeps me out. They have been playing havoc on me for years but NO MORE! I can now sleep easy knowing I've taken the extra steps to free myself.
Reviewed by: Anne Camozzi from Denver, Colorado

Demite is a wonderful product. Our 2 cats sleep on the bed with us & my husband used to complain of a stuffy nose. I've used Demite along with mattress & pillow covers & he doesn't complain anymore. We also both love the fresh clean smell of linens after washing.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Edmond, Oklahoma

I really really like de-mite. We breath so much better after the bed sheets and covers have been washed with de-mite. We don't have dust covers, so I wash the linens twice a week. To be able to breath is wonderful.
  Make your usual brand better.
Reviewed by: Dog Owner from Boston, MA

My Jack Russell terrier has a terrible allergy to dust mites and the vet suggested I wash all my bedding, her toys and her dog bed as often as possible. Since I purchased this product, I have seen a great improvement in her skin and she isnt keeping me awake scratching all night anymore. Plus, as an added benefit, I didnt have to change laundry detergent, so I can keep the same wonderful scent to my clothes and know she is getting better protection from her allergies.
  It smells - but it works
Reviewed by: Allergy Alice from Scranton, PA

We've been using smells, like something - yucky - but it works. I have also wiped it on shoes...other things...thought - why not? Seems to de-dust doo doo those things too...only makes sense that it would.
  de-mite® Laundry Additive
Reviewed by:  from Jessup, Md

So far I have been feeling great and this is one of the products I've been using. Can't give it the full five stars because it's the combination of all the products I ordered that is helping me!
  Laundry done right.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Michigan

This Laundry additive helps get rid of dust mites when I can't wash things in hot water. It's nice to know that they are gone. I wish I bought the larger size though.
  Effective product
Reviewed by: REcently diagnosed dust-mite allergy sufferer from New York City

I have dust-mite allergy, and this product essentially allowed me to keep my bedroom curtains. After washing them, I could feel the difference. Now, the bedroom is my favorite place to be, because I won't have any reaction. I give the de-mite laundry additive a 4 stars instead of 5 because of the tea tree oil scent, which I like, but others may not.
Reviewed by: S. WIlkins from PA

While this product may work well for actually taking the mites out of the laundry, the smell is just too much. I had to wash my bedding three times before the smell didn't nauseate me. If you don't mind the smell it is fine, but I would try other products.
  de-mite review
Reviewed by: mom of an allergy sufferer from Texas

easy to use a necessity since you can't always wash in hot and use the dryer
  allergy laundry solution
Reviewed by: K.D. from Chester, VA

Love this product. No more itching during sleep.
  Worth it
Reviewed by: K.D. from Chester, VA

Worth every penny if you have children!
  Returning User
Reviewed by: Esther Gibbs from Cross Lanes WV

Everytime I launder my bed linen, from the mattress protector to the bedspread, I use 3/4 cap of DeMite in every load.I can smell and feel the difference in the bedclothes. No matter what time of year they smell fresh as a summer day. I also use it to wash my dog and cat beds - not for their allergies - but for ours! After using this product for 3 months, I can't be without it ever again.
  Personal experience
Reviewed by: Heidi Hubbell from Fredericksburg, Virginia

It is very effective and easy way to remove dust mites from your laundry
  De-Mite Laundry Additive
Reviewed by: Kira King, mother to an allergic boy from Celebration, fl

My son went to bed sniffling each night and coughing badly. He has a severe dust allergy. This happenened despite the fact that we have put in hard wood floords, and have a dust mite cover on his mattress. Once I washed the sheets in this product, the sniffles stopped. He sleeps well. It is great! And he is excited because he gets to keep his favorite Pokemon blanket.
  Works Great !
Reviewed by: Dust Mites Rest in Peace from Harrison Township, MI

De-Mite laundry additive works great. I like that I can still use my normal laundry detergent with this product. There is a mild scent that lingers on the laundry, but the scent is not unpleasant or obtrusive and it just reminds me all the dust mites are gone. The only problem is there is really no clear indication of how much to use in the varying levels of wash size.
  Great stuff
Reviewed by: dust mite sufferer from Bellingham, WA

This really helped my dust mite allergies. It smells a bit but if you put a static cling sheet with a nice smell in with the drying clothes it smells fine.
  confused little
Reviewed by:  from ny

it does not give directions for a front loader, so I just guessed and put it in the bleach compartment
  allergy laundry solution
Reviewed by:  from ILLINOIS

  Dawn's review
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Arden, NC

It gave me confidence that my laundry was being de-mited. Great product.
  great idea
Reviewed by: mother of allergy sufferer from CT

A lot of bedding cannot be washed above 140 degrees to kill dust mites--most must be washed in cool or cold water--with this additive I know the mites are killed--and the bedding is not ruined (it's too expensive these days to try the hot water idea!).
  and it smells good too!
Reviewed by: Asthma/Allergy sufferer from Forest Hills, NY

I was surprised this product smelled good! I can't say that I know for sure it is working, but the peace of mind that I'm attempting to rid my bedroom of mites is well worth the cost!!
  Use sparingly
Reviewed by: Happy camper from Northern California

Excellent and effective product, however, it is not only unnecessary to use it with each washing, the odor/fumes can become so strong as to trigger an asthma attack. Once every 3 or so washings maintains its effectiveness and minimizes the odor.
  Primaloft Synthetic Down Pillows
Reviewed by: allergy suffererr from downtwon New York City post 9/11

Great loft without the down side of down. Thank you for your ingenuity.
Reviewed by:  from of Houston

I am severly allergic to dust and dust mites. I tried the small bottle of de-mite Laundry Additive because I couldn't wash everything in hot water. I really believe it works. I've just order the liter bottle. It does leave an odor on your laundry. It's not a bad smell but you do have to get used to it.
  Good stuff
Reviewed by: A COPD/emphysema patient from Tennessee

I like it!
  Peace of mind
Reviewed by: Family of three from Austin, TX

We have normal allergy suffering in our household. With this product I feel like I am doing one little thing to help us all. I was especially concerned for my 18 mo old son since his bedroom has wall-to-wall carpeting. The only thing I don't like about this product is it is rather messy. The liquid is viscous and tends to get everywhere when pouring into the small dispenser cup. They should probably put a squeeze top on the bottle. With the product warnings, you feel like you have to thoroughly rinse everthing it drips on (hands, wash machine, dryer, etc.). It doesn't burn on the skin or anything, so the product warning may simply be very conservative.
  Really works good
Reviewed by: Happy in the morning from Connecticut

This is a great product. It works well and definately made a big difference. First time in years that I have had my allergies under control!!!!
  I love this stuff!
Reviewed by: Sara from Indiana

I use this for all my bedding and pet stuff!!! This works great, I can use my regular detergent in the cold water cycle. Recommend to anyone batteling dustmite allergies.
  Nose Trouble?
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Tucson, AZ

I have been using De-Mite when I wash my sheets for 3 years and sleep so much better. No more nose trouble when I wake up in the morning! Have saved a fortune on tissues.
  I love Allersoft
Reviewed by: D. from NY

I love this product... My bed does feel fresher with it on... I would highly recommend it to all allergy suffers. I have it on all my beds.
  Dust fighter
Reviewed by: Allergy suffer from ny

I really like this product, I do think it helps. The ony neagative is there is an odor, slight if you use softerner but there is a different order regardless. To keep it to a minimum I use ONLY the amount suggested and not more. My sheets and clothes do smell and feel fresher.
  de-Mite Laundry Additive
Reviewed by: Dog with allergies from Tampa, FL

On the advice of my vertenarian, I purchased the de-Mite Laundry Additive. Since I have been using it, my dogs itchy skin problems have ceased! Thank you ACHOO ALLERGY!
  Works - not greatest scent
Reviewed by: Mom of environmental allergy suffering child from Tri-cities, WA

We saw an improvement when we strated using this product.
  So Great I post this twice!
Reviewed by: Sara from Indiana

I'm on my second bottle and I'll keep buying it for life!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Sara from Indiana

This product works very well. I can use my own detergent and just add a cap full of the de-mite and I don't have to worry about hot water. It works in any water temp.
  smells bad
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Washington, DC

This product leaves my laundry room smelling like skunk. I only use it on the bedding and the smell dissapates after going through the dryer, but I usually throw two fabric softener sheets it to be sure. I'd like to find something for dust mites that doesn't smell so bad.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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