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Thank Godness for allerpet/c it was my last resort to help with my allergies and yes it works great my allergies have never been better. Now I can keep kitty.
Reviewed by: Christina from Newport, KY

Great product !!! Definitely something to buy again!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Courtney from Round Rock, TX

It is a great product and a great way to keep the cat dander away.
  Much easier than a full bath!
Reviewed by: A grateful cat owner from Michigan

I used this product between full baths, and it kept the sniffles and sneezing at bay for another 6 days. It stretches out the days between full baths which is very nice for my kitty who of course doesn't like water.
  Successful Social Gathering
Reviewed by: The Happy Hostess from Novi, Michigan

My husband and I invited a number of people over to our home for a dinner party. Two of our guests are very allergic to cats, so I ordered allerpet/C. I was hoping for good weather so that we would be outside and not have to worry. Fortunately, the weather cooperated. However, once the bugs started to harass us, we moved the party inside. I had used the allerpet/C on our cat about three days before -- just in case. Boy, was I glad I did. We were inside for a good two hours, and neither of my allergic friends had so much as a sniffle! I was thrilled to see that the product worked so well and that I don't have to make the choice between our cat and my friends!
  pleased with no sneeze
Reviewed by: Mom of suffered from upstate New York

My son is visiting but he has an allergy to cats...even mine. I tried allerpet/c on the recommendation of my vet and it has worked wonderfully. My son has not had even one sneeze or itchy eye.
  works well
Reviewed by: Roxi Holloway from DC

Easy to apply and works well!
  For the love of our Cats
Reviewed by: son with cat allergies from Hudson, North Carolina

For those who have children that can't be without their pets, expecially a cat, Allerpet C is a wonderful product. Just brush the cat once a week and wash them down with the solution,the cat and the allergy sufferer can live together peacefully.
  Cat Relief
Reviewed by: Cat lover Laurie from Michigan

I have had and been around cats for years. Love them all, but an allergic to their dander. Akin to asthma. Using allerpet/C for cats has given me a wheezing free life. My daughter's Christmas present is now my best friend! I have also recommended it to my brother and his family. They have 2 cats and their owner is also allergic. Thank you Achoo Allergy for lettin me enjoy cats again!
  Happy Cat
Reviewed by: Dana from New York

I get allergy shots for my allergies to the cat but it doesn't help with skin allergies when I pet her. I can not give her a bath, she hates water:- But this stuff really works, I was able to put it on a rag and wipe her down, she doesnt mind it that much, she thinks she's getting pet. My skin allergies are so much better since using this product. I used it along with the Anti Allergen Solution and I am not scratching at all now. We're both very happy:-
  Works Wonders!
Reviewed by: boyfriend with allergy from Traverse City, MI

My boyfriend was severely allergic to our 4 year old medium hair cat. He would have athsma attacks on a regular basis which prevented him from breathing and kept him up all night. He often times would have to leave our house to breathe better. I searched a long time for something that works this great. I wash my cat once a week- and it takes about 2 minutes total. She doesn't seem to mind it either. I highly recommend this product to anyone with allergies that live with cats!! We will be buying more!!
  So far so good!
Reviewed by: Friends with Allergies from Cleveland, OH

We have a 9-10 week old kitten and several friends who are extremely allergic. I have been treating our kitten with allerpet C after each bath, and to test it out, we invited over our allergic friends to see if it works. No one who came over has had any friend who is EXTREMELY allergic was over all evening last week, and didn't know we had a cat until the very end when we told him. My husband told me that if Allerpet didn't work we couldn't keep her...but now he's started showing up with cat toys! :-
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Cat lover from York PA

My son loves cats but he is allergic to them. Recently I was told about the product and it has help alot.
  What cat?
Reviewed by: New to Cats from Amarillo, Tx

I have been allergic to cats all my life, but finally decided to let my husband get one. We were so dissapointed when a week later I was sneezing and my eyes were puffy. We heard about and ordered Allerpet. We cleaned the house emaculately, then began using allerpet. She has only received two treatments, and I already feel great. My mother, who also happens to be highly allergic, came to visit this past weekend. After spending the night, she asked, do yall still have that cat? The stuff is amazing, and my husband is glad that he doesn't have to give up his little buddy!!
  This product changed my life
Reviewed by: Former sufferer from New Jersey

I was about to give my cat away when a coworker turned me on to Allerpet/C for cats. I no longer have any asthma or other reactions, and I can continue to keep and love my cat forever. I've been recommending this product to everyone I know. Thank you Achoo!
  Husband's cat allergy
Reviewed by:  from Lake Villa, IL

We have tried this product and found that it is very helpful in lessening the severity of my husband's allergy attacks. The symptoms may improve even more, the more that we use this product. (we have only used for the past two weeks). It makes me happy that I don't have to "get rid of" my husband (as opposed to our cat, which I do not plan to do).
  Awsome product
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Nekoosa, Wisconsin

My daughter has suffered from cat allergies, and with this product it has cut down on the dander. she is doing much better.
  As advertised!
Reviewed by: Niels from Atlanta, Georgia

We recently purchased the 3 pack of Allerpet/C for Cats and it has proved to work wonders. My girlfriend is allergic to cats and since applying this product, she has noticed a considerable drop off in allergic reaction. The best part is, it doesnt require you to get your cats wet, it can be applied with a rag and no water. This is a good thing, as my cats are not overly fond of being bathed.
Reviewed by: Michelle from Massachusetts

This is a great product! So easy to use and very effective. My husband's allergies are virtually gone by using this product regularly. Thank you for keeping our home a happy home!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from marlette mi

i admit i was hestiant to buy this. i did not think it would work. plus i was tired in trying to was six cats every week. low and behold it worked not only that it has helped their coats and also reduce shedding. iam ver happy and pleased. i just wished it came in a gallon size. lol i will be back. thank-you.
  sneeze no more
Reviewed by: terri swish from cleveland, ohio

This product is amazing. My husband has an allergy to cats and this product is the only way we can keep our cats and my husband. The cats don't mind the once a week rub down and it just makes everyone happier.
  Cat Allergy Reduced
Reviewed by: extreme cat allergies from South Central Texas

I promised my son a cat when the became non-allergenic. When he showed me the cats with the $6K price tag I was in a bind to either buy it or break my word. I decided to try the hypo-allergenic Devon Rex cat combined with this product. Every morning I wipe the cat down with this product and a disposable wipe. I don't have any other allergy reducing item, even filters. Only if the cat licks me do I have a problem. I can hold it, pet it, and play with it and have no problems as long as I wash my hands after petting it. It can sit on my lap all evening and I don't sneeze or itch. Great product and good price.
  Allerpet gets my vote
Reviewed by: Sue, mother of an allergy sufferer from Union, NJ

I was determined to do everything I could to eliminate cat dander from the house first before eliminating our cat. I am now using allerpet weekly and in a few weeks I already see an improvement. The cat enjoys being groomed and massaged with allerpet and her coat is gorgeous. My son continues to pet the cat be near her and doesn't seem as congested. It makes sense to go to the source and eliminate dander instead of spending all your efforts vacumming it up! Your site was very helpful in understanding more of what dander is and where it comes from. Thank you.
  Time to Stop and Smell the Roses
Reviewed by: No more allergy's from St. Paul, Minnesota

My wife was pressuring me to get something fluffy for her, and one of my coworkers said that she had one kitten left from the litter her cat had. So I talked myself into taking the kitten off of her hands for my wife for our 1st wedding anniversary. I got the cat and the first thing that happened was that I immediately became stuffed up and started to breath irregularly. This was normal for me, as I have had this allergy for about 17 years now, and knew how I was going to react. We got Allerpet and after only 3 weeks of applications I can breath through my nose as if I was not allergic to the kitten at all. I can finally take the time to stop and SMELL the roses in our front garden.
  great stuff
Reviewed by: Kerrie from Wisconsin

I have had family members stay at my house and I have two cats. The problem was that they were allergic to cats. I started using allerpet/c on the cats about a month befor they came. They never had any reaction to the cats and they even were petting them. It was great because we don't know if my baby neice is allergic to cats (everyone else is) and with useing allerpet/c she got to stay with me so I got to see her.
  Excellent treatment for my cat
Reviewed by: Cat lover from Central Pennsylvania

My cat, who is very standoffish about anything wet touching him, loves to have Allerpet/c massaged into his fur. He purrs the entire time plus it gets rid of his dander and makes his skin and fur soft and moisturized. Getting rid of the dander helps my allergies.
  our vet told us to try allerpet/c
Reviewed by: terri  from cleveland, ohio

My children and I were deperate to keep the kitten we found. But my husband was having severe allergic reactions to her. We are now using Allerpet/c and he is better. I am told it takes time to get all the dander out of the house, but we are well on our way to making a positive stand for keeping our kitty. Thank you so much for this product.
Reviewed by: Danny Bondy  from Michigan

I have only used it once and it seems to be working great! I Love it!
  Allerpet C for Cats
Reviewed by: cat lover from dayton, texas

My friend came to visit and is very allergic to cats. I bought AllerpetC and used it as prescribed-including dusting, vacuuming etc. plus my friend took his antihistimine and he had NO problem with the two cats at all.
  worked some
Reviewed by: concerned mom from central South Carolina

My son is allergic to cats and I used Allerpet on our cat when he was home for Christmas. It helped some but not completely. Maybe I needed to use is several weeks before he came home.
Reviewed by: GLAU from DALLAS,TX

  Alerpet c saved our cat

Both my wife and Daughter had runny ichy eye's, nose running, and sneezing when we brought home our first ketten. From the first application of Alerpet c it helped them and today there systoms have all dissappered. I'm sure if it wasn't for Alerpet c we would have had to get rid of the CAT. THANK YOU ALLERPET !!!
Reviewed by: friend in need from new york

moved in with friend for a year with my three cats,friend has lifelong allergy to cats.she had absolutely no symptoms as long as i applied this product as directed it was extemely helpful

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