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  Too big
Reviewed by: Mom from Pa

We have a large pillow top mattress and the fitted sheet is still too big. We an not get a tight fit so the bottom sheet is loose and uncomfortable at night. The feel of the sheets are also not what I was hoping for.
  Love these sheets
Reviewed by:  from AL

I love Coyuchi sheets. The 300TC percale are the softest I've owned. I do want to mention that this "set" does not actually come as a set - rather, a packaged flat sheet, a packaged fitted sheet, and a package of two pillow cases. Because of this, the ivory color wasn't 100% identical I can't remember, but I think the pillowcases were a little darker than the sheets. I have another Coyuchi queen set that I alternate with on the bed. Those are also ivory and are darker than this "set". This may not be a problem if you are getting white. I think the ivory is the natural cotton color, so I don't mind the slight variation.
  wrapped in comfort
Reviewed by: a very satisifed customer from Ky

My last set of Coyuchi organic sheets were about worn out but they still felt good. I was sure looking forward to getting the new ones and I was not disappointed. I have many chemical allergies and achoo allergy is the only place that I can purchase sheets that do not break me out. On top of that they are so comfortable. They feel so good against my skin. My husband does not have any allergies but he loves the feel of the sheets too. I would buy these sheets even if I did not have any allergy problems.
  Very Comfortable
Reviewed by: asthma sufferer from Seattle, Washington

These were a lot softer than I initially thought they would be. The material feels nice and I can finally feel good about sleeping without waking up all stuffed up!
  The Wonderful Sleep
Reviewed by: chronic allergy sufferer from Riverside, California

Having purchased Coyuchi sheets, I put my head and body down to sleep. I was enveloped in a special feeling, never felt before. Was I dreaming? No, these sheets were soft, and substantial, and hugged my body in a new way. Having tried percale, Egyptian cotton, and other cotton sheets, I was amazed at the difference. I ordered the sheets based upon a doctor's recommendation for allergy relief. However, I had slept on these sheets at a friend's house and actually introduced the sheets to the doctor. I said that there was never a sheet that felt so special, and, I could breathe! Can a sheet or pillowcase really make a difference? A 5 star product can cause you to have a wonderful sleep! I will not use any other brand, ever again. All sheets are expenseive today, and I must admit I was at first put off by the price, but, I know that one get's their money's worth, and that is so true of Coyuchi. I am a true believer thanks to a wonderful sleep!
  sheet set
Reviewed by:  from Kemah, TX

This again was not the type of material that my husband wanted. I had to keep them because I washed them to see if they suited him. They did not.

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