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  Great Product!
Reviewed by: Horrible Fragrance Reactions from Vancouver, BC

You cannot seem to buy this in stores in America, a definitely not in Canada! I suffer from fragrance related issues. This product produces no reaction. I love it! The shampoo and conditioner is great too! Thinking about trying the bath oil next! Also, this site provided the only reasonable shipping charge to Canada!
  Great for sensitive skin
Reviewed by: sensitive skin from Canada

My daughter has very sensitive skin, even Dove soap which is recommended by most derms [dermatologists] doesn't agree with her. Free and Clear is the only cleanser that I can use on her where she does not get itchy red bumps.
Reviewed by: Contact Dermatitis from Edmonton, Canada

I have allergic contact dermatitis and most cleansers give me a really bad rash. The other products that do not irritate my skin do not bubble so I never really feel clean. Free and Clear makes me feel clean and does not irritate my skin. I love it.
  Pure cleansing
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This is the only product in which washing my face has not caused redness and burning. Only thing close is Johnson's baby shampoo, but this is better. I use this for handwashing in the kitchen and bathroom and my hands love it as does my nose. There is zero irritation to the skin or my breathing.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer for years from Oak Forest, Il

FREE of perfume, what a blessing for me. I actually found something I can use that does not burn or itch my skin. I recommend this for people with allergies. Thank you so much for this item!
  Good Formaldehyde-Free Cleanser
Reviewed by: Alergic to Preservatives from Southern California

I am allergic to formaldehyde as well as some other preservatives so I have trouble using most soaps/cleansers, but this is one that I know won't break out my skin. I also like their shampoo and conditioner. The only downside is that it can be a little bit over-drying so you need to follow with lotion, and it smells kind of clinically clean rather than having any kind of pleasant odor. Still, I would rather not have a reaction than have something nice smelling, so I definitely recommend this to other allergy sufferers.
  Finally Some Relief
Reviewed by: Mom of Itchy One from Greeley, CO

My son has suffered skin problems since he was an infant. I have literally purchased every single item available for him to use as a body wash. EVERYTHING has caused his skin to break-out....UNTIL NOW! He loves this cleanser and so do I! His skin no longer itches and his skin is clean without being irritated.

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