Air-O-Swiss 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier Customer Reviews

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  quality, but not versatile
Reviewed by: musician from North Carolina

This is an excellent quality product and should work fine for the home, but for my specific usage an office in a large public building I find myself wishing I could set the humidity to 30% or 35%, but the minimum setting is 40%. So it runs through a whole tank in less than one night. Also, a real timer mechanism that could be set with a clock would help the "timer" here is only for a certain number of hours once you turn it on. So I turn it on in the morning, let it struggle to get the humidity up into the 30s and leave it off at night--I can't refill the thing every day. I'm trying to keep the musical instruments in my office from cracking again!.
  Air-O-Swiss 7135 Humidifier
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Charlotte, NC

We love our Air-O-Swiss 7135 Humidifier - we checked the reviews first and then purchased it. My husband and I have allegies year round. We now don't wake up with dry nasal passages and don't wake up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe due to dry air and no humidity flowing. I would highly recommend it - especially in the south where it can be very dry. Thanks again for providing us with a worthwhile product.
  excellent product
Reviewed by:  from Greenwich, Ct

This humidifier is extremely quiet & works really well. It is heavy to fill with water, but I have my husband do it.
  Pricey But Worth The Money.
Reviewed by: Stuffed Up Nose from Philly, Pa

I tried several cheaper humidifiers thinking that they would get the job done. They don't. Consumer Reports rated this model as the best. It is. Every morning I would wake up with dry mouth and clogged sinuses. After the first night we used this we woke up without the stuffy dryness. Relief at last! All humidifiers require some form of maintenance and it can get costly. You don't just add water every night and it works perfect. There is demineralization cartridge that needs replacement every 2 to 3 months. It also has a Hydro Stick that you replace yearly. Depending on your water source the unit needs to be cleaned about every 2 weeks. If not mineral deposits will accumulate and blow white dust not harmful into the room. To clean it you need Ezcal, a sample is provided. You mix this with 32 oz of hot water, scrub with the provided brush then let it sit for 30 minutes. Ezcal is not cheap. A box costs about $8.00 and it contains 3 packets. If you're cleaning every 2 weeks this can add up. The owners manual states you Must Use Ez[clean]. I called customer service. They told me that White Vinegar add 8 ounces to 24 ounces of hot water will work just as good. This is a tremendous cost savings. Conclusion: This is the best humidifier you can buy. You will appreciate it the first night that you use it. Be prepared to do a little maintenance and you love this product.
  Great Humidifier
Reviewed by: An allergy/sinus sufferer in a very dry climate from New Mexico

I bought this humidifier because it was one of several doctor-recommended gadgets to own in one of the magazines I trust. I have had several humidifiers before, one when my children were little, and another I bought a couple of years ago. The warm mist feature and the feature that actually measures the humidity in the air and turns it on and off accordingly were the reasons I upgraded to this model from my existing humidifier. This one works almost too well in that I find I am refilling it every 1.5 days in the dry mountain dessert climate here. We are all breathing easier and have not had to use hand lotion since I turned this on. Very glad I splurged on the best model/machine. I also purchased the de-mineralization filter because we have very hard water here.
  No More Sneezing
Reviewed by:  from 

The humidifier has made it so much easier to breathe and we have quit sneezing. My husband has CHF and the moisture in the air has helped him breathe better. It keeps the dust down so breathing cleaner!!! Thank You, Thank You! Grannie Grayce - NC
  The accessories cost how much?
Reviewed by:  from Reno, Nevada

I suffer with allergies year round and I live in a very dry climate. Since I started using the Air o Swiss 7135/7133 my symptoms have greatly improved this past year. FYI the prices of the replacement accessories have greatly increased in less than a year.
Reviewed by: mother hen from Ohio

My son was born in the middle of winter and we heat our house with a wood burner. Right away his eczema flared up and he developed a cough. My 3yr old son also developed a bloody nose and that was the last straw. We've bought generic humidifiers in the past only to have them break within the first year. This humidifier is so dependable and reliable and easy to operate. It's quiet and efficient and I'm so glad we bought it. My son's eczema has since subsided and the cough has gone away.
  Great for Bedroom
Reviewed by: AS from Maryland

I purchased this because it got really good reviews. I must say it is really quiet. Great for my bedroom which is where I needed it. The only reason why it doesn't have 5 stars is because you have to refill the tank very often and carrying a full tank is heavy. Also the hole to put the water in is on the bottom of the tank and setting the tank upside down on the counter to fill it doesn't seem stable. Otherwise, this is the best humidifier I have ever owned. Its easy to clean and operate and the digital display is nice.
  allergy relief
Reviewed by:  from Lawrenceville N.J.

Great product, very quiet and easy to use. Keeps the room very comfortable.
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from 

Great product. Would recommend to all.
  Best I've tried!
Reviewed by: Middle Aged Allergy Sufferer from Coastal South Georgia

Winter has always been difficult on my sinuses when the house heat has to run. The first time I used this humidifier, I noticed a significant improvement in how I felt. I've tried other machines, but they saturated my floor and furniture and I'd wake up feeling wet! The humidity sensor on this machine makes the air just right. I wake up with a fresh feeling that I've never experienced before. When my sinuses feel good, my whole attitude is more positive. I like the idea of the ionic stick to help control bacteria in the water. With allergies, I cannot do enough to safeguard my environment. As a matter of fact, I spend about half my time in Jacksonville and I bought a second unit for that home as well! Thank you.
  Air-O-Swiss Humidifiers
Reviewed by:  from Southern California

My wife just came from Vietnam and never get used to the southern California's dry weather, so i went out to do shopping for a humidifier. Needlessly to say shopping for good one is hard, and if you are not careful, you can pay big bucks for something that does not work at all. I initially looked at the one from Sharper Images in Bed Bath & Beyond that sells for $79, it looks just like this Air-O-Swiss E2441, but i have to say it's quality was crappy, and why have 2 tanks of water? I went online and found this site, read all of them, and liked the AOS E2441 the most, but it's not for a big room. So, my second choice was this Air-O-Swiss E2441. It is quite amazingly easy to set up. Build quality is excellent, open the box, fill the tank with water, plug in, and turn it on...that's it. The settings are easy as well. The digital humidity control % actually works super good. Within the first night, the wife feels better and she has to admit she loves it. We decided to get the second Air-O-Swiss 7135 for our young sons' room. I have never used a humidifier for the past 28 years living in the southern California's dry condition area, but this one convinced me well. Many reviews have mentioned the digital light bothers them at night, i don't think it's a problem at all, unless you just lay on bed looking at it. It does however, has a very very low humming noise when the night is completely quiet, but again it doesn't bother us a bit at day time and in the evening in any room, you don't even notice when it's on, it is VERY quiet. I want to thank this site for its detailed reviews and well organized information for each type and models. Air-O-Swiss are great products.
  Sleep - At Last
Reviewed by: Grateful transplant from Alexandria, Virginia

I can finally sleep all night long. I recently moved from West Texas to Northern Virginia I had been suffering with a sinus infection for 3 weeks when I ordered this product. I could immediately tell the difference in the room. I started to feel much better within a few days. It is very easy to set up and refill. I would,and have, highly recommend this product to friends and family.
  What a great humidifier
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Northern , New Jersey

I have been suffering from sinus problems for years. I've tried several different humidifiers and have returned all of them. Until I purchased the Air-O-Swiss Humidifier. It works fantastic it delivers a great deal of humidity to bedrooms. I like it so much I have bought one for each bedroom in the house.
  Love this product!
Reviewed by: Thankful Mama from Delaware

My 5 yr old daughter gets awful bloody noses and this has helped reduce them tremendously. She loves the mist and it keeps her room cool in the warm weather. It is so easy to operate and clean.
Reviewed by: AJ from east stroudsburg, PA

Overall, its a good machine. It does go through water very fast.My room is very stuffy,and dry this winter,but it helps alot.I heard that using HARD WATER, cause the humidifier to blow out white dust, so i use bottled Distilled water.So it gets kind of expensive.
  Humidity without mold
Reviewed by: Julie from New York, NY

I really like that this humidifier has an indicator that tells you when you clean it! It's hard to ignore the blinking light. Also, you can control the amount of humidity in the room so you don't overdo it and end up with too much moisture in the room. It's also very easy to set up and use. Some reviewers mentioned the "low" capacity. I've been using a unit that I had to refill every night, so only having to do it every other night is a big plus for me.
  Say what?
Reviewed by: Jim from New York

This is the best humidifier on the market, period. I have severe dust allergies and have tried many models to knock the allergens in the air. This is one of the only ones that, when run in my bedroom at night, did not leave me competing for sleep with an unnerving electric hum. --Quotation-- "Reviewed by: rich from new york i bought this item in november and last month a "clean"light came on and now it doesn't even work at all. there is nothing on it to clean." --End Quotation-- Every humidifier has something to clean, namely the main tank and its connection to the rest of the unit's mechanical parts. Unless you go out and buy gallons of distilled water every day to fill the unit (which would be silly since it does filter the water), there is going to be some sediment in it... The filter can't catch it all. It just needs a periodic rinse. While the ultrasonic vibrations do obliterate most microbes, the thing still gets nasty after several months of running, full of water, on "automatic" mode. Echo the sentiment that it runs out of water too quickly. As far as I can tell, this is the largest unit Air-O-Swiss makes, which is a shame. The rest of it, though, is about as perfect as a humidifier can get. I swear by it.
  Quiet & effective
Reviewed by: willo from Oregon & Massachusetts

We have used a Slant Fin humidifier for years, having purchased it upon our doctor's recommendation. Now that we have a child who brings home germs to share with the whole family, we found ourselves in need of a second humidifier, having given our first one up to ease our son's breathing. I considering buying another Slant Fin, but was won over by the more attractive design of the Air-O-Swiss. The biggest advantage of the Air-O-Swiss over the Slant Fin is noise--the Air-O-Swiss makes much, much less noise. This is a real benefit for parents who need to be able to hear a coughing child down the hall! The Air-O-Swiss is much more attractive, too, as I mentioned, and I like the fine-tuning of the digital controls on this unit. I have allergies, and getting the humidity above 45% could be unhealthy for me. My only negative on the Air-O-Swiss is that we need to refill it much more often. Now, that's a plus, because it reminds us to clean out the tank very frequently, but it is also a bit of a hassle as we get only about 1.5 nights out of filling the tank, and that is running at a relatively low 40% desired humidity setting.
Reviewed by: rich from new york

i bought this item in november and last month a "clean"light came on and now it doesn't even work at all. there is nothing on it to clean.

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