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This is my third vacuum in 45 years. I look for quality and reputation. This vacuum seems like it will keep me happy and our house clean for some years to come. I like the size and weight of it.
  Miele Capricorn
Reviewed by: House of cats from Houston, Tx

Love it. Had a high quality vacuum in Belgium and moved back to the states looking for something similar. Have 2 cats and this is wonderful for daily cleaning of hardwoods and ceramic and even blinds. The only negative is the bag size, seems a bit small and are expensive to replace.
  Meile Capricorn Vacuum
Reviewed by: Bonny from Redmond, Wa

A new vacuum cleaner was long overdue. Everytime I vacuumed I could feel the dust and dirt I was breathing in and it would effect my respiratory system each time...I dreaded vacuuming for that reason. Checked out dozens of reviews online and went with the one that swore by the Miele. Watched a video on it and was sold. No more breathing in dust. It takes up everything and leaves all the dust and dirt in the bag where it should be. My house feels so clean now when I vacuum and I can still breath when I'm done! I'm completely sold on Meile and believe 100% it does what it claims in it's ability to pick up anything as small as a dust mite. Ordered thru Achoo Allergy, it was here quick, and I couldn't wait to vacuum!
  The BEST there is . . .
Reviewed by: House of kids and fur from Fredericksburg, TX

I investigated just about every vacuum out there and kept coming back to the Capricorn. I checked, rechecked and checked again. Still came back to the Capricorn. My hesitation, of course, was the price. It's a lot of money. I finally bit the bullet, as they say, and went for it. I am so happy I did. This machine is worth every penny. Although I have only had it a couple of weeks, I've used it many times, for many purposes. It works like a dream. It takes up everything and nothing and I mean NOTHING goes back into the air and into your house. My old vac, an Oreck upright would send all the dog and cat odors right back into the air and the room smelled horrible after vacuuming. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, you would never know it. I also love the changeover to a canister after using an upright for 10 years+. The Capricorn gives you access to under just about anything and moves about the house with you with ease. This is a great VAC - don't hesitate like I did - do it!
  A Dream
Reviewed by: VCD Sufferer from San Luis Obispo

This is the most comfortable vacuums I have ever used. Easy to maneuver, lightweight, quiet, great suction and great looks too. I know it picks up more from my hard surfaces because the floor attachment is so soft gentle you actually really ''use'' it.
  I love it!
Reviewed by: Damon from Greenville, SC

I got the smaller power head without the light, wish I had "splurged" and gotten the larger power head with the light.
  What can I say? I like to vacuum.
Reviewed by: Lucy in the Windy City from Chicago

I guess you could say I'm one of those weird people who actually enjoys vacuuming. Miele makes the third brand that I've bought, but I don't see myself switching anytime soon. This is also the first canister I have owned, and I do like it over the uprights. It cleans extremely well, and has cut the pet odor in the house way down. It was expensive, but it's been worth the cost. Having different speeds is nice too since it allows me to dust without using a duster, which only seems to move the dust around. As far as Miele's go, I'm hooked!
  Easy and Effective
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Natchez,MS USA

This vacuum has saved me money and time. It is so easy to use and it goes under my bed so I don't have to move my bed. It has helped me sleep all night and I am fresh in the morning. I needed this months ago and I would be completely free of dust mites.
  The Dust Stops Here!
Reviewed by: S. Lambkin from Macon, GA

The Miele Capricorn is the best vacuum for all your needs. Hardwood Floors, Low and High pile carpet. Moves with ease. My housekeeper hated the old one now I always see her vacuuming. I have 2 little ones that suffer with really bad allergies this vacuum had made such a difference my son’s can roll allover the floor without the sneezing, itching or runny eyes. Yes I use it too when she's away and I love it thank Miele and Achoo for a great way to clean my home and keep the Allergies away.

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