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Royal-Pedic Latex Mattresses

Free Shipping on Royal-Pedic MattressesLike the Royal-Pedic cotton mattresses, the Royal-Pedic Latex mattresses contain hand-tufted cotton padding, but they greatly differ in that they have a 7-zone latex core instead of an inner spring system. The natural latex core makes these latex mattresses more supple. The 7-zones of support vary in firmness with softer upper back and pelvic areas for pressure point relief and spinal alignment, and a firmer lumbar area for spinal support and relief of tension. Pressure relaxation channels provide flexibility, pressure point relief, and proper spinal alignment for side sleepers.

Royal Latex Mattress - the 8" Royal Latex mattress is very firm for orthopedic support. In the Royal Latex Mattress, the 7-Zone latex core is wrapped in layers of California grown, staple cotton padding and contained in a breathable and soft, Belgian 100% cotton covering. If you prefer more cushion, select the Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress or purchase an optional pillowtop pad.

Royal-Pedic Latex Firmness Rating
1 2 3 4 5
Most firm       Most Plush

Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress - the surface of this 9" mattress is quilted rather than tufted, so the latex is in a more relaxed state. It is the softest latex mattress available, yet it still provides excellent orthopedic support because of the firm lumbar zone which prevents the spine from sagging. The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress with the 7-zones of comfort is recommended for platform beds, because it contours well to the body on a hard surface.

Royal-Pedic Latex Quilt-Top Firmness Rating
1 2 3 4 5
Most firm       Most Plush

Natural Latex Core

Product Features

  • Mattress Thickness: 8" or 9" with the Quilt-Top
  • Firmness Rating: 2 - Firm, but not the most firm.
  • Firmness Rating with Quilt-Top: 4 - Plush, but not the most plush.
  • Natural Latex Core - the natural latex that composes the core of the mattress is harvested from rubber trees in India and Malaysia, and it's naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant to dust mites. The lack of an inner spring system means that side by side sleepers can rest in motionless comfort.
  • No mattress springs in this mattress.
  • Independent support for two people of varying weights and heights.
  • Skilled craftsmen make each Royal-Pedic mattress by hand, layering the cotton padding on each side of the 7-zone latex core to ensure a consistent, supportive sleep surface. The premium cotton padding is pre-compressed and hand-tufted. You'll find no polyurethane foam in a Royal-Pedic mattress.
  • Royal-Pedic Latex Mattress with Quilt-top (only) - the 7-Zone natural latex core is contained in our breathable and soft, Belgian 100% cotton covering that is quilted with layers of chemical-free, French wool and comfort fill material.
  • Great Choice with Quilt-Top for an Adjustable Bed - the latex flexes with the bending of the adjustable bed.
  • Great Choice with Quilt-Top for a Platform Bed - the latex allows the mattress to adjust to body contours even on the hard platform surface.

7-Zones of Comfort & Orthopedic Support

Designed for all heights, and symmetrically designed to remain consistent when the mattress is rotated in any direction, the seven zones of Royal-Pedic Latex Mattresses were developed based upon sleep studies to provide optimal sleeping comfort and ergonomic support to all parts of the body.

Royal-Pedic 7-Zones of Comfort

Zone 1. Head & Neck Zone - The ideal level of firmness for your head and neck prevents tension and pain in neck muscles.

Zone 2. Should & Upper Back Zone - Your shoulders are the widest part of your body, so they require the softer surface provided by this zone. Two half-moon shaped Pressure Relaxation Channels are incorporated through the width of the shoulder & upper back zone, providing extra flexibility.

Zone 3. Lumbar Zone - Essential for lower back comfort, the lumbar zone is the most firm to provide support for the natural curve in your back and prevent the spine from sagging. On average, humans carry 40% of their body weight in their midsection. Without the additional firmness of the lumbar zone, a soft mattress forces your spine into a hammock-like bend due to the inherent nature of gravity, and muscles become stretched and strained, resulting in stiffness and pain. The lumbar zone relieves tension and lower back pain.

Zone 4. Pelvic Zone - Hard mattresses force your hips to rest on the mattress surface, causing your lower spine to bend in an uncomfortable, downward angled position. The softer, more flexible pelvic zone allows your hips to contour into the mattress for pressure point relief and proper spinal alignment. An exclusive circular Pressure Relaxation Channel provides further mattress flexibility and comfort when you sleep on your side.

Zone 5. Knee Zone - The knee zone is the same firmness as the lumbar zone. Latex is inherently supple in nature, providing correct support for your knees and easing inflamed joints.

Zone 6. Lower Leg Zone - The lower leg zone features the same firmness and Pressure Relaxation Channels as the shoulder & upper back zone. It creates soft and supple support for your calves and provides comfort and pressure point relief to your feet and ankles when your knees are bent.

Zone 7. Foot & Ankle Zone - Constructed with the same firmness as the head & neck zone, this soft and supple zone provides comfort and pressure point relief to your feet and ankles.

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Royal Latex Mattress Reviews

Royal-Pedic Latex Mattress 7-Zone

Few products offer what the Royal Pedic 7-Zone Latex mattress can - custom support for each section of your body. The 7 zones provide support in areas where you need it most while you sleep while allowing other areas of your body to enjoy the suppleness of all natural latex. This mattress provides a restful and therapeutic sleep experience, regardless of your sleep style. These custom mattresses feature some of the best Royal Pedic has to offer in the way of all natural materials and hand crafted workmanship.

Royal-Pedic Latex Mattresses combines several hypoallergenic materials that work together to produce the most luxurious and comfortable anti-allergen mattress. Latex is very supportive for a pain-free night sleep, while being completely resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew.

What I like about the Royal-Pedic Latex Mattress
  • Combines the best all natural materials: latex, cotton, and wool for comfort and support.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • 7-Zones of comfort to cradle each part of the body to provide a luxurious but supportive sleep experience.
  • Unsurpassed quality.
What I don't like about the Royal-Pedic Latex Mattress
  • Would not be suitable for people with latex allergies.
  • Initial cost is high - though unlike cheaper mattresses, you won't need to even consider replacing your Royal Latex for a full ten years.
Overall, the Royal Latex is a great mattress from someone wanting to avoid traditional steel box springs but still needs joint support while they sleep. The all natural latex, cotton and wool used in these mattresses make them comfortable, durable and resistant to things like dust mites and bacteria. While the these mattresses are not as cheap as many you will commonly see advertised, they are not made from inferior materials or poorly constructed like those same, cheaper models. When it comes to quality of product and sleep results, the Royal Latex in nearly unmatched.

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Warranty Information

Royal-Pedic Mattress Manufacturing, LLC warranties its mattresses and box springs to the original consumer purchaser for a non pro-rated period of ten years from the date of purchase against material defects and workmanship.


Twin Set (Item#: RP05TW) $4,294.00
Twin XL Set (Item#: RP05LT) $4,521.00
Full Set (Item#: RP05FL) $5,023.00
Queen Set (Item#: RP05QN) $5,437.00
King Set (Item#: RP05KG) $6,832.00
CA King Set (Item#: RP05CK) $6,832.00
Twin Mattress Only (Item#: RPM5TW) $3,608.00
Twin XL Mattress Only (Item#: RPM5LT) $3,811.00
Full Mattress Only (Item#: RPM5FL) $4,247.00
Queen Mattress Only (Item#: RPM5QN) $4,549.00
King Mattress Only (Item#: RPM5KG) $5,412.00
CA King Mattress Only (Item#: RPM5CK) $5,412.00
Quilt-Top Twin Set (Item#: RP04TW) $4,520.00
Quilt-Top Twin XL Set (Item#: RP04LT) $4,758.00
Quilt-Top Full Set (Item#: RP04FL) $5,287.00
Quilt-Top Queen Set (Item#: RP04QN) $5,723.00
Quilt-Top King Set (Item#: RP04KG) $7,211.00
Quilt-Top CA King Set (Item#: RP04KG) $7,211.00
Quilt-Top Twin Mattress Only (Item#: RPM4TW) $3,834.00
Quilt-Top Twin XL Mattress Only (Item#: RPM4LT) $4,048.00
Quilt-Top Full Mattress Only (Item#: RPM4FL) $4,511.00
Quilt-Top Queen Mattress Only (Item#: RPM4QN) $4,835.00
Quilt-Top King Mattress Only (Item#: RPM4KG) $5,791.00
Quilt-Top CA King Mattress Only (Item#: RPM4CK) $5,791.00

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