SEBO Essential G Series Vacuum Cleaner

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$589.00 - $599.00

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SEBO Essential G1 & G2 Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO Essential G Vacuum 5 Year Warranty

For the toughest cleaning environments, it is hard to beat a SEBO Essential G vacuum cleaner. Built for everyday, commercial use, the Essential G uprights are an excellent choice for residential and commercial spaces with wall-to-wall carpet of any type or for anyone who wants a consistently reliable and powerful way to remove dirt, debris and pet hair as well as allergens like dust mites, pollen and dander. The Essential G vacuum cleaners feature the same powerful motor as their cousins in the Automatic X series, but they are slightly less expensive due to their manual height adjustment. A high capacity dust bag retain visible debris, and can be sealed for hygienic disposal while a sealed system and S-Class filters trap and retain microparticles that other vacuums allow to pass right through and back into the air you breathe. A slim, 5.5" lay-flat profile makes getting under furniture easy, while the 6' hose and wand provide an additional 8' of cleaning reach, ideal for dusting overhead spaces. Available as either the SEBO G1 with a 12" independently driven brushroll or as the SEBO G2 with a 15" brushroll, both Essential G vacuum cleaners offer dependable, efficient carpet cleaning day after day.

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SEBO Essential G Series Features

  • Hospital-grade S-class filtration system captures allergens like dust, mold, and pollen with 99.9% effectiveness down to 0.3 microns
  • Sealed System
  • SEBO Essential G Vacuum Cleaner FeaturesDouble-sized electrostatic exhaust filter for enhanced air quality.
  • Available in two sizes, 12" wide cleaning path (G1) or 15" wide cleaning path (G2) with edging bristles for thorough vacuuming.
  • High capacity (1.4 Gal.) easy-change bag with hygienic seal cap so that no dust can escape
  • Bag Full Indicator
  • Powerful 1300 watt motor with slow start to reduce strain and wear
  • Electronic Control Panel is equipped with warning systems to alert you of clogs, full bag, worn brush, and obstructions.
  • On-board tools include the upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, and crevice nozzle.
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • 40-foot operating radius
  • Instant-use active wand with a total reach of eight feet for easy spot cleaning and dusting
  • Slim, Flat-to-the-floor profile of 5.5" for easy cleaning under furniture and beds
  • Automatic thermal cut-out protects your vacuum cleaner's motor when clogged
  • Manual, 4 height adjustment settings with an indicator to let you know that it's set at the correct height
  • Reinforced, toothed belt will not slip or stretch - 5 year guarantee
  • User-friendly - easy to use & maintain
  • Quick-release brush roller for easy removal and maintenance
  • 5 Year warranty, includes non-wear parts and labor

What's Included

SEBO Essential G Vacuum Attachments

SEBO Essential G Series Product Reviews

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  Light & Slim
Reviewed by: Satisfied in Woodland from Woodland, CA

I happened to see this vacuum one morning when I got to work early andt the custodial staff were still cleaning the office. After doing some research I chose this over the Miele mainly because of cost but also because it is so lightweight. I've always favored uprights and SEBO seems to have a great reputation. The vacuum works great on carpet. I still use a broom and dustpan for the kitchen floor and landing, but for the bedrooms and living room this vacuum has been a great buy!

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SEBO Essential G Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

SEBO Essential G Vacuum Cleaner

As the most economically priced vacuums in SEBO's line of uprights, the SEBO Essential G vacuum cleaner presents a durable, no-frills way to clean your entire home. Powerful suction, first class filtration, and long life are three of the features that have made these vacuums and essential part of cleaning offices and commercial spaces around the world. So what makes these unassuming vacuums a top choice for professionals? Let's compare the two and find out.

What I like about the SEBO Essential G Vacuum Cleaner

First, let's take a look at the G1 vs. the G2 vacuum. Aside from a minimal difference in price and weight, these two vacuums are virtually identical. The only significant difference between them is the size (and shape) of the cleaning head. The SEBO Essential G1 vac uses a more standard size, 12" brushroll. Like all SEBO uprights, the brushroll itself is easy to clean and does a great job on carpet of all height and density. The SEBO Essential G2 employs a longer, 15" brushroll. This not only gives it a wider cleaner path but also the distinctive "L-shape" that is common with SEBO power heads. This unique shape does make it more convenient while cleaning around the legs of furniture and does so for only $10 more than the G1 vacuum. However, since both use the same type of brushroll, suction and independent motor, the cleaning performance is going to be excellent no matter which model you choose.

Filtration has and always will be a key feature with SEBO vacuums and the G series uprights are no exception. Each uses two microparticle, S-Class filters that trap 99.9% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. This S-Class filtration is unique to SEBO and remains an effective way to eliminate allergens while you clean. The three-ply dust bag of the SEBO Essential G very much reminds me of the older style paper dust bags, but unlike those, the three ply construction and sealing cap makes these high-capacity bags much more hygienic. Lastly, rubber seals around the main compartment of the vacuum and around the filters ensure that air does not leak, and that what enters is filtered before it reenters the room.

The slim profile of these vacuums is another plus. Unlike other uprights, particularly Dyson and a lot of your more traditional models, the SEBO Essential G can lie completely flat on the floor and measures only 5 1/2". This makes it much easier to vacuum under the bed, coffee table or under other furniture in your home. And while you're vacuuming under the bed, a thermal cutout will prevent the motor from overheating and damage if you happen to suck up a stray sock!

As two other things I like about this vacuum, it features height adjustments as well as an indicator that will let you know if you've got the height set too high to clean the type of carpet you're on. There are four height levels to which you can manually adjust the Essential G. The adjustment is done on a dial, similar to what you will find on some uprights. The indicators will light on the power head when you have the brushroll height set too high. That may not be a major advancement, but if you're going to be vacuuming, you might as well be doing it right.

The SEBO G series vacuums do use belts to operate the brushroll, but unlike traditional uprights, these belts are built to last. They come with a five year guarantee, but for most people, they will last for the life of the vacuum without ever needing to be replaced. And speaking of replacement parts, maintenance is really simple with the G1 or G2. The filters are easy to access and change, while the bag simply snaps into place. The brushroll is much easier to get to and remove than other uprights. You can remove it for cleaning or even replacement in a matter of seconds.

There are a few other features that are pretty standard with premium uprights, and for the G1 and G2 vacuums, these are a bag full indicator, soft start motor, three included above-the-floor cleaning accessories, an ergonomic handle, wand with 6' hose, cord caddy, and 5 year warranty.

What I do not like about the SEBO Essential G Vacuum Cleaner

First, this is a carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner. This is what it was designed for, and on carpet is where it will work best. There is no brushroll control, so you cannot turn it off and use just suction to clean areas of smooth flooring. So, like other vacuums, when used for what it was designed, it is hard to beat, but it does lack the versatility to be great on smooth floors.

My only other negative I found with this upright is the edging. It only features the ability to edge from one side. On that side where it edges, it works well, but on the other side, not so much. This can be a bit of a minor point for many since some uprights do a terrible job edging regardless, and with the Essential G vacuums, you lose edging ability on one side for the sake of easy access to and removal of the brushroll.

Overall, if you want a reliable, durable, carpet cleaning vacuum, the SEBO Essential G is a great option. On carpet, its powerful suction and brushroll excel, while height adjustments, a long hose & wand, and accessory attachments add versatility. The performance falls off with smooth floor cleaning, but for pet owners, removing the hair and dander from carpet is quick and easy. The filtration is some of the best available, and maintenance is simple. The price can be a bit much for some, but longevity of the Essential G makes it a great value.

SEBO Essential G Vacuum Cleaner Detailed Specifications

Vacuum motor max: 1300 Watts
Filtration: S-Class Hospital-Grade Microfilter & Exhaust Filter (99.9% 0.3 Microns or larger)
Brushroll Control: No
Height Adjustment: Yes, Manual, 4 Heights
Dust Bag: 1.4 Gal, Sealable, 3-Ply
Cleaning Width: 12" (G1), 15" (G2)
Included Accessories: Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Nozzle
CFM: 103.8
Motor Protection: Thermal Cut-out
Cleaning Reach: 40 feet
Sound level: 69 dBa
Total Weight: 19 lbs.
Brush speed: 3100 rpm
Warranty: 5 Years - Non-wear Parts, Motor & Labor
Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags and Filters

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SEBO Essential G Series Warranty Information

5 year warranty on the motor, 3 year warranty on non-wear parts, and a 1 year warranty for labor

SEBO Essential G Series Availability

SEBO Essential G Upright Vacuum Cleaner
SEBO Essential G1 (12") (Item#: SBV002) $589.00
SEBO Essential G2 (15") (Item#: SBV003) $599.00

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