SleepMate Sound Screen 980A

SleepMate White Noise Generator
Sleepmate 980A


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SleepMate Sound Screen 980A

One benefit of owning an air purifier is the soothing white noise produced by the machine. Many of our allergic customers who own air purifiers cannot sleep without the sound of rushing air, which blocks out other disturbing noises and allows for deep relaxation.

Now, with the SleepMate Sound Screen white noise generator, you can enjoy the white noise of an air purifier without having to buy a whole new air purifier! The SleepMate white noise generator is great for use in any noisy environment, including apartments, hospitals, dorms, and on the road.

SleepMate Product Features

  • Two levels of soothing white noise gently mask unwanted sounds, so you sleep better.

  • Patented housing design makes the SleepMate lightweight, durable, and easily portable.

  • Adjust the tone and volume of the white noise by simply rotating the housing on the SleepMate.

  • The consistent, smooth sound of rushing air creates a sense of calm, making it easier to relax.

  • SleepMate white noise generator operates on normal household current--no batteries required.

  • Made in USA
  • One-year warranty

SleepMate Product Specifications

Size: 5.75" base diameter; 3.5" high
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Material: ABS plastic
Color: fog white


Sleepmate 980A (Item#: MR0001) (Discontinued)

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