Top Five Child/Compact Humidifiers

Top Five Child Humidifiers OnlineFor people who travel or for children, a large, room humidifier is simply too much. This is where a compact or kids' themed humidifier can be the perfect solution for dry air. Despite their size, this group of small, travel humidifiers provide the same sinus relief as full size models and work well during a business trip, at the office, or in a dorm room while others fit perfectly well in a nursery or child's bedroom.

Size and cost are the two key elements to a small humidifier. For children, design, simplicity and safety are also very important, and above all, each must be capable of providing soothing relief from dry indoor air, coughing and cold or flu symptoms.

Compare and select from our Top Five Compact/Child Humidifiers, and if you need more options, shop the best of the rest.

Best Travel Humidifier


1. Air-O-Swiss 7146 Portable Humidifier

No other humidifier tops the size and performance of the compact 7146 ultrasonic humidifier by Air-O-Swiss. Weighing less than one pound and roughly the size of two decks of cards, the AOS 7146 is lightweight and extremely portable. Simply supply a 16-20oz. water bottle and you're all set. The bottle attaches to the supplied nozzle which seats into the humidifier. Extend the two rear legs for stability, flip the spout up, and in a matter of seconds you can enjoy personalized, cool mist moisture.

In addition to its compact size, the 7146 is ideal for those who are traveling since it not only comes with a convenient, drawstring tote bag but the plug comes with two adapters, for use in either European-style 220v outlets as well as the more familiar 110v outlets you find in the U.S. Because water bottles are ubiquitous, your water source is easy to find, and bottled water lacks the mineral content of tap water, which means fewer cleanings for this ultrasonic humidifier. This pint-sized wonder was also a featured Christmas giveaway product on the Dr. Oz show.

Top Child Humidifiers


1-A. Crane - Daphnie the Duck Humidifier

We rate Daphnie the Duck 1-A because while the 7146 is the top travel/compact humidifier, Crane's Duck humidifier is our top child humidifier choice. Daphnie has a fun appearance that makes this appliance a little more fun and at home in your child's bedroom, playroom or nursery. In addition to the appearance, operation couldn't be much simpler. Remove the spout, unscrew the lid, fill the tank, plug it in and you're all set. Daphnie uses a very basic dial control to adjust the humidity output, and as an ultrasonic humidifier, it is one of the safest types for use around children.

The tank holds about a gallon of water, and the humidifier itself only weighs about 5 lbs. Daphnie does lack an integrated hygrostat, but can put about two gallons of soothing moisture back into the air each day. This duck is also very inexpensive, and though small, is large enough to cover most children's bedrooms.

Germ Guardian Table Top Humidifier


3. Germ Guardian Table Top Humidifier

While tucking this humidifier in your pocket isn't nearly as easy as the AOS 7146, the Table Top humidifier by Germ Guardian is small enough to stuff into a suitcase or even backpack while traveling. The half-moon shaped tank holds about a quart of water and can run for up to 14 hours before needing to be refilled - perfect for a good night's sleep! Like other compact humidifiers, the Table Top is very lightweight (less than 2 lbs.) and offers only basic controls.

It is a cool mist humidifier and nearly silent thanks to the ultrasonic vibrations that create the mist. Despite the low price, this model does offer a two year warranty. So if you're looking for something that's the perfect addition for your holiday trip to visit family or for something that's a little larger and doesn't need the water bottle, the Germ Guardian H1010 is an excellent choice.

Stadler Form Anton Humidifier

All Anton Color Options

4. Stadler Form Anton Humidifier

Despite its small stature, the Anton by Stadler Form packs a humidifying punch, capable of restoring moisture in rooms up to 250 square feet. Ultra quiet and weighing less than five pounds when empty, Anton is a great fit in even the tightest of spaces. So while it fits well in a suitcase for travel, the Anton is an excellent model more kids' and young adults' rooms'-for a few reasons.

With a simple push of a hidden button, the unit turns on, and a sliding control provides unlimited levels of cooling mist. A sleep mode dims or completely turns off the LED indicators, and an easy-to-read water level indicator lets you know when the tank is empty. Anton also comes with a demineralization cartridge to help keep the water free of minerals and an ionic silver cube to neutralize microbes. Lastly, with SIX different options in terms of color, Anton gives you a wide variety of choices. No matter which color you go with, Anton is sure to bring relieve and comfort to any room in your home.

Crane Blue Drop Compact Humidifier


5. Crane Blue Drop Humidifier

Lightweight and easy to use, the Blue Drop Humidifier by Crane is similar to Daphnie the Duck in terms of size, performance, and price. These things make it a good fit for most kids' rooms and even those in college or in small apartments. Holding nearly a gallon of water, the Blue Drop will run about ten hours before needing to be refilled. Like other Crane humidifiers, this model is inexpensive and offers very basic humidification. The design/style fits a little better for older children than the Animal models and looks right at home even in your teen's room.

As an ultrasonic humidifier, the Blue Drop is very quiet and doesn't require much beyond regular cleaning to continually provide you with cool mist comfort. It is light enough to take with you and small enough to sit on most night stands or bedroom furniture.

Portable/Compact Humidifiers - The Best of the Rest

Crane Freddy the Frog Humidifier - Freddy the Frog Humidifier
Crane Freddy the Frog Humidifier - Freddy the Frog Humidifier

SKU# CR0001
Price: $45.99
In Stock

Stadler Form Hydra Ultrasonic Humidifier - Hydra Ultrasonic Humidifier
Stadler Form Hydra Ultrasonic Humidifier - Hydra Ultrasonic Humidifier

SKU# SM0021
Price: $119.99
In Stock

Stadler Form Jerry Travel Humidifier - Stadler Form Jerry
Stadler Form Jerry Travel Humidifier - Stadler Form Jerry

SKU# SM0022
Price: $49.99
In Stock

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