Soniclean VT Plus Vacuum Cleaners

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Soniclean VT Plus w/ Free Handheld Vacuum ($100 Value)
Item#: SC0012
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 5 Reviews

Soniclean VT Plus Vacuums

Soniclean Vacuum CleanersThere are a lot of upright vacuum cleaners available today, but there is only one brand that uses sonic technology to loosen deep down dirt and then applies powerful suction to remove and retain it - Soniclean. With their patented sonic bar, the Soniclean VT Plus upright deep cleans with powerful sonic vibrations that loosen dirt and debris. Similar to the technology found in toothbrushes, the VT Plus vacuum offers a unique way to clean throughout your home.

The H13 HEPA filter bag traps allergens and dirt, and locks into place to prevent leakage. Lightweight, the VT Plus doesn't strain and isn't a struggle for you to use. No matter what type of carpet you have, the VT Plus is a perfect fit for you cleaning job! Exclusive to, you get a free Soniclean handheld vacuum with each purchase of a VT Plus. The handheld vacuum broadens your cleaning range and provides a compact, portable way to dust, and vacuum those hard to reach places in your home.

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Soniclean VT Plus Video

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Product Features

  • Patented sonic cleaning technology - 180 vibrations per second - Use on carpet only
  • Ultra lightweight design - 10.5 pounds
  • Low profile, lay flat dual position design
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Ametek 5.2 amp magnetic direct air motor with thermal overload protection
  • Ametek 3.23" impeller and impeller housing constructed with Lexin resin
  • Lifetime belt with brush roll jam indicator and thermal safety cut-off
  • Static pressure sensor bag fill indicator
  • Patented HEPA sealed filter bag system with bag safety design
  • Patent pending fragrance dispensing system
  • 35 foot ribbed power cord
  • LED sonic indicator lights
  • Automotive quality base cover paint
  • 3 year limited warranty

Soniclean VT Plus Detailed Specifications

Best for: Medium to high pile carpet, some smooth flooring
Vacuum type: Upright
Color: White
Motor: Ametek 5.2 amp motor
Operating Radius: 37 total ft.
Handle: Ergonomic Handle Assembly
Bag type: Patented HEPA H13
Bag capacity: 4.4 Q.
HEPA Filter: No
Included Floor Tools: None
Dust Bag Change Indicator: Yes
Auto Cord Rewind: No
Accessories: None
Safety Shut-off: Yes
Dimensions: 13" D x 14" W x 44" H
Weight: 10.5 lbs.
Warranty: 3 Year Motor & 3 Year Part Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews & Questions

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  Soniclean compared to Oreck
Reviewed by: older female from Virginia
I'd recently bought an air cleaner through this site and saw the Soniclean VT Plus upright and hand held vacuums. When my Oreck vacuum suddenly died, I replaced it with the Soniclean. The Soniclean has a much better filtering bag, is also lightweight, and "floats" across the floor & carpet. As I've aged, I appreciate the lighter weight machines. The Soniclean is a bit wider than the Oreck, so there are some placed I cannot get into. The front of the deck is a bit lower so it gets under the edge of my recliner furniture, but the deck itself is higher than the Oreck, so I can't get under some other furniture that I used to be able to. I'm happy with the Soniclean and hope it serves me for a long time. The carpet nap seemed to fluff up better, more like when I use a carpet steam cleaner. I do have to be careful with throw rugs because this machine has more suction.

  Love it!!
Reviewed by: COPD/Asthma sufferer from NE Colorado
I'd read the reviews pros & cons. It's very easy to push for me. Picks up cat hair beautifully picks up dust & dirt better than any other vac. 3 in the last two years. It feels like it's self propelled which makes it so easy for me. The hand held vac works great easy to use and carry on the stairs and motor home. I don't have alot of strength any more. Are there small bags for the hand held vac? [Editor's Note: Yes, there are small, replacement vacuum bags available for the handheld.]

  Lightweight Supreme
Reviewed by: Ashley S from Charleston SC
An excellent upright vacuum that has terrific suction power on all my large oriental rugs - and yet works fairly well on the bare marble floors for a quick pick up. Great bags and filtration - no pet smell at all. This is great for someone who wants clean but needs ease of use. The long cord is such a pleasure.

Customer Q & A

Q1: The bags and filters are they readily available? Where can they be purchased? What is the cost?

A: Right now, there are a variety of online retailers offering these, from independent dealers like us to a handful of larger chain/big box stores. The bags retail for $24.99, and that's for a box of 8 filterbags. This model uses only the HEPA filterbag, no filter required.

Q2: I have oak wood floors, tile floors, and very thick carpet. In fact I had to buy a new vacuum when I got the new Karistan carpet, which is very thick. Does the vacuum have a lever to raise or lower the cleaning mechanism to accomadate deeper carpets. Also is it self driven as I have trouble vacuuming the thick carpets..........

A: It's IS powerful enough that it does nearly pull you along as you vacuum. So like a Miele upright it's almost "assisted" cleaning, feels nearly self-propelled. In terms of height adjustment though, it lacks this feature. The Miele, Dyson, and SEBO X-series upright have self adjusting heads both based on spring-based mechanisms built into their heads/bases. Soniclean has NO adjust for height. Some of the SEBO uprights Felix Premium models have a manual height adjustment dial, but only the models with powerhead electrically powered, which is what you'd be looking for anyways air driven heads are not very good on carpet. Additionally, any Miele canister with SEB 236 or SEB 228 powerheads also has height adjustment, and most of the Miele canisters that come with either of these two carpet tools ALSO come with a smooth floor tool like the UniQ, Marin, Kona, and Cat & Dog models.

Q3: Are you an authorized dealer? The warranty is only valid for machines purchases at an authorized Soniclean dealer or agent.

A: Yes! We have been an Authorized Soniclean Dealer very early Spring of 2013.

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Soniclean VT Plus Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Soniclean VT Plus Vacuum Cleaner

As the introductory Soniclean upright model, the VT Plus offers straightforward carpet cleaning in one economical vacuum cleaner. Similar to the Galaxy upright, the VT Plus has most of the same features but a couple additional benefits. With both the VT Plus and the included Soniclean Handheld, I set about giving our office a thorough cleaning. Here are the results.

What I like about the Soniclean VT Plus

Across carpeted surfaces, the VT Plus performed well, picking up dirt, pet hair, and soil with ease. With the Sonic bar engaged, you can literally see dirt and soil bouncing loose on the carpet before the powerful suction lifts then filters it through the H13 HEPA filterbag. Though less wattage than many other uprights, the design of the motor means the suction of this vacuum is as good as or better than most others we've tested. This helps to make this model ideal for even thick carpet.

The Soniclean VT Plus is ultra-light upright. Weighing in at just 10.5 lbs., this upright is light enough to carry from room to room or from floor to floor inside a multi-story home. The lightweight also makes it easy to use. At one point I had this model locked in the upright position. With sonic bar engaged and the vacuum running, you could see it actually start to creep forward. The design of the motor has given this upright more than enough power and that combined with the lightweight makes it extremely easy to use and maneuver.

Another feature I also tested on this vacuum was the cut-off switch. It never fails. At some point you are going to vacuum up something that could clog or damage the vacuum. If the vacuum continues to run, you can burn up the motor or other internal components and possibly completely ruin your vacuum. I sucked up a rug with Soniclean and in a matter of seconds the vacuum shut down and red indicator light lit up. I unclogged the vacuum then turned it back on and resumed vacuuming.

Cost is the last big upside to this vacuum. The cleaning ability on carpet as well as the free handheld vacuum, make the VT Plus a value at its price point. It lacks premium features found on other models, but the price is much more economical.

What I do not like about the Soniclean VT Plus

The vacuum is a little loud. While using this, don't expect to be able to hear someone at the door. In terms of filtration, though it has a HEPA filterbag, I am a proponent of separate components - filterbag and separate HEPA filter. While the HEPA filterbag costs less in the long run, you give up a little in on the filtration side. Lastly, just be sure your environment is one that matches the strong point of this vacuum. Lots of carpet, great! Small areas of or very little smooth flooring, perfect! You only have rugs over a lot of smooth flooring? You might want to consider one of the Soniclean canisters instead.

In the right space, this vacuum, with handheld accessory vacuum, can be the perfect solution to your floor cleaning needs. The Handheld adds value while broadening the cleaning range within your home. Economical, lightweight and powerful, the Soniclean VT Plus is well worth considering.


Soniclean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Soniclean Upright HEPA Filter Bags SUF-0520


Soniclean VT Plus w/ Free Handheld Vacuum ($100 Value) (Item#: SC0012) $299.99