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$30.99 - $50.99

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The Original Vellux Blanket

As a mainstay in homes and hotels for over twenty years, the durable and cozy Vellux blanket is lightweight and warm. Made to withstand frequent washings, these versatile blankets are perfect for those coping with allergies or asthma and households with children. Soft yet sturdy, they can stand up to frequent washing and drying, for maximum dust mite control. The lightweight construction makes the Vellux the perfect year round blanket. Quite simply, there are a lot of reasons why the Vellux original blanket has been the preferred choice in home and hotels across the country.

  • Hypoallergenic and highly durable
  • Offers warmth without excess weight
  • High-tech and high-touch to prevent fading, pilling, stretching or matting
  • Stitching will not fray or come loose
  • Two layers of insulating polyurethane foam provide comfort and warmth
  • 5 million nylon surface hairs for luxurious softness
  • #1 choice for households with children

Vellux blankets currently are available in the following sizes and colors:

Sizes - King, Full/Queen & Twin
Colors - Ivory, Navy, Moss, Wedgewood Blue, Chocolate, Tan, and Plum Rose

Vellux Blankets - Sizes and Dimensions

  Inches (W x L) Centimeters (W x L)
Twin 66" x 90" 168 x 229
Full / Queen 90" x 90" 229 x 229
King 108" x 90" 274 x 229

Product Reviews & Questions

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Reviewed by:  from Connecticut

The color was very disappointing .... More of a yellow tone
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Dearborn, Michigan

This blanket is the best! Before this amazing vellux blanket, i paid $300 for one on a different website. After one wash it was garbage. This Vellux blanket is lightweight, and keeps me warm at the same time. It has helped my dust mite allergies so much, and i recommend this blanket over any other high priced low quality one.
  vellux blankets
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Jenison, Michigan

I purchased a king vellux blanket for my queen bed because I like the sides of my blankets to almost reach the floor. I am an allergy sufferer, so that is what drew my attention towards your blankets. However, I also like the weight and the warmth that vellux blankets afford. I am so pleased, that I purchased a twin sized one for my spare bed for my grandkids when they visit. My orders came in a timely manner, and the price was reasonable. Thank you. From a satisfied customer.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Are these blankets made in the USA?
A: No. Vellux blankets, and all vellux style blankets, are made in China.

Q2: Can I wash the Velux blanket in hot water to kill dust mites? Thanks, Shirley

A: Yes. Periodically, it shouldn't hurt to wash the Vellux blanket in hot to kill dust mites.

Q3: Hello, Who is the manufacturer of the Vellux blankets you currently sell on your website, and what country are they made in? Thank you kindly!

A: Westpoint Home. They manufacture vellux and martex blankets. China. There is no vellux-style blanket made domestically. There are some domestic fleeces available we'll have a new line of US made fleece for the fall, but unfortunately, nothing like vellux.

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Vellux Blanket Review

Vellux Blankets

As someone who deals with dust mite allergies on a daily basis, I know I need a blanket that can withstand frequent washings. However, I had no idea how plush the Vellux would be. To my surprise, it is the same blanket that I have always liked at numerous hotels I have stayed in. With one of my own, I can now say the Vellux blanket is my favorite blanket of all time. It is so soft and provides the perfect level of warmth. This blanket is great for the summer time by itself, and it can add some extra warmth in the winter time. My husband loves it too because he is so hot natured and he can't stand to sleep with only a big down comforters or thin sheets. Now we can compromise with the Vellux blanket.

What I like about the Vellux Blanket
  • Lightweight, yet warm
  • Durable and washable, stays in same great condition; it even gets softer the more you wash it
  • Very soft and cozy to the touch
  • Fits the bed perfectly
  • Inexpensive, compared to some other blankets, and the quality is unsurpassed
What I did not like about the Vellux Blanket
  • It's imported. There are a lot of inquiries about finding an American made version of Vellux, but there have only been a few companies make this style of blanket, and none are produced domestically.

In summary, the Vellux blanket provides maximum warmth and unbelievable softness, yet is also breathable, providing the right amount of comfort throughout the year. No wonder hotel owners nationwide furnish their hotel rooms with this plush blanket. I give the Vellux blanket 5 stars.

I really have nothing bad to say about the blanket. It provides the comfort that I want and the hot water wash ability that I need. I would recommend this blanket to dust mite allergy sufferers like myself or to people who want a lightweight, warm, comfortable, and low maintenance blanket. You really can't go wrong with the Vellux.

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Twin Chocolate (Item#: VLTWCH) $30.99
Twin Ivory (Item#: VLTWIV) $30.99
Twin Wedgewood Blue (Item#: VLTWBB) $30.99
Twin Plum Rose (Item#: VLTWPR) $30.99
Twin Navy (Item#: VLTWNV) $30.99
Twin Tan (Item#: VLTWTN) $30.99
Twin Moss (Item#: VLTWMS) $30.99
Full/Queen Moss (Item#: VLFLMS) $40.99
Full/Queen Wedgewood Blue (Item#: VLFLBB) $40.99
Full/Queen Chocolate (Item#: VLFLCH) $40.99
Full/Queen Ivory (Item#: VLFLIV) $40.99
Full/Queen Navy (Item#: VLFLNV) $40.99
Full/Queen Tan (Item#: VLFLTN) $40.99
Full/Queen Plum Rose (Item#: VLFLPR) $40.99
King Chocolate (Item#: VLQKCH) $50.99
King Wedgewood Blue (Item#: VLQKBB) $50.99
King Moss (Item#: VLQKMS) $50.99
King Tan (Item#: VLQKTN) $50.99
King Plum Rose (Item#: VLQKPR) $50.99
King Ivory (Item#: VLQKIV) $50.99
King Navy (Item#: VLQKNV) $50.99

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