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Boneco 7531 Demineralization Cartridge

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  • Remove Hard Water Minerals to Eliminate "white dust"
  • Fits Most Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifiers
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    Boneco 7531 Demineralization Cartridge

    This demineralization cartridge is a standard component in any ultraonsic Boneco humidifier. It sits in the water tank and traps the minerals found in hard water. Using and regularly replacing the demineralization cartridge in your humidifier can prevent white mineral dust from being released into the air, and it keeps the tank free of scale. Refill with replacement granules or replace the entire cartridge every two to three months. Replacement granules also are available. Part/Model No. 7531

    Product Questions

    When replacing the demineralization cartridge, I can't find in the instructions when to open/ or close the cartridge. When you soak overnight is the cartridge to be closed? When you insert the cartridge into the unit is it to be open/closed?
    What is the demineralization cartridge made of? I'm interested in the ingredients inside the cartridge that keeps mineralization from occurring.