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Honeywell Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter HRF-B2

  • Item #: 70-0154
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  • Effective at trapping stronger odors and gases
  • Traps larger particles
  • Prolongs life of HEPA filter
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    Honeywell Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter HRF-B2

    Genuine Honeywell® Premium HRF-B2 Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter pre-filter reduces odors and captures larger airborne particles before they reach the HEPA filter(s). The HRF-B2 pre-filter's activated carbon and zeolite blend is more effective at capturing odors, gases and VOCs than standard carbon filters.

    Change pre-filter every 3 months to maintain freshness. Premium HRF-B2 Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter is an optional filter upgrade for or replaces the pre-filter that comes in selected Honeywell Tower and Compact Tabletop Air Purifiers, plus Vicks Tabletops (all models listed below). Filter Type "B" or "B Plus" box contains two (2) Pre-Filters.


    • Captures larger particles such as dust, soot, lint, fibers, and pet fur
    • Carbon/zeolite blend more effective at trapping stronger odors and gases, like ammonia and VOCs
    • Helps prolong life of HEPA filter(s) and improve efficiency
    • Replace pre-filter at least every 3 months
    • Fits Honeywell Tower and Compact Tabletop models (including Vicks Tabletops)

    Note: In some Tower models, this odor-reducing filter can be used in place of the foam pre-filter that comes standard with those models. While the foam pre-filter is washable, do NOT immerse the HRF-B2 odor-reducing pre-filter in water – it is NOT washable.


    Honeywell Towers and Compact Tabletop Air Purifiers Models:

    • HHT-011 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-013 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-55 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-080 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-081 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-085 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-090 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-100 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-145 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-149 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-155 Air Purifier Series
    • HHT-1500 Air Purifier Series
    • HPA-050 Air Purifier Series
    • HPA-060 Air Purifier Series
    • HPA-150 Air Purifier Series
    • HPA-160 Air Purifier Series
    • HPA-245 Air Purifier Series
    • 16200 Air Purifier Series

    Vicks Models:

    • V9070 Air Purifier Series
    • V9071 Air Purifier Series

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