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Humidifiers - Room Humidifier

Dry air can inflame nasal passages, complicate existing sinus conditions, and irritate sensitive skin. Particularly during the fall and winter when heating systems dry out the home, waking up feeling "dried out", having dry skin and chapped lips is common, but this is where room humidifiers for home become an easy way to provide relief. Humidifiers can restore a healthy level of moisture to the air, relieving these symptoms, soothing the swelling and pain of dry, cracked sinuses. Choose from a variety of styles and brands to find the perfect humidifier for you! Buy air humidifiers from AchooAllergy today!

More Information On Humidifiers - Room Humidifier

Humidifiers not only soothe the sinuses, but they actually contribute to sinus health. By keeping the mucous membranes in the nose moist, they allow the nasal cilia (tiny hairs) to function properly and expel allergens, bacteria, and other infectious agents. Room humidifiers for home can reduce the severity of sinus headaches as well as snoring problems. Humidifiers produce different temperatures of mist in a couple of different ways. Though the technology behind each may be different, all provide varying degrees of protection against germs and bacteria.

Our room humidifiers are designed for use throughout the home. They are all relatively small and portable, and they work well on a tabletop or on the floor. Wherever you place your humidifier, watch for the build-up of water, as a leak or improper dispersal of water could lead to mold growth. Before you make a purchase, check the coverage area and make sure that the model is appropriate for the room where you will place it. Generally, there are three types of home humidifiers, ultrasonic, evaporative (also impeller) and boiler style. See our Humidifier Buying Guide for more information on each type.

In terms of function, there's really no difference between warm mist and cool mist; they both accomplish the same goal of humidifying the air. In general, cool mist humidifiers are a little easier to clean and a little louder than warm mist humidifiers. Also note that some warm mist humidifiers which contain boiling water could be dangerous around small children. Ultimately the choice between cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers boils down to personal preference or your physician's recommendation... no pun intended.