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PureGuardian H7550 Ultrasonic Humidifier

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  • Affordable Dual Mist Humidifier
  • High Capacity, Silent Operation
  • Sleek Design
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    PureGuardian H7550 Ultrasonic Humidifier

    The PureGuardian H7550 warm and cool mist humidifier takes all of the best things about modern appliances and wraps them into one compact, unique design that cannot only help relieve the symptoms of dry indoor air, but looks good while doing it! With soft touch controls, a digital panel, and a sleek look, the H7550 ultrasonic humidifier features three output levels and dual mist options to put soothing moisture back in your indoor air.

    The H7550 uses PureGuardian's patented SilverClean Technology to maintain hygiene, keeping the tank and water free of microbes and mold. So if you're looking for an effective warm and cool mist humidifier that requires little maintenance and fits well with any modern decor, the Pure Guardian H7550 is your perfect fit!


    • Digital display with soft-touch controls
    • Warm or Cool Mist output (warm mist will feel only slightly warmer near mist spout)
    • SmartMist (automatic) Setting & Continuous Operation Mode
    • Silver Clean Technology integrated into the water tank helps to eliminate germs and bacteria on the tank
    • 12 Hour Timer
    • Tank Empty Light - front panel indicator will light up when water level is low
    • Auto Shut-Off when the tank is empty
    • Three Output Levels
    • Up to 90 hour run times on one tank fill (estimate based on low and cool mist settings)
    • 1.3 Gallon Tank Capacity
    • Soft Blue Night Light with on/off switch
    • Silent Operation
    • Extension Wands (2)
    • 3 Year Warranty

    Pure Guardian H7550 Technical Specifications

    • Weight: 5.54 lbs not including water in the tank
    • Dimensions: 9.76" L x 5.12" W x 13.98" H
    • Room size: Up to 250 square feet
    • Power Consumption: 130W (30W on cool humidification)

    Pure Guardian H7550 Room Humidifier Reviews

    PureGuardian H7550 Ultrasonic Humidifier

    Replacing the top of the PureGuardian line of home humidifiers is the all new and uniquely designed H7550. While you may be familiar with the color and shape of traditional Pure Guardian humidifiers, the H7550 is decidely different. And though it performs on par with some of the best ultrasonic humidifiers available today, this most recent addition offers a few distinct features. After using this model around the office for nearly two weeks, this is how the Pure Guardian H7550 humidifier fares.

    What I like about the PureGuardian H7550 Humidifier

    Like other PureGuardian humidifiers, one of the very first things you'll notice with the H7550 humidifier is the look. Unlike previous models which pretty much resemble giant eggs, the H7550 looks sort of like an overgrown iPod. Once you've filled it with water, plug the H7550 in and you get your next surprise - a soothing blue light and soft touch controls. The light is not terribly bright, and for light sleepers, it can be turned off with just the slightest push of a button. That aspect, I do like. Like more and more modern devices, there are no buttons, per se. The controls are smoothly integrated into the body.

    On the control panel you'll find the power, pre-warm, Auto, timer, humidistat and output controls. The ability to disable the blue light is integrated with the pre-warm button, and the Auto feature will set the H7550 to maintain a 50% relative humidity level when in use. Other than these, the rest are pretty self-explanatory. Set your humidity level and the output, and you're done! On the panel you will also notice a few indicator icons. These will let you know when it is out of water, when the pre-warm feature is activated and if the timer is in use. There's another light that signifies when the blue nightlight is lit, which is probably a bit redundant since the big, round, blue nightlight is hard to miss when illuminated.

    In terms of tank capacity, at 1.3 gallons, it's less than the larger H4000 series units but more than the H1500 model. At its highest setting and using the pre-warm feature, one tank should last for about 18 hours of continuous use. If you set the H7550 to low output and cool mist (no pre-warm), you can run the machine non-stop for about 80 hours before the tank would need to be refilled. These numbers can vary a bit depending on the conditions in your room, but are a decent standard to stick to.

    Maintenance is light for this model. Like all Pure Guardian humidifiers, the H7550 doesn't use a silver stick or cube. Instead, their SilverClean Technology is actually integrated into the tank. This saves replacement part costs. You still do need to clean your humidifier regularly, and this holds true for any model you would purchase. Pay particular attention and look for any mineral scale buildup around the diaphragm, the tiny disc in the nebulizer compartment that actually creates the mist, as well as the float, the cylindrical white piece that moves up and down based on the water level. If you have a good deal of hard water mineral content or find that when using tap water this humidifier is causing a white dust, pick up a demineralization cartridge OR switch to using distilled water.

    The warranty is solid on this model, 3 years. That puts it in line with many more expensive ultrasonic humidifiers. There are also a few other additional features that are worth mentioning. There's a clear slot in the side of the water tank, so with a glance you can have a good idea of how much water is left. There are also two "extended reach wands" with this model. I tried these, and quite honestly, they looked a little absurd sticking out of the top of this unit. To be fair, a few others in the office liked the extended wands. You don't have to use them, but the theory behind them is if you do, you'll actually get the moisture higher in the air in your room to allow for more even and thorough dispersal.

    What I do not like about the PureGuardian H7550 Humidifier

    Most ultrasonic models come standard with a demineralization cartridge, whereas with all PureGuardian ultrasonic humidifiers, this item is an optional accessory. If you have low mineral content in your water this isn't an issue, but for most of us, you will likely notice scale build up or a fine white dust that settles on furniture near the machine. For testing purposes, I experienced neither of these, but scale and white mineral dust will vary on a case by case basis.

    Other than this, any complaints I have with this humidifier are pretty superficial. The nightlight indicator on the control panel is redundant and the extension wands, though practical for some, strike me more as a low value benefit. Neither of these things detract from the performance or my overall opinion of this model.

    With its unique design, competitive price point, and ease of use, the PureGuardian H7550 humidifier will be a really nice fit for most people. It'll work well for smaller rooms, like a dorm room or nursery, as well as larger bedrooms and living rooms, with no problem. The controls are intuitive, and the moisture output is more than capable of relieving dry sinuses and skin, chapped lips, itching from eczema, and a host of problems caused by dry indoor air. Overall, the H7550 is a solid ultrasonic humidifier.

    Product Questions

    How do you clean this and how often? The ones I've had in the past are so hard to clean and have areas that are inaccessible to clean. I also have mineral build up so this unit will prevent that, correct? If not, then which brand would have all these features? Please advise. Thank you.