3M 8247 Mask

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3M 8247 Mask
Item#: 3M0173
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Buy 3M 8247 Particulate Mask

3M R95 Face Mask

The 3M 8247, R95 Mask is Made in the USAWhen you need a lightweight disposable mask that offers some odor or chemical filtration, look no further than the 3M 8247 (R95) Mask. Lightweight and versatile, the 3M 8247 provides the same particle filtration as the N95 mask but provides the added benefit of activated carbon to adsorb light odors and some chemical and organic vapor fumes.

With the NIOSH "R" rating, the 8247 even offers protection against some oil based aerosols. While the filtration is not as comprehensive as the 6291 Respirator, this mask is an excellent disposable mask for painting, spraying and other workshop style tasks. With 95% filtration efficiency of particles 0.3 microns and larger the 8247 respirator is versatile enough to trap allergens, dust and even help to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

*Before using, please read user instructions. Do not use for paint spray, gases, arsenic, cadmium, asbestos, or sandblasting. If breathing becomes difficult, leave the area immediately and replace the respirator. If oil aerosols are present, time use should be limited to 8 hours.

8247 Mask Product Features

  • NIOSH Approved: R95
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Soft nose foam
  • Comfortable, elastic straps - no latex
  • Patented filter media
  • Carbon layer for mild organic vapor and odor filtration

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by: smell sufferer from wyoming

This mask works as well as the N95's I normally use and perhaps a bit better. I could walk down the laundry/cleaner isle at the supermarket and not have any issues but it was not strong enough to stop the candle and burning air freshener smells. I would buy another but at $4.00 a piece and only good for one time use, it's not very cost effective for prolong and constant usage.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: non allergic rhinitis suffer from Clemson SC

I purchased the mask to filter out odors while attending football games. I could still smell fying chicken fingers and grill smells, but not as much. Overall the mask works, but you still can smell offending odors.

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3M 8247 Mask Reviews

3M 8247 Particulate Mask

If you work out in the yard, down in your crawl space, up in your attic, or in your garage/shop, the 3M 8247 Particulate Mask a great way to stay safe by filtering the air you breathe. Having used this mask in wide variety of settings, doing a lot of different tasks around the home, I have had good experiences with this 3M mask. Having used the 8247, these are some of the key positives and negatives of this mask.

What I like about the 3M 8247 Mask
  • Very inexpensive - They literally only cost a couple dollars each, and depending on the task, you can often get 2-3 uses before you have to replace it.
  • Effective - For particles like sawdust, dust from grinding or sanding, fumes from spray painting, mold spores from dead leaves, mild smoke odors and a variety of other tasks around the home and garage.
  • Meets NIOSH R95 Filtration Standards - This R rating from NIOSH means the 8247 will remove even some oil based aerosols. If you happen to be doing some light staining or spraying with oil based liquids, this mask is a great alternative to a full blown mask. The 95 ratings means that it is EPA recommended to help prevent the spread of the flu virus (traps 95% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger).
  • Activated Carbon - The thin layer of activated carbon adsorbs odors and allows the mask to filter light organic vapors.
  • Disposable - Not costly filters to replace. Use it and toss it.
  • Fits Most - elastic straps and an adjustable nose piece mean this simple mask is one-size-fits-most.
  • No Latex - like all 3M masks and respirators, the 8247 uses no natural rubber latex, so these masks are safe, even for most latex allergy sufferers.
What I don't like about the 3M 8247 Mask
  • If your task if very chemical vapor heavy, try a half face mask respirator like the 6291. The 8247 is rated for only light chemical vapors and odors.
  • Not true HEPA quality - True HEPA filtration is a better fit for certain people in specific instances. However, for most household and shop/garage tasks, N95 filtation is sufficient.
In summary, if you need a good, inexpensive personal filtration system, you cannot lose with the 3M 8247 Mask. By balancing your expectations with the actual performance of this mask, this R95 mask can be a great fit for a wide variety of uses throughout the home.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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3M 8247 Mask (Item#: 3M0173) $3.99

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