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According to a recent national article, a three to five year plan of allergen immunotherapy remains effective for over five years after the last dosage has been administered.  What does this mean?  Allergy shots work and there is a lasting effect of the shots effectiveness. 
I recently went through allergy testing and it was not nearly as bad as I feared.  I received 131 injections into both arms.  The injections included a plethora of allergens including dust mite, mold, pollen, and animal allergens. Each one was tested in a variety of strengths to gauge my reaction.

I start shots next Monday, and am very excited about it.  Why?  Because I have suffered with chronic allergies my entire life.  And my wife brought two cats into the relationship.  And we hope to get a puppy early this summer.

It is my hope that three to five years of immunotherapy, coupled with rigorous environmental control measures will help me lead a more healthy, productive life.

Yes there is a considerable time sacrifice.  I have to go to the doctor's office during the work day, pay to park, and wait for 20 minutes to make sure the injection does not cause a severe allergic reaction.  At first I have to go twice a week, then once a week starting in a month.  But I am excited nonetheless because I know it will help.

I strongly agree with the phrase that "giving up your pet for adoption should be your last option, not a physician's first."  Pets bring a lot of joy and stress relief into a home, which is why we are getting an official achoo! ALLERGY mascot, a puppy.

According to my physician, I am a very severe case in his spectrum of patients.  Since I am most allergic to cats, it doesn't help that we have two.  But they are banned from the bedroom, and they are quarantined down to a lower floor in our home.

Breathe better,

P. Cade McDonald

allergy shot facts

achoo! ALLERGY had the opportunity to interview allergist Dr. Jay Fahrenholz of Nashville, TN on the long term effectiveness of allergy shots.  Dr. Fahrenholz recently presented his findings at the 61st annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in San Antonio.

Dr. Fahrenholz's study concluded that no major differences regarding symptoms existed between patients who had been off shots one to four years and those being off shots five or more years. 

The main conclusion is that allergen immunotherapy appears to have "enduring benefit that did not show signs of waning anymore if you've been off them several more years compared to just a few years," Fahrenholz said. "Certainly some symptoms increase -- but for the most part, people had long-lasting benefit."

According to Dr. Fahrenholz, only 10-15% of his patients have allergies severe enough to consider taking allergy shots.  

When we asked Dr. Fahrenholz about the benefits of immunotherapy (shots) to combat cat allergy, he mentioned that shots could be effective, however cat allergy is very tough to desensitize, and one could still expect to experience symptoms even after years of immunotherapy treatment for cat allergy.

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American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Information on Allergy Shots

American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Information on Allergy Shots

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