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Eureka Power Paw Universal Turbo Vacuum Attachment

Eureka Power Paw Universal Turbo Vacuum Attachment

NEW! Clean up dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, and other allergens in all those hard-to-reach places with this Power Paw universal turbo attachment. The Power Paw universal nozzle fits most leading brands of vacuum cleaners and allows you to deep clean carpet and upholstery. It utilizes a motorized turbo brush roll to remove deeply embedded dirt and pet hair better and faster than other attachment tools. Affordable and efficient, the Power Paw works great for vertical and horizontal cleaning—simply flip the patented Riser Visor shield up and it exposes the brush at an angle that makes cleaning stair risers and upholstery backs a breeze. Flip the shield down and the brush converts to horizontal cleaning for upholstery seats and stair steps. The Power Paw universal turbo attachment is perfect for comprehensive dust busting on stairs and furniture, in automobiles, and in all those annoying crevices in your home or office.

- Ideal for use on stairs.
- Attaches to the end of any 1 ¼" vacuum cleaner hose.
- 5 ½" turbo brush roll increases amount of dirt and dust pickup.

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Volume Three :: Issue Four :: April 2006    

In this Issue:

What's New at achoo!
Spring Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers
Understanding the Pollen Count
Featured Spring Cleaning Products
Headlines from achoo! the BLOG

What's New at achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products

achoo! ALLERGY in the news: Yahoo Business News recently published an article about our new, exclusive ALLERGY ARMOR allergy relief bedding, and this month's issue of Atlanta Magazine references achoo! ALLERGY CEO Cade McDonald in an article about coping with seasonal allergies in the allergy capital of the South.

New Web Site Feature: To make your shopping experience more convenient, we have created an allergy relief bedding buying guide so that you can learn more about the different types of allergy relief bedding.

We Want Customer Feedback! We have been working diligently to upgrade our web site so that it's quicker and easier for you to learn about and purchase allergy relief products. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our web site. We would also love to hear what kind of products you'd like to see added to our inventory—or if you would like to learn about a particular allergy-related topic in an upcoming newsletter. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Spring Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers

Spring Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers

The sun is out, the weather is warming up, and it's time to throw open our windows to spring. (Figuratively speaking, of course—there's pollen out there!) It's also time for spring cleaning. Whether you dread this process or find it strangely satisfying, it's got to be done, especially if you're an allergy sufferer. The air in your home is about 10 times dirtier than the air outside, and allergens have been accumulating during the months of winter. Pollen season has already reared its ugly head, but you can strengthen your defenses by getting rid of other indoor allergens—and the best way to do this is a deep, thorough spring cleaning. Continued >>>

Understanding the Pollen Count

Because of the unusually warm winter, allergy season is hitting early and hard this year, and you'll surely hear a lot of buzz about the pollen count. But what does this number mean, and how is it obtained? Before we explore these questions, let's take a closer look at pollen itself. Continued >>>

Understanding Pollen Count

Featured Spring Cleaning Products

We picked out a few of our products that will make your spring cleaning more efficient and more effective.

HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaners

HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaners
A HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner is essential for allergen elimination. Without a HEPA filter, vacuuming simply redistributes invisible allergens.

Allergy Relief Masks

Allergy Relief Masks
If you have to work in the yard when the pollen count is soaring, wear an allergy relief mask to protect yourself from pollen, dust, and other allergens.

Anti-Allergen Cleaning Supplies

Anti-Allergen Cleaning Supplies
Frequent and thorough cleaning is a must for allergy sufferers, and these cleaning products are specially made to eliminate household allergens.


Headlines from achoo! the BLOG

Catch all the latest allergy news, talk, and tips with achoo! the BLOG.

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