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cold winter weather allergy problems

Seasonal allergy problems are not limited to fall and spring. Winter presents unique challenges to asthma and allergy sufferers. Cold weather can trigger asthma attacks and the methods used to keep our homes toasty warm can add to the problem.

Fireplaces, wood stoves and portable heating systems { fueled by kerosene, propane or petrochemicals } produce particulates and smoke which contribute to the reduction in air quality in the home. All heating systems reduce the humidity in the air, causing dry, irritated nasal passages.

winter allergy relief tips

  1. WEAR a cold weather mask or some type of protection over your face when spending prolonged time outdoors. This keeps the air entering your nose and mouth warm and moist.

  2. KEEP indoor humidity at 40 to 50%. Use a humidifier if necessary, especially near the bed while sleeping.

  3. INSTALL high quality filters on central heating systems and replace them monthly.

  4. CLEAN indoor air with an air purifier that has a HEPA and Carbon filter to remove particulates and harmful emissions resulting from some heating methods.

  5. LOOK forward to spring which will eliminate some of the above mentioned problems but include, you guessed it... POLLEN!!!

winter allergy relief products


BreathXchange - Half Mask

BreathXchange - Half Mask


Ideal for use with cold weather activities.  The mask contains a lightweight thermal conversion module, QXTEC®, that captures the body's heat and water which is typically lost in the normal course of breathing, especially in cold air.
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Slant/Fin GF-300 Humidifier with UV Light

Slant/Fin GF-300 Humidifier with UV Light


Now you can add moisture to the air without the risk of mold and other microorganisms growing in the humidifier reservoir. 

Slant/Fin humidifiers are unique in having a dual germicidal process using both ultraviolet light and boiling water, to create a  mist 99.999% free of mold, mold spores, and bacteria.

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