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humidity control is hyper important
 Too much humidity is a major culprit for allergens.  Not only does it promote mold and mildew growth, but it also helps dust mites thrive.  Humidity should be closely monitored and appropriate steps should be taken to monitor and control humidity in your home. 

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humidity and mold

cat allergy:  living with cats Mold and mildew flourishes in warm, moist, dimly lit areas including damp basements and closets, bathrooms, shower stalls, places where fresh food is stored, refrigerator drip trays, house plants, air-conditioners, humidifiers, garbage pails, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and old foam rubber pillows.

In order to eliminate and control mold growth, mold-favorable conditions must be controlled. In preventing mold it is important to measure and control the humidity level. It is best to keep humidity levels between 40-50%.

 humidity control checklist

  1. Keep humidity under 50 percent by using air conditioners, and supplement with dehumidifiers in the summer.

  2. Monitor humidity with a hygrometer and use a dehumidifier or humidifier if necessary.

  3. Use diluted bleach to eliminate visible mold growth in showers or in shower curtains.

  4. Use mold resistant shower curtains or mold reducing shower squeegees to eliminate excess moisture.

  5. Use a mold remover on hard surfaces to kill mold on contact.

  6. Avoid carpets in bathrooms or use only washable throw rugs.

  7. Allow moisture to escape from the home. Ventilate the shower and cooking areas.

  8. Permanently fix leaking roofs and other areas where water is entering the home.

  9. Keep allergic family members away from problem areas like damp basements and crawl spaces.

  10. Wear a mask when working in contaminated areas.

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Humidity Gauge

Humidity Gauge
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  • Will not discolor, stain, stiffen or harm any surface which it recommended for use and gives year round protection
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did you know?

replace pillows every four years 50% of the composition of a four year old pillow can be skin dander, dust mites and dust mite feces.

Older pillows and mattresses weigh more than new ones because they are filled with skin dander, dust mites, and dust mite feces.

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