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This issue focuses on the importance of humidity control in maintaining a healthy home, and we'd like to thank mold expert Dr. Clive Brown of the CDC for participating in our achoo! Review Expert Interview.

The two most common indoor allergens, dust mites and molds, both experience population peaks during the hot, humid month of Julyóbut they cannot survive when relative humidity drops below 50%. For this reason, we're proud to offer the best humidity control products for allergy sufferers. Please see the coupon in this newsletter to find out how to get your own free digital humidity gauge!

The allergy epidemic remains on the rise worldwide, but we can overcome this disease through awareness, education, environmental control, and allergen avoidance.

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Volume Three :: Issue Seven :: July 2006    
Expert Interview
Expert Interview

Dr. Clive Brown of the CDC on Humidity and Mold
"If you go anywhere and do a sample for mold, it will always be there," says Dr. Brown.

Feature Articles
Stifle Summertime Sniffles with Humidity Control

Stifle Summertime Sniffles with Humidity Control
Learn how to kill dust mites and mold.

Mold FAQ

Mold FAQ
Different molds can be allergenic, toxigenic, medicinal, or even edible!

Bird Flu

Bird Flu Information
Protect yourself from a possible pandemic.

Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight

Elaine from Great Neck, NY was the winner of last monthís Free Austin Air Purifier Drawing. Congratulations, Elaine! Enter to win your own free Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier.

Erin of Sandy Springs, GA writes: "I was pretty skeptical about the Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier when I first saw it. Itís so small, and you donít even have to plug it in. But I got the chance to try it out when my AC caused a leak last week, and the mini dehumidifier worked like a charm! It surprised me because it even helped dry out the small section of my carpet that got wet from the leak. Best of all, it doesnít use any energy, and itís completely renewable. Thanks for offering such a great product."

Submit your own allergy relief stories, questions, tips, and product reviews and share them with the world. If your submission is published in the achoo! Review, you will receive a free achoo! ALLERGY t-shirt!

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Discounts & Featured Products
Receive a FREE digital Humidity Gauge
Eva-Dry 1100 Petite Dehumidifier

NEW! Eva-Dry 1100 Petite Dehumidifier
Smaller, quieter, and more affordable than conventional dehumidifiers. It is perfect for laundry rooms and bathrooms. $55.95

Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifiers

NEW! Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifiers
Perfect for placement in closets and under sinks, this compact moisture adsorbent is 100% renewable and does not require power for operation. $19.95 - $29.95

Santa Fe Advance Dehumidifier

NEW! Santa Fe Advance Dehumidifier
Ultra-efficient dehumidifier is made for extremely humid environments like crawlspaces and basements. $1,099.00

Haier Dehumidifiers

NEW! Haier Dehumidifiers
Sleek and modern, Haier Dehumidifiers combine an attractive appearance with state-of-the-art functionality. $179.95 - $249.95

Danby DDR556RH Silhouette Dehumidifier and Heater

NEW! Danby DDR556RH Silhouette Dehumidifier and Heater
Perfect for basements, garages, and any rooms that tend to collect moisture and get chilly during the winter. $249.95

Danby DDR451 Dehumidifier

NEW! Danby DDR451 Dehumidifier
Super quiet dehumidifier covers areas up to 2500 square-feet and removes up to 45 pints of water a day. $229.95

Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge

NEW! Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge
This indoor/outdoor Acu-Rite digital humidity gauge allows you to accurately monitor the humidity in your home so that you can keep it at a healthy level. $24.95

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