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cockroach allergens

  • 10 million people in the United States are allergic to cockroaches

  • 60% of individuals with allergies may be allergic to cockroaches

  • 40% of asthma sufferers are also allergic to cockroaches

  • there are 3500 species of cockroaches

The sight of a cockroach is revolting to most people but the allergens associated with this pest are the cause of allergy and asthma attacks.  As with dust mites, we are not allergic to the cockroach itself but with the protein found in the waste product which becomes airborne with other household dust allergens and is inhaled.  Cockroaches seek moisture, food, shelter and warmth.  The highest levels of allergen are usually found in the kitchen area, but like dust mites the allergen also collects in the mattresses, upholstered furniture and other soft furnishings.  Symptoms include chronic severe bronchial asthma, chronic stuffy nose, constant sinus infections, repeat ear infections and skin rash.

reduce your exposure to cockroach allergens

  • reduce moisture and dampness in your home
  • remove all garbage daily.  clean up food particles immediately and tightly seal left over food and refrigerate.
  • seal all points of entry into the home: roaches can get into open areas as narrow as the thickness of a dime!
  • consult a reputable exterminator
  • encase your mattress and pillow in allergen proof covers
  • vacuum frequently using a certified HEPA vacuum cleaner
  • remove airborne allergens with a HEPA filtered air purifier 
  • consult your health provider to determine the most effective treatment for this and all allergies

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PARI TREK Nebulizer

Pari Trek Nebulizer


The new PARI TREK Compact Compressor is a high output, compact compressor combined with a PARI LC PLUS Reusable Nebulizer.  The new PARI TREK is efficient, lightweight, compact and offers comparable performance to larger compressors with great convenience.  AC compatibility and optional 12 volt DC Adapter and battery allow patients to take it anywhere. 
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  Miele Solaris Turbo S514T HEPA Canister Vacuum with Turbobrush

Miele Solaris Turbo S514T

$599.99 - $655.95

If you are looking for a powerful, mid-size range Miele vacuum with a superior HEPA filtration vacuuming system that covers any mix of floor surfaces from mostly carpets to mainly bare floors, some upholstery and scattered rugs, then you will love the Miele S514T Solaris HEPA Canister with Turbobrush. This light- weight, mid-sized canister vacuum comes with a turbobrush for gentle cleaning for area rugs and is perfect for pet hair removal! It also includes a telescopic wand and an ergonomic handle to ease the use while you are vacuuming.   
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Allersearch X-Mite



Allersearch X-Mite


A dry carpet cleaner that denatures dust mite allergen and animal dander.  Simple to apply to carpets and upholstered furniture every 3 months.  Treats up to 150 sq. feet

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