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Welcome to the achoo! review brought to you by achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products®.   The achoo! review is an insightful newsletter with information, products and special   offers to help you manage your allergies and asthma and breathe better.

product spotlight:  tempur-pedic®

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allergy relief 101

allergy relief 101
  1. Encase all bedding with dust mite proof encasings
  2. Wash all bedding weekly in hot water and dry on high
  3. Purify the air in the bedroom with a HEPA Air Purifier
  4. Vacuum frequently using a HEPA vacuum cleaner
  5. Dehumidify the air and keep humidity below 50%
  6. Treat carpet and upholstered furniture
  7. Avoid non washable bedding like down and wool
  8. Keep pets out of the bedroom, permanently
  9. Replace upholstered furniture with leather, wood or metal
  10. Clean with cloths that trap dust
  11. Wear a mask when cleaning or working outdoors
  12. Replace carpet with hardwood, tile or stone

2004 spring allergy capitals

Atlanta, GA
Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill,NC-SC
St. Louis,MO
Austin-San Marcos,TX
Little Rock-North Little Rock,AR

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Austin Air Healthmate Jr. HM-200 Air Purifier

Austin Air Healthmate Jr. HM-200 Air Purifier
(average customer rating)

Perfect for bedrooms and nurseries up to 400 square feet.

Our #1 selling air purifier. Read more

Ships FREE! 3 Business Day Delivery on this item to most areas.

AllergyZone Furnace Filters AllergyZone Furnace Filters
(average customer rating)

Even inside your home, your family is under constant attack from mold spores, dust mites, animal allergens, pollens and more. It's time you cleared the air with AllergyZone - the most durable MERV 12 furnace filter on the market.  Read more
Dyson DCO7 Animal HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
(average customer rating)

The most powerful upright for pet hair.  Read more

  • Animal™ turbo tool for effective pet hair removal
  • Carpet care kit
  • Dyson-engineered floor tool to clean under sofas and beds
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