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Roomaid Protable Air Purifier

Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifier

NEW! Breathe clean air wherever you go with the Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier. The Roomaid HEPA filter removes allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, and mold, and the activated carbon filter removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), auto exhaust, and other noxious fumes and odors.

The Auto Adapter kit allows you to strap the Roomaid air purifier into your car, truck, or RV and plug it into the cigarette lighter. Avoid toxic VOC emissions from automobiles and breathe easier with this portable air purifier. Choose the optional VOC Canister Upgrade for heavy duty removal of chemicals and odors.

Energy efficient, affordable, and quiet, the Roomaid HEPA air purifier weighs only five pounds and easily fits into carry-on luggage bags. It's perfect for automobiles, offices, hotel rooms, business trips, and vacations.

Integrated seals at the top and bottom of the Roomaid prevent leaks and ensure that all air gets cleaned. The Roomaid features a contemporary look and a baked enamel finish that is more durable than plastic.

The Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor fan and a 1-year warranty on all other parts except filters. The Roomaid comes with two washable prefilters (for capturing large particles). The HEPA filter lasts two to five years, the activated carbon filter lasts six months to a year, and both filters are easy to replace.

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Volume Three :: Issue Five :: May 2006    

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What's New at achoo!
Why that "New Car Smell" Poses Health Risks
Organic Farming: Better for You and the Environment
Featured Organic Cotton Bedding Products – 10% OFF New Coyuchi Bedding Sets!
Headlines from achoo! the BLOG

What's New at achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products

May is National Asthma and Allergies Awareness Month, officially recognized by President Bush. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America declared May National Asthma and Allergies Awareness Month to raise awareness about these serious chronic diseases.

achoo! in the News – achoo! ALLERGY Customer Service Representative Kevin Foote (pictured on right) participated in Atlanta’s Asthma Walk on April 29 to help bring attention to this devastating chronic illness. Participants in the walk raised over $25,000 for research and education. Kevin also gave out stuffed dust mite toys to the kids at the event. You can still contribute to the Asthma Walk at the American Lung Association's Southeast Region website.

achoo! Participates in Asthma WALK Atlanta 2006

New Website Features – Check out our new Home Page and let us know what you think about the new design. Learn all about air purifiers with our new Air Purifier Buying Guide. Shop our new Interactive Catalog—just like a traditional paper catalog, only better.

Why that "New Car Smell" Poses Health Risks

New Car Smell Poses Health Risk

Some people love the smell of a new car. The familiar odor has become associated with the joy of owning a new, spotless vehicle. You can even buy air freshener that mimics the smell of a new car. The fumes inside a new car, however, make many people very sick, and scientific research shows that the much-sought-after new car smell poses serious health risks.

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Organic Farming: Better for You and the Environment

Even though we've entered the information age, agriculture still defines our society. Agriculture employs nearly half the world's population, and for thousands of years, all crops were grown organically. Organic farming was the only option; petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides did not exist.

Continued >>>

Organic Farming

Featured Organic Cotton Bedding

Promote your own health and the health of the environment: look for the certified organic label and support organic farming.

Organic Cotton Bedding

NEW! Organic Cotton Bedding
Free of synthetic chemicals, certified organic cotton bedding is made with care so that you can sleep in peace.

 Order a Coyuchi Organic Cotton Bedding Set now and receive 10% off with the following promotional code: chemfree

Organic Cotton Blankets

Organic Cotton Blankets
Soft and airy organic cotton blankets are deliciously natural.  We fell in love with this blanket immediately, and we think you will too.

Avoid toxic VOC emissions from automobiles and breathe clean air wherever you go with this portable air purifier:


NEW! Roomaid Portable Air Purifier
Energy efficient, affordable, and quiet, the Roomaid HEPA air purifier weighs only five pounds and easily fits into carry-on luggage bags.

Roomaid Portable Air Purifier

Headlines from achoo! the BLOG

Catch all the latest allergy news, talk, and tips with achoo! the BLOG.

Mold Allergies at Local Atlanta High School
Ford of Europe Makes Allergy Friendly Cars
achoo! ALLERGY in Atlanta's Asthma Walk
Read This & Live Longer
How Polluted is the Air in Your City?

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