Monaghan Z STAT - Valved Holding Chamber

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$23.99 - $36.99

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Monaghan Z STAT Holding Chamber

Monaghan Z Stat is Made in the USAThe Monaghan Z STAT by Monaghan Medical is a valved holding chamber for use in delivering metered dose medications. The Monaghan Z STAT is the physician recommended way to delivery asthma and other metered dose medication effectively and efficiently. This holding chamber incorporates several improved features:

  • This product contains no latex and it is BPA free.
  • The StatBan anti-static polymer chamber delivers more medication to the patient.
  • The ComfortSeal mask for the Monaghan Z STAT features an EZ Flow exhalation valve to make exhalation easier.
  • A new flow dynamic valve and baffle system increases the amount of medicine that makes it to your lungs and decreases oral deposition of medicine for reduced side effects.
  • A new universal adapter fits all commonly prescribed inhalers, including new HFA inhalers.
  • The Monaghan Z STAT are "Made in America" of American and Canadian parts.

The Monaghan Z STAT can be purchased with out without a mask. The holding chambers are color coded by mask size. The chamber with small mask is orange. The chamber with medium mask is yellow. The chamber with large mask is blue.

*Please note that the Monaghan Z STAT requires a prescription for purchase. Please fax to 1-800-237-9618 or e-mail the doctor's prescription to after placing your order. We will be happy to finalize and ship out your order.

Monaghan Z STAT - Valved Holding Chamber

What is a valved holding chamber?

Valved holding chambers are devices designed for use with metered-dose inhalers (MDI). Their purpose is to improve medication delivery, decrease deposition of medication in the mouth and throat, and eliminate the need to coordinate activating the MDI with inhaling the medication.

Holding chambers have valves that prevent medication loss during exhalation by allowing air to flow through the chamber only during inspiration. For children with asthma, an MDI with a holding chamber may be easier to use and more effective than an MDI alone.

Z Stat Sizing

Not sure which Z Stat is right for you? Here are some quick measurements to help you choose. Remember, the height is going to correlate with roughly the distance from your chin to the bridge of your nose.
  • Small (Orange): 3" H x 2.25" W
  • Medium (Yellow): 4" H x 3.25" W
  • Large (Blue): 5" H x 4.0" W
In general, small/orange is going to fit children. Medium/yellow fits teens and men/women with smaller frames. Large/blue most adults.

Cleaning Your Monaghan Z STAT

These instructions generally hold true for all Monaghan holding chambers. Consult your instruction packet for specific cleaning instructions for you model.
  • Remove back piece only. Do not tamper with valve during cleaning.
  • Soak both parts for 15 minutes in lukewarm water with liquid detergent. Agitate gently.
  • Rinse in clean water.
  • Shake out excess water. Do not rub dry.
  • Let air dry in vertical position.
  • Replace back piece when unit is completely dry and ready for use.

Product Reviews and Questions

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  Great produce for asthma suffers
Reviewed by: An Asthma sufferer from Grand Rapids, MI

This product is a must for Asthma sufferers. You attach your inhaler to the end of the Monaghan Z Stat device. This gets the medicine into your lungs and helps minimize or eliminate Thrush in the mouth.
Reviewed by: lung sufferer from Indianapolis, Indiana

easy to use and the chamber does not fog up and easy to clean and I breathe better

Customer Q & A

Q1: Hello, My aerochamber leaks a lot between the plastic parts near the mouthpiece when I run water into the other end. Surely, it is leaking aerosol when I use it. What is wrong? Thank you, Tom

A: They're not airtight, but they are designed to allow air to flow the mouthpiece end easily, not so easily to flow in from the mouthpiece. When using the holding chamber, what is going in is a gas phase aerosol. It's going to be lighter than water and not push outward with the same force that running water through the other end will. Granted, there will be some leakage with all holding chambers, but each of the holding chamber manufacturers test their products fairly extensively. There's not a lot of difference between them besides, fit, the valve they use and how they fare in testing. So efficiency is a big selling point for any of the brands. Still, if you're is a few years old, it might be somewhat worn. Sunlight and heat can sometimes affect plastics and rubbers and how those things fit/seal together. If that's the case, then it might be worth looking at getting a new one. Hope that helps!

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